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About Thumbtack

Thumbtack is a local help providing platform working mainly in the United States of America. It was first started in 2009 by three friends - Marco, Jonathan, and Sander. This platform was developed as a solution to bring together people and professionals easily. It was seen that professionals, especially in local jobs, found it a little difficult to get customers that often. Also, people living in an area would have a hard time finding the right people to get their jobs done. Thus, to help both these classes of the society, the three men came up with Thumbtack, where one can find a listing of all the local businesses and professionals to get the respective job done as well as a customer base for the professionals.

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Which category does Thumbtack help?

There isn’t a particular category that this directory focuses on. It provides an all-around listing of the services, companies and deals available in your locality. Most dominant areas include home décor, wellness, health, beauty, business, design and web, crafts and lessons, legal aid, personal care and repair and technical maintenance. It is a two-way platform. One can sign up as a customer and find the right agency to help you with the situation at hand. The businesses are listed in the descending order of reviews, so the best businesses are listed on top. It also allows customers to filter the listings according to their preferences such as budget constraints or distance from their place of residence. This ensures credibility from Thumbtack and quality from the local businesses you are looking to receive services from. You can also list your business on the site by signing up as a professional and find customers to employ your skills.

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How can Thumbtack help your business?

“With social media being rampant and a very much used platform for almost all kinds of activities, your local business can be assured to boost by listing yourself on the site. Signing up for the correct details can make you easily available in the search listings. Narrowing down the services that you provide helps people to find you in a pool of other businesses. This can turn out helpful for your business as it not only provides you with income but also helps expand your customer base. People can leave in reviews for your company and the services you offer, which will make your businesses page look more reliable for future customers. And all this comes at no charge. The signing up and setting up the business page is completely free. Thus, all in all, it provides a great exposure for your local business at no charge.”

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Steps to add business to Thumbtack

Step 2: Enter the necessary details i.e. email address, the first and last name and an account password. You can also sign up using either your Facebook credentials or your Google account details.

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Step 3: Set up your profile. Enter the notifications settings, and you are good to go.

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As a professional:

Step 1: Visit the website and click on ‘Join as a pro’.

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Step 2: Fill in the details regarding the business you maintain. You can mention different types of businesses under the same profile. Details such as the contact information, timings of the businesses and modus operandi should be stated.

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Step 3: Fill in the personal details and you are good to go.

Frequently asked questions about Thumbtack

Is it a free/paid directory?

It is a free directory. Signing up and finding a relevant business near you don’t take any charge. This makes it easier for people to join this platform and avail it accordingly.

Does it have listing specific to categories or location?

The site has a wide variety of listings under different categories as mentioned before. It also operates in all the states in the United States of America. The search option provides you with a choice to refine and narrow down your searches according to the category you need and the location you are at.

Does it contain premium listings?

No, Thumbtack does not offer premium listings. Businesses on the website are listed in the descending order of customer reviews. Although other options are provided for the customers to list businesses according to their budget, and distance from their place of residence as well. Apart from this, the business is only charged when a customer avails the services of the business through thumbtack. Everything else from the signup process to the listings in completely free for the business.

Can we do display ads in this directory?

No, does not support display ads. In this regard, the process of getting more business to you as a local business is completely customer-centric. This allows the website to maintain credibility as well as provide its visitors and regular users with the best experience when looking for professionals to hire for jobs.

Can we add a business description like keywords, Metas, year, employee count, payment methods, menu cards, etc.?

Yes, when creating an account as a business on Thumbtack, you have the option to add in your business details. Everything from payment methods, description, number of years you have been in business, and employee count can be added. Although, there are no special sections for keywords and metas. The keywords are directly picked up by search engines from the descriptions you write for your local business. So, if a potential customer is looking for services, depending on your business description on Thumbtack, they may find you through a quick Google search as well.

Does it have a verification process for adding or editing a business?

Yes, Thumbtack has verification processes to ensure that the businesses listed on their website are genuine and professional. They require you to add in your business email, the phone number your business uses and your credit card details as well.

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