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About Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast is a service where people are provided a service for overnight accommodation and breakfast. They usually provide this service to travelers and families. There are branches for B&B set up across the world, all with the same service to their guests. Based on your desire, you can choose a variety of rooms and services from B&B. They offer a lot of services like top of the line rooms, exquisite breakfast, location rooms and inns, pre-booking features for special events and festivals, offers to its guests, etc. B&B is one of the best hotel websites in the world. They come highly experienced in this industry, having almost 30 years of market presence. This website makes the whole hotel room service hassle free.

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Which category does Bed and Breakfast help?

This directory helps mainly two sets of people. One is the guests who are looking for a room accommodation for one or more nights along with food. B&B provides these services by acting as the connecting link between the guests and the innkeepers. Another set of people this directory helps is the innkeepers. Through B&B, innkeepers reach out to enthusiastic guests looking to rent their property for a specific period of time. Both guests and innkeepers have to create accounts on the website to avail services. Guests are given information and choices for a wide range of properties spread across America, Europe and the world.

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How can it help your local business?

Your local hotel and property will be displayed on the national and international scale for interested guests looking to access and use your services. The scope for growth increases drastically because now your business has a lot of exposure due to its visibility on Bed and Breakfast. This means more growth and a spotlight on your business because of associating with Bed and Breakfast. Suddenly, it has become easier for people to reach out to you and you now have customers coming in from beyond your local area. The fact is, due to more exposure, there is an increased chance of sales and inflow of customers. The best part is that for budding businesses and larger properties alike, there is no charge for signing up.

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Steps to add business to Bed and Breakfast

Step 2: On the top right corner, click on the List your property button

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Step 3: The website will take to another page where you will have to fill in details of your property including country, inn name, email, state etc.

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Step 4: Fill in additional details. Please note that Bed and Breakfast do not charge you until and unless a customer makes a booking or reservation.

Frequently asked questions about Bed and Breakfast

Is it a free/paid directory?

To sign up and list your inn, it is completely free. Anyone can do it, and there are no hidden costs. You will be charged only when you start having guests booking and reserving your inn. You must only pay per booking, and there are no annual booking fees. This makes it ideal for even the smallest inns and hotels. Hence it is free up until the point where you start receiving customers through Bed and Beyond from which point onwards you will be charged per booking.

Does it have listing specific to categories or location?

Yes of course. Guests choose the inns based on their desired location, and as per each location, you are shown the various inns in the same place. It’s a matter of choice for the guests who are making the booking. Categories range from price, location, availability, pet-friendly or not, cottages, inns, family or couple inns, etc. and if different amenities like T.V., Wi-Fi, spa, lounge and more are provided in the inn.

Does it contain premium listings?

All inns and hotels are listed equally. No premium listing is present as they do not charge extra for signing up and listings. You are only charged per booking. Furthermore, your inn is listed along with all the others. There may be a difference in the prices but that happens with every listing. The searching pattern is left to the guests and customers. They decide what kind of accommodation they want. Bed and Breakfast just list your property. It is completely up to the people searching to choose what they want.

Can we do display ads in this directory?

Yes, ads are displayed for Bed and Breakfast. There aren’t too many advertisements on the website though.

Can we add a business description like keywords, Metas, year, employee count, payment methods, menu cards, etc.?

Yes. You can add the business description for the guests and the website. A description of the property is necessary along with images and property location and description. Guests must know the services provided by your inn hence it is compulsory. Otherwise, they will not know exactly how your property looks like nor the services you provide.

Does it have a verification process for adding or editing a business?

Definitely. Your inn must be verified before it can be certified and placed in the website’s directory. Only after verification, you are allowed to continue with Bed and Breakfast. It also increases confidence in your property and your service. The verification is done via email. By doing so, you are showing that your business is legitimate and thereby securing the trust of guests.

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