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About HotelsCombined

Hotelscombined is one of the biggest hotel directories that provides the users with the details of hotels from 55 countries worldwide combining the information of 25 hotel booking websites at the best prices with the promise that, if the customer finds a better deal anywhere else after booking in Hotelscombined, they will refund the difference. Hotelscombined has won World Travel Awards 2016 and Trusted Service Awards feefo 2017 in a row, thus making itself stakeholder of trust of any new customer. They have helped more than 400 million travelers from all around the world find the best hotel deals from all the top travel sites combined, at one search. It also allows the user to compare hotels registered across the travel sites. Hotelscombined charges no booking fee or markup from the customers.


Which Category does HotelsCombined help?

This directory primarily saves the travelers from going to top different travel websites for comparing and booking hotel rooms, by presenting all the results at one place here at Hotelscombined. This directory gives hotel rooms at the best prices along with choices of the same across all the partnered websites. The Hotelscombined promises to provide safe and happy stay so that the user rests reassured. Plus it shows the viewer list of trending hotels. Also, the directory helps the hotels find a bigger platform of recognition by getting involved in results returned in user searches. This helps them in expanding the business.

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How can it help your local business?

Setting up a profile and signing up for affiliate program helps local businesses to be known and been seen by people who don’t know the place. This is vital because hotels depend upon their marketing for stay and business transactions of travelers. Not only that, businesses get rewarded on the leads produced by their advertisements at the rate of per lead. These leads are followed by 365 days so that the affiliates profit from repeated visits too. It allows the business owners to be aware of the competitive prices around the area and helps them to rate their rooms accordingly. Similarly, travelers get the idea of all the hotel rooms available and decide on booking one fitting best to their budget and needs. It also allows making bookings in advance without charging any booking fee or markup fee, which is another reason to rejoice.

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Steps to add business to HotelsCombined

Step 2: you can sign-up through Facebook, Google or by filling in the details.

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Step 3: Fill in the details.

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Step 4: Click on Register.

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Then the following image will appear.

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Step 5: Customize your profile as per the information required thereafter.

Frequently asked questions about HotelsCombined

Is it a free/paid directory?

It is an absolutely free directory, which means there is no registering or even booking fees charged by the customers. Also, for the business owners, signing up for affiliate programs is also free of cost and will be approved instantly.

Does it have listing specific to categories or location?

Yes, all the listings are categorized according to the room specification, categories, and location. This helps the customer to define, decide and book better based on his conviction of needs. The listings are made on the basis of all the hotels available in a particular location on a particular date. The results are refined and sorted based on the preferences of the customer.

Does it contain premium listings?

Hotelscombined offers premium listings to its stakeholder client hotels and business owners, which allows them the edge of getting placed on the top results of thousands of hotel listings. This is the great way to be presented in front of the prospective customer, by appearing in the top results. It enhances the chances of the hotel of getting booked or at least being viewed for consideration.

Can we do display ads in this directory?

All the premium listings and the hotel rooms that are the partners of the Hotelscombined are advertised as top rated, and top-ranked hotel rooms available in the location. These are however indicated as premium hotels, meaning that the hotels are premium listings, which travelers often mistake as premium hotels. This advertisement marketing proves to be a leveraging agent against the normal listings.

Can we add a business description like keywords, Metas, year, employee count, payment methods, menu cards, etc.?

The Hotelscombined listings need to be succinctly descriptive about their business and the specifications of their hotels through business description keywords because the website hosts thousands of listings from numerous websites. Any insufficient descriptive keywords will mean a loss to the business by standing unattractive in competition with other hotels, and verbose and irrelevant description will just make the prospective customer to just skip over. Hence all the relevant and correct business description keywords must be added. This improves refining and selection in the results returned and customers decision towards the business.

Does it have a verification process for adding or editing a business?

Hotels combined follows the strong decision making verification process for all of its listings and profiles generated. The listings will be checked for the specification, location, and keywords added or edited. The profiles would be only verified against the information pertaining to that of the phone number and email address so that the customer does not face any problem in setting up the profile or handling it.

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