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About Avvo

Avvo provides legal help to people worldwide. It helps in finding the best of lawyers for every legal matter. They believe that providing detailed information about the legal issues can help you make best decisions for yourself and also, 97% of the lawyers in the US are rated by Avvo and have a detailed profile on the site. It is the most simple, affordable way of seeking legal help and after choosing to use it services, lawyers contact you within 15 minutes which also makes it very fast. Apart from that, your legal queries are answered typically within an hour by a verified lawyer, or you can find related queries in previously answered questions.

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Which category does Avvo help?

The people who are in legal crisis or who want to know certain legal procedures can use this site to get help from verified lawyers. There are many expert lawyers available like: Car Accident Attorneys, Child Custody Attorneys, Child Support Attorneys, Civil Rights Attorneys, Class Action Attorneys, Construction Attorneys, Consumer Protection Attorneys, Contracts Attorneys, Credit Repair Attorneys, Criminal Defence Attorneys, Debt Collection Attorneys, Debt Settlement Attorneys, Discrimination Attorneys and many more so you have various options. The lawyers who want to reach out to many people can register themselves on this site and can expect more clients, so it helps both the general public and professional lawyers.

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How can Avvo help your business? creates a platform for budding businesses to gather a group of capable and skilled people to work for them. If you run a business, old or new, is the place for you to create a custom job offer that is open to all who are eligible to apply for. The website is popular and is used by over 200 million people, which makes its reach rather extensive. This is the best option to find and hire employees in a world of rapidly developing technology!

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Steps to add business to Avvo

Step 2: Click on the sign in option on the upper right corner to get started.

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Step 3: Search for lawyers or post your queries if you have any.

Frequently asked questions about Avvo

Is it a free or paid directory?

Signing up to this site is free but however, to obtain the services from the site, you have to pay. The payment can be made if you want to contact a lawyer and the amount mentioned is 39$ as consultation fee. If you just want to gain some information regarding a legal issue or are in search of advice, then you can post your query, and that is for free. A verified lawyer will answer your query, or you can try and search for answers in the FAQs section on the site.

Does it have a listing to specific categories or location?

Yes, it does have a listing to specific categories and location to make your experience better, if you wish to see a lawyer after consultation, then the site will show lawyers who live nearby so that they can be contacted easily. The service is also listed according to categories as the needs, and legal issues of people may vary so they have attorneys for various legal issues and also have experts in each category.

Does it contain premium listing?

No, every user is equally important to them, and they give access to all the lawyers to every client. There are no VIP services available on the site, and the payments are fixed, the rates remain same for everyone, and no person is favoured over the other. The consultation fee is not always disclosed by the lawyer you try to contact but they have standard rates for particular things, and that can be searched online.

Can we do display ad in this directory?

The profiles of lawyers are created and are verified and rated. This is a type of ad and can help your business. The law practitioners depend upon the assurance of their services, so the ratings and comments put on the site really affect their career. You can use this site as a mean to advertise yourself.

Can we add a business description, Metas, year, employee count, payment methods, etc.?

Yes, mentioning some of the things listed above is quite relevant here as the more detailed profile is preferred over the other. Employee count is not that important as usually, one profile represents one lawyer. Payment methods are important to discuss before proceeding or even before using the service.

Does it have a verification process for adding or editing a business?

Only verified and rated lawyers are registered on this site, and if you still aren’t satisfied, then you can look for the reviews of the attorney on the site which will ensure that your money won’t go in vain. The ratings are updated, and also, the site has top rated lawyers on their home page.

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