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Every month millions of consumers look on Yellow Pages to find you. Connecting a ready-to-buy audience to local businesses that are ready to help. That’s Yellow pages’s business and what they do best. Through a diversified mix of print & digital products, our team provides local businesses with the tools to connect to consumers who are ready-to-buy.

The Yellow Pages, a commercial directory that lists information about companies by area, is now available to both offline and online searchers. Listing your business online in the Yellow Pages, that information sometimes gets distributed in other directories as well. It’s very simple to complete the process of free online listings of your company in this popular directory for businesses.

Don’t think twice about this: You need to add your business to Yellow Pages just to let people know you’re a legitimate business and to make consumers more “comfortable” about calling you, especially if they haven’t done business with you before. People who are “flimflam artists” don’t list themselves in the phone book where they can be tracked down. So you must be listed in the Yellow Pages just to help prove your legitimacy.


Yellow-Pages- Business-Listing


Visit the homepage of Yellow Pages, you’ll get to see the post shown below. Click on “Get your Free Listing“.

Claim-your- business

Yellow-Pages- Free-Listing



Search if your business already exist on Yellow Pages or not. Enter your Business Name and Business Phone correctly. Click on yellow “Get my free listing” button after doing so.

Free-Business- Listing-Yellow- pages



You will be redirected to the page shown below. Enter your Name and Business E-mail address. (Your E-mail will be kept private)



Fill in all the details to add or claim your business listing on Yellow Pages. Give the exact details you want to show up on your Yellow Pages profile.

Click on “CONTINUE”



Login to Yellow Pages account with your Yellow pages account details.



After you login to your Yellow Pages account, you will see the following message. And you’ll get a verification call on the Business number which you provided on your Yellow Page profile to verify and confirm your business listing.

And you are now done with the process of listing your business on Yellow Pages !! You will receive confirmation regarding your listing claim from Yellow Pages.

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TribeLocal helps Local Businesses add 100+ Directories with a single click.