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About Recreational Equipment

Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) was established in 1938 to spread the love and passion for the outdoors by a group of 23 mountain climbing buddies. It is now the USA’s the largest consumer cooperative. It is recreational and adventure product producing company that offers gears, tools, footwear, apparel, etc. solutions and hiking services for the adrenaline junkies for every activity and sport they ask for. Other services of REI are trekking and planned destination adventures. REI also runs blogs for those, who want to know about such places or are planning their trips.

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Which category does Recreational Equipment help?

This category helps everyone right from consumer to the provider including the middlemen. Through this directory, consumers can purchase specifically designed adventure and recreation gears and tools; it also helps them by organizing outings, classes, and hiking. Women adventurers especially benefit from this directory that promises safe, beautifully planned and equally adventurous trips to many picturesque destinations of the world. Also, the employees are more than happy to work at REI because it has earned a permanent place on FORTUNE magazine’s list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” because they have been featuring in it every year since the rankings began in 1998. Also, partnered local business host very profiteering business opportunities this way.

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How can Recreational Equipment help your business?

“REI Stewardship and affiliate program of REI is especially beneficial to local businesses. Partnering with REI brings a whole lot of pecuniary opportunities because REI is known to be very transparent and luscious business partner. For the starter, the affiliate program of REI offers a commission for every purchase made by the consumer through the REI ad on local business’ site. Also, at the adventure and recreational places, REI’s partners are also entitled to the lovely commission perks. REI attracts huge number of the seasoned and newbie adventurers, who are always open to new experiences. Hence, partnering with REI makes the local business owners to elevate their business by providing their services to foreign tourists. “

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Frequently asked questions about Recreational Equipment

Is it a free/paid directory?

It is absolutely free directory. All the products sold are of REI’s own and the customer has only to make a profile to track his purchases and services and benefit from numerous members-only perks.

Does it have listing specific to categories or location?

This listing is specific to the categories only. REI sells millions of products and services which are categorically divided into specific categories of product, gender, and services.

Does it contain premium listings?

No, as already mentioned, all the services and the products sold by REI are its own. No premium listing is made. However, REI offers membership program to the customers providing them special discounts and benefits.

Can we do display ads in this directory?

No, REI does not display any ads on its directory. Its services are, however, categorically displayed in their tabs but they are not marketed to consumers to purchase them through ads across the website.

Can we add a business description like keywords, Metas, year, employee count, payment methods, menu cards, etc.?

Yes. All the products listed are to be tagged and indicated of their features and involve respective business description keywords. The services, however, are explained in detail in every possible detail.

Does it have a verification process for adding or editing a business?

For adding a business, REI follows an extensive verification process to go through the details added by the business owners. Anyway, no such verification process is carried out for the profile creation by the users or members.

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