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You have just started a digital marketing agency? It’s fine. But, how do you proceed further? Customers are the backbone of any industry. They are the ones who are going to give you your bread and butter. How do you contact them? You can send in your proposal. Alternatively, the customer will request you to send your proposal. Let us see how to draft an effective digital marketing proposal.

Why do you need to submit a proposal? People can have this question. Submitting a proposal is the simplest way for you to announce your capabilities to the client. Now, the client has a lot of options. You are not the only digital marketing agency in the town. There will be others too. The client has to decide to whom he should offer the contract. Hence, it is right on his part to ask for a proposal.

What does a proposal comprise of?

A proposal is a document that allows you to present your ideas clearly to a prospective client. You use it to explain your understanding of his requirements and lists out how you would be able to help him achieve the objective. Based on your proposal, the client gets a fair idea about your capabilities to carry out the assignment. Usually, the decision of awarding a project is not in the hands of a single person. It has to pass through various layers before you get the sanction. Hence, your proposal should cater to various requirements. Queries can come from anywhere.

Let us see what an efficient digital marketing proposal comprises of. Every digital marketing agency proposal should consist of the following essential elements.

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Cover Page – An appealing start

A cover page should be like a cover page, simple and sweet. A visually appealing cover page can do wonders for your proposal. You should not use it to advertise your agency. It should concentrate on the client and his company alone. You can use this cover page to discuss the customer’s problems in brief. You can pass on subtle hints about your company through the design, especially if creative designing is the USP of your company.

Executive Summary

As the name suggests, this is a short summary that should highlight how your agency will be able to solve the problems faced by your client. Naturally, you would have met your client before submitting your proposal. This summary should include whatever insights you have gained about the client in that short meeting. This will impress your client because it shows that you have a genuine interest in your client’s company and its problems.

This summary should also speak about the client’s objectives, budgets, and other important features. You can also include a few points about the research you have made to solve the problems faced by the client. You can also describe how you will be solving your client’s problem. This will lead you to explain why you like working for this client. This is a nice way to bring up the topic as to how and why your agency should be the most suitable for your client.

Objectives and Challenges

This is the most elaborate section of your proposal. This section envisages that you should give a detailed explanation about the problem and how your agency proposes to solve it. You can use this section to explain all the business and marketing issues faced by the client. The client should know that you have been able to understand his problem.

When you know the goals you have to achieve, you will know the challenges that lie in the way too. This section should highlight each challenge you expect to face and explain how you will overcome the same. You should have a fair idea about the time it will take for you to complete the assignment. Stating this fact in your proposal can help your client manage his responsibilities better.

How will you know about the company’s goals and objectives? The answer is simple enough. You should ask questions to your client before preparing your marketing proposal.

  • The revenue goals for the company for the forthcoming year
  • The metrics on which they are personally measured on
  • Did the company achieve their targets for the previous quarter / year?
  • In case they did, what are the factors that helped them achieve their targets?
  • Discuss about the resources available to the customer that would enable them to meet their current targets
  • The challenges faced by the company while achieving their goals the previous year
    The priority activities of the company
  • In the event of the company not being able to achieve their goals this year, will the company be in a position to revise them or will they extend the timeline?
  • It is also pertinent to discuss why the client wants to make the changes now.
  • This would also prompt you to ascertain the cost to the company in case it took no action on this score.
    The financial aspects are very important to discuss. Would the company indulge in drastic cost-cutting measures to offset the loss?

What is your objective in asking these questions? As a digital marketing agency, your proposal should not leave anything to imagination. There should not be anything secretive in a proposal. It will also help you find a better way to solve the problem. You will not make the same mistakes that the earlier company did. Hence, it is always better to record whatever conversations you had with the client.

Deliverables and Approach

You should spell out your plan of action by providing a specific time frame for your deliverables. Each of the above-discussed points needs individual timelines.

  • Touch upon the initial discovery and your assessment of the same
  • A brief note of the marketing planning and strategy
  • Plan the editorial calendar
  • Have a great social media campaign working for you
  • Do the right kind of keyword research
  • Know who the competitors of the client are
  • It is essential for websites to have an on-site and off-site SEO auditing plans
  • Buyer personal are important aspects of marketing. They provide a lot of information about the clients.

