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About Mapquest

MapQuest is a free online mapping directory that helps you to customize what is being shown on the map. It gives us the access to a street-view and also navigation while driving for a various nations. The countries where it works are mentioned on the website. A mobile app for operating system Android and iOS is also in store for the users. It lets us know the areas of interest, voice navigation and the status of the traffic at the current time. MapQuest also excels at providing travel related things for its users. A website named Discover reveals exotic destinations and the blogs give much clarity about the place with their reviews and the major places to visit. Travelers can publish their photographs of the trips and articles/blogs for the same. Additionally, MapQuest offers a GasPrices tool too. Users can view the nearby gas stations for refueling and even check the relevant prices there. This tool is only available in the USA.

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Which category does Mapquest help?

It is a very helpful directory overall. It takes care of what you require and gives a quick solution on the map. If you are a resident of a city, you can get to know the location of every point of interest, i.e., from a hospital to all the supermarkets & from Libraries to the nearby parking garage. This website is helpful if you get out of your home, as it contains the location of every place visited and their reviews as well. You also get voice-guided navigation which helps you to reach there. If you are new to some place, then in addition to all the above facilities, you also get to find the most suitable hotels for you. Railway stations, Airports are also included in this. You can even book hotels and rent cars through this domain, that also on a nominal rate. A custom map can even be created by discovering and exploring other places.

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How can Mapquest help your business?

With social media being rampant and a very much used platform for almost all kinds of activities, your local business can be assured to boost by listing yourself on the site. Signing up for the correct details can make you easily available in the search listings. Narrowing down the services that you provide helps people to find you in a pool of other businesses. This can turn out helpful for your business as it not only provides you with income but also helps expand your customer base. People can leave in reviews for your company and the services you offer, which will make your businesses page look more reliable for future customers. And all this comes at no charge. The signing up and setting up the business page is completely free. Thus, all in all, it provides a great exposure for your local business at no charge.

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Steps to add business to Mapquest

Step 2: Go to the sign-up option shown in the top-left margin. You can either sign up with Facebook or AOL which would require you to log in through these sites. If not, then enter your email address and preferred password in the boxes given.

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Step 3: Now, you need to confirm your email-id by opening your inbox and clicking on the confirmation link sent to you. And done, you are all set.

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Step 4: By clicking on the 3 vertical dots on the top extreme left corner of the page, you will get the menu of their services, as below:

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Frequently asked questions about Mapquest

Is it a free/paid directory?

MapQuest is a free directory that provides services like obtaining directions, points of interest and planning a trip for free. Other services like booking hotels, flights and renting cars are paid. They also have paid plans for advertising and other business resources.

Does it have listing specific to categories or location?

It is totally location dependent. In fact, it is only about locations. It gives you listings like the points of interest and other services in a specific city or country.

Does it contain premium listings?

MapQuest does not vary their behavior towards users and provides equal information to each of its users, whether it is about some particular city, its areas to visit, booking hotels for your trip or planning a trip. However, their business solutions have different plans which solely depend on your business and the number of transactions you want to make in a month.

Can we do display ads in this directory?

Yes, display ads are available in this directory. They have four size options for the same to. They promise a wide user reach also.

Can we add a business description like keywords, Metas, year, employee count, payment methods, menu cards, etc.?

Yes, business descriptions can be added to this directory.

Does it have a verification process for adding or editing a business?

It has a full-fledged verification process for listing or making amendments to your business.

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