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About Marketing Source Directory

Marketing Source Directory is a directory for marketing professionals that provides extensive listings for every marketing need businesses may have. It provides a comprehensive list of businesses to contact for subfields in marketing as well, for example, if you're a business or a person looking for advertising professionals with specialization in social media advertising, you can choose to look for specific options to only look for the best advertising professionals who are specialists in social media advertising. Similarly, it also has many other marketing services such as consulting, sales, market research, marketing on a global scale, data/analytics, business/creative resources and marketing technology. It is the directorial wing of the American Marketing Association which is an organization of marketing professionals which was founded with the idea to transform the business world with new marketing ideas and strategic planning. It is also a great platform to meet other marketers and procure resources.


Which category does Marketing Source Directory help?

The directory provides resources that may be helpful to customers who may either be businesses or individuals seeking marketing resources or professional marketing help. It helps provide the customer with a streamlined search process so they can find the best resources without too much difficulty. On the homepage, it has a search bar which allows you to enter your location. Under the search bar, is a list of marketing businesses categorized according to the sub sector they specialize in. For example, if you are looking for a consulting agency specializing in sales, the website has the option to look only for sales consultants specifically. After you click on sales consultant, you will be taken to the page with the complete list of all sales consultants that are listed with them. Then you can filter the list by location to get the best consultants near you. Apart from this, it also has helpful blogs and other material to help you gain knowledge in the area of marketing to expand your horizons. This sort of specialized knowledge would help you make better searches when looking for businesses to help you, and will help you understand the exact kind of help you need for yourself.

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How can Marketing Source Directory help your business?

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Steps to add business to Marketing Source Directory

Step 2: Enter your email address and go to the next step

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Step 3: Click on save and continue and fill in our details in the next step. Make sure to make a note of the listing code that you will be given in this step.

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Frequently asked questions about Marketing Source Directory

Is it a free/paid directory?

Marketing Source Directory is a paid directory. You are required to do a payment of a minimum of 499$ to have your business listed on their website. It has multiple packages according to your budget as a business and you can choose one that fits, the least being 499$.

Does it have listing specific to categories or location?

Yes, the directory provides location specific listings. The listings are also categorized by specialization wherein the marketing agencies specializing in specific areas are the only ones listed in that category. This allows for pinpoint accuracy for the visitor to look for businesses that fit their needs. As a local business this is extremely effective because it helps increase the rate of sales while also providing ample amounts of due exposure to your business.

Does it contain premium listings?

Yes, the Marketing Resource Directory provides the option to have a premium listing to businesses. By using the option to do a premium listing, your business is pushed on top of the website listings. Depending on the premium listing package you opt for, you can also have your listing listed on the very first page when the user logs in to the website.

Can we do display ads on this directory?

Yes, display ads can be done on Marketing source directory. They can be done in every page on the website, from its first page to its about us page. This allows businesses more exposure and thus may result in better sales and thus, revenues as well. Although, display ads may or may not cost more than the listings that they provide.

Can we add business description like keywords, Metas, year, employee count, payment methods, menu cards, etc.?

Yes, the website, in fact, necessitates this information to ensure reliability and credibility to their customers. You are required to fill in your description, both, short as well as long, and a minimum of five keywords are required to be entered in your description. Your rates, location, address, phone number, email address, your website, portfolio and so on. All this information ensures that the businesses listed on their websites are genuine and discourages fraudulent businesses from entering the listings.

Does it have a verification process for adding or editing a business?

Yes, Marketing source directory has a verification process to ensure that businesses listed on their websites are genuine. You are required to provide your email address and phone as well as fax numbers as a part of the registering process. Apart from this, card details are also a requirement for payment and pay renewal processes.

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