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About Eventful

Eventful, founded in 2004 by Brian Dear, is a leading digital media company that connects consumers with movies, entertainments and local events such as concerts, film presentations, sports and festivals. With over 21 million people relying on Eventful to know what is happening around, Eventful provides the most comprehensive selection of entertainment around you. It provides its users content and services through various platforms like mobile, online and e-mail by delivering recommendation and content that is personalized as per each of its 21 million users. The recommendation is based on the choice and preference of each user, thereby informing them when and where any event or movie of their interest is coming up.Demand it! ®, a unique platform on social media by Eventful, empowers the fans to be able to influence the location and content of live events and entertainment. Demand it! is used by more than five thousand filmmakers, musicians, comedians and other performers to know where their fans have demanded them the most, and they choose the location accordingly.

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Which Category does Eventful help?

Eventful is solely dedicated to the entertainment industry. It provides its users with a digital platform where they can know what is happening around them and connects them to live events, entertainment, sports, nightlife and movies. It is an online event and calendar discovery platform allowing its users to track upcoming events. Users can search for the events all over the world by location, time, descriptive keyword and performer. It is a one-stop destination for discovering movies, performing arts, nightlife, festivals, sports, concerts and other entertainment stuff. Not only that, but users can also demand an artist or performer or an event in their area by using Demand it! and can also campaign it to others in order to join the demand by them. With the mobile app, you would be notified when your favourite performer or band is coming to the town so that you can book your tickets in advance and you can also choose the seat you want through Eventful.

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How can it help your local business?

As a performer or filmmaker, when you add about your event on, it’s reach increases. People interested in your show nearby or not would book the tickets from eventful. Not only that, the major advantage to local business is through its unique feature of demand it! Instead of organizing a show where you are not sure much people will appear, you might run into losses. Demand it! allows you to know where you are demanded the most, and you can host your event in that location ensuring you profit the most as it is always better to go where most of your fans are instead of just guesswork. People on Demand it! themselves campaign for you because they want you to come to their location, thereby providing you free publicity.

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Steps to add business to Eventful

Step 2: From the next window that opens, you can either sign up with Facebook or through your e-mail by filling the required details.

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Step 3: Fill in the details in any of the two options. Through Facebook, Fill up the pop-up that appears

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Through e-mail

Add busniess to eventful through email

Step 4: press continue to complete the sign-up process and your account is created.

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Step 5: Customize your profile as per the information required thereafter.

Frequently asked questions about Eventful

Is it a free/paid directory?

It is an entirely free directory. Whether you are a large organization or an individual, Eventful is completely free for you.

Does it have listing specific to categories or location?

Yes! Eventful is category and location specific. You can choose your location on their online platform and search for the events nearby you. You can also categorize the events on the basis of their date and genre whether it is music, sports, festival, movie or nightlife. Choose the event as per your interest and book the tickets easily.

Does it contain premium listings?

It does not have any premium listings specifically, but if you want to promote your event, you can do so by 2 options- online or through e-mail. After adding your event, there will be a ‘Promote Event’ option, showing you the price range of your location. You can complete the upgrade by following the instructions thereafter.

Can we do display ads in this directory?

There are no display ads as such on, but they advertise or promote your event through Custom Events Newsletter, Custom Dedicated Email, Custom Movie showtimes Newsletter, High Impact Display Media and Mobile app. You can promote your event by choosing from various price ranges listed.

Can we add a business description like keywords, Metas, year, employee count, payment methods, menu cards, etc.?

Yes! You can add a business description in the form of tags. When you sign up as a performer, you will be asked all the details about your name, genre, a short description, website etc. along with it you can also add tags by separating it with commas that work as descriptive keywords.

Does it have a verification process for adding or editing a business?

There is no verification process as such when you add an event, but for editing the event you have to log onto your account on eventful and follow this link: USERNAME HERE/created/events from where you can select the event you want to edit and click on edit event.

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