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If you happen to be a therapist, a psychologist or a mental health care professional, there is no doubt about the fact that you need to put in efforts towards Search Engine Optimisation, and more so at a local level. Since your practice is mostly confined by the geography that you serve, it will be in your best interest if anyone and everyone seeking professional help get to know about your name and practice in the most seamless way possible.   Local SEO can prove to be of great significance to forward your career goals since it will help attract a highly targeted audience, while also ensuring that you earn great returns on your investment! Now doesn’t that sound like a win-win situation?

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Presence in all directories

Simply having a website wouldn’t do as much as ensuring that the website has a warm and inviting appeal to it. Then again, it is important for your website to let people know that you can be easily contacted as and when required. Therefore, it makes sense to mention your contact number and/or email id, wherein interested patients can get in touch for an appointment. You must also ensure the same for Google My Business as well as other local directories. To help you achieve this small, yet crucial element, you can rely on our team at TribeLocal!

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Get The Most From Your Brand By Talking About It

If we ask you to recall a fast food joint, KFC and McDonalds will be the first names to pop in your head. No matter you visit these joints or not, the brands have ensured that you see, hear and read about them so much that they have a top of the mind recall. This is exactly what you must aim at in order to increase your popularity as a therapist. Whether in the form of text, audio or video, with the help of TribeLocal, you can make sure your prospective patients keep seeing you, so much so that eventually they will turn up at your door for help.

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How to Implement Local SEO for Therapists?

SEO is something that is integral to the success of any business that enjoys an online presence and the same holds true for therapists. Local SEO invariably involves having a solid on-page SEO and off-page SEO campaign. So, let us look at how as a Therapist you can make the most of an effective SEO strategy.

Formulate an Optimal Keyword Strategy

An optimal keyword strategy is essentially the key to an effective SEO campaign. To begin with, you ought to narrow down a list of keywords, preferably using Google Keyword Planner. That being taken care of, you should put in efforts to integrate these keywords with your web content. Here, you cannot simply go about stuffing the keywords left, right, and center. This might, on the contrary, have a detrimental effect on your websites SEO. The trick here is to use them intelligently maintaining about 1-2% density. For all you know, you will witness a rise in your website traffic in the days and months that follow.

Now, for these keywords to be able to do their magic, they need to be used throughout your website content. This implies that the keywords should be a part of the page titles, Meta titles, Meta descriptions, H1, H2 and other headers as well as the blogs that are hosted on your website. Integration of keywords with your web content will help the search engines understand the scope of your services, and will thus ensure that your business shows up as a result of search queries.

Here, you may use keywords like Therapists, Manhattan Therapists, and Private Therapy. These are essentially short-tail search phrases, which will help you climb up the search ranking. However, since these search words are common, chances are you will face fierce competition.

On the other hand, if you use long tail search words such as Therapists offering One-on-One Sessions or Best Therapists in My Area will help you gain visibility without being put down by the competitors. In fact, since the search terms are highly specific, they will also ensure better click-through rates and increased conversions. Of course, the target audience for these words will be comparatively smaller than that for short-tail keywords.

It is recommended for you to use the keywords with the most weight on your Homepage and Service Pages. You can use low-intensity keywords on the Blogs, FAQ and other content pages, to maintain an optimal mix.


Ensure a Strong Content Marketing Game

In the world of online marketing and SEO, you will often hear the phrase, “Content is King” and we couldn’t agree more. After all, for an SEO strategy to work at its capacity, high-quality content happens to be one of the most imperative aspects. Not only do search engine crawlers index such content in a manner that is favorable to your SEO efforts, but quality content also ensures the regular flow of customers seeking relevant information to your website. 

To make this possible, you must make sure of the fact that the content on your site is engaging, informative and is free from any grammatical or semantic errors. Moreover, rather than speaking about your proficiency as Therapist, your content should point out the benefits that a patient can derive from the services you offer. In short, make the content about the service seeker.  

In addition, you must describe each of the services offered by your clinic in detail, accompanied by relevant high-quality images of your clinic. For what it’s worth, this will act as an ice-breaker and will make it more convenient for the customer to drop in at your clinic.


Optimize the Meta Titles and Descriptions

It is an indisputable fact that Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions are the most effective on-page SEO tactics. Both of these must preferably be drafted by a professional content writer so that they are both, crisp and effective. While the Meta Title must be around 55-60 characters in length, the Meta Description can be stretched up to 200 characters. As mentioned earlier, both of these HTML elements must be optimized with the use of at least 1-2 keywords.

Titles and Meta Descriptions

  Make Your Homepage Speak for You

In the online world, the homepage of your website is the first interface between a prospective client and you. Since most of your clients are in distress and are willing to seek help, it is imperative that your homepage has a visual appeal that is both calm and comforting. In addition, the page must be designed such that it can induce the customer to move on to the inner pages. This can be taken care of by inserting high-resolution images that can instill a feeling of hope in their minds.  

 The key here is to capture the attention of the visitor in the shortest span possible, and then hold it, until he’s compelled to take the desired action, which in your case is making an appointment.


How To Enhance Ranking Of Your Business Using Local SEO Strategy For Therapists

Therapists and private practitioners have long been dependent on traditional ways of marketing. However, that is simply inefficient in the modern day world, where people are more likely to run a quick search on Google before heading to the nearest practitioner. It is at this point that Local SEO for spas come to play a major role. A good SEO strategy for a therapist must comprise of  –

  • A website that is thoroughly optimized using relevant keywords
  • Consistent content marketing efforts
  • Using Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions to the benefit of search engine rankings
  • Leveraging the power of Google My Business listing
  • Attracting strong SEO backlinks
  • Creating a great first impression with an attractive home page
  • Requesting customers to drop in positive reviews
  • Maintaining an informative and interactive blog

Ideally, a good SEO strategy must involve all of the above-mentioned aspects. Not only must they be brought on the forefront, but it must be ensured that the SEO efforts are being put in, in a consistent fashion. That being taken care of, it wouldn’t be much time before your private practice as a therapist will skyrocket to success.

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