Let us have a brief outline of the plan of action. This section should include the following points.

This is the best time to outline your plans into different phases. Each phase should have a clear plan of action along with the timeline. The client should know the time you need to solve their problems.

You need not explain your plans in detail. Highlighting them should be enough. You should not be opening all your cards at this stage. Leave it to a later stage when the contract is near finalization.

You have spoken about the objectives and challenges faced by the clients in the earlier section of the proposal. Now, this section should proceed to solve these problems. It should have your approach to the problems on hand. You should take it as an opportunity to explain your plan of action you have to solve these issues.

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Scope of work

  • SEO services – This includes keywords research, technical SEO, SEO audits, and consultations
  • Social Media Engagement – This is the best method of engaging customers. You will be able to explore a magnificent range of customers when you do social media engagement. This activity includes social media consulting. Development, advertisement, and customer engagement.
  • Web Designing and development – This is your USP. Your specialty is in designing quality websites. This endeavor can help you deliver the company’s brand message without any distortion.
  • Pay per Click advertising – This is an effective method if advertising. You see that Google search engine pages usually have a couple of PPC ads in every first-page search.
  • Go digital – Digital and video content is any day better than the normal content you dish out to people. Pictures and videos can say it better than words.
  • Your pricing options should also find a mention in this section.

This includes the following activities.

This section should spell out the scope of work. You should try to include everything about the services you provide in this section.

Success Metrics – Time to include some hard facts

  • Increase in Customer visits – you determine this figure by the number of hits on a website
  • Increase in Leads – The CRM data will enable you to procure the leads and allow you to make the comparison.
  • Increase in the email subscriptions – A thorough overhaul of the systems will enable you to determine this figure
  • Source of leads and conversion rates
  • Quality of marketing and sale leads

You can have benchmarks in the following categories for comparing the achievement vis-à-vis the targets.

This is the best occasion for including some hard statistics. Depending on the purpose of the proposal, you can include benchmarking data. This is more relevant in case you are re-launching a website.

Your interactions with the company enable you to develop a great understanding of the current level of marketing. Hence, you can define your goals clearly in this section. You will be able to prioritize your services accordingly

About the Company


Your values can find a place in this section. Devote some space for the richness of your culture. All these aspects have a bearing on the relationship you propose to enjoy with your client. You can also highlight the important values you expect in a client relationship. Give an idea to your client that he would find it enjoyable to work with your team.

This is the best time to speak about the awards and recognition you have achieved. You can also showcase some of the positive customer reviews you have received. This is a great opportunity to speak about your team and the fantastic teamwork you employ to solve the problems of the customers.

Do not make it a lengthy story session. However, you need to cram up every bit of important information about your company in this section. You need to build a strong chemistry with your client.

You have devoted a major part of the proposal to the customer needs. You have taken great pains to understand the client’s problems and listed out your plan of action to overcome the same. Now, it is high time you used the proposal to tell something about yourself. This section allows you to do so.

Case Studies

In case you are a new digital marketing agency, you will have nothing to show here. Otherwise, you can always highlight some of the success stories here. Remember to include customer reviews and testimonials. This can go a long way in persuading your client to avail your services. This is also an excellent opportunity to show to your prospective client that you have been able to adhere to deadlines perfectly. These are important aspects that go a long way in marketing your services to clients.

Terms and Conditions

Every proposal should have a section especially for incorporating the terms and conditions of your company in case you were awarded the contract. This is a legal document. Hence, it is better to take legal opinion by consulting a noted attorney. He would be the best person to list out the terms and conditions that would be binding on the client as well as you. This is to avoid any disputes that could arise at a later date.


This is the final step of the proposal. Not all proposals have this section. You can include this section to make your proposal more attractive. In case the client decides to award you the contract, they would have to contact you for the same. You can include the contract agreement as part of the proposal and save valuable time.


For reaping the maximum benefits from the emerging trends of 2018, the digital marketing agencies must be flexible enough to adjust as per the needs and requirements of these trends. The agencies should focus on delivering the best user experience along with sustaining profitability for them amidst the tough competition in the industry. 2018 can be the year for digital marketing agencies if used to its full potential in the right direction.

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