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When it comes to marketing your local business online, there are many, many choices. Obviously, the heavy hitters like Google+, Yelp, Facebook, Bing Local and Yahoo Local are excellent hosts for local listings. But what about Foursquare?

A heavy group of the population virtually lives on their mobile phones, pinging, poking, texting and tweeting every other, and “checking in” at numerous locations. While they’ll get right of entry to any or all of the aforementioned sites to search for a local commercial enterprise, there’s one greater that’s designed exclusively for the cellphone crowd: Foursquare.

As a location-based social networking website for cell devices, Foursquare has allowed users to “check in” at different locations with their smartphones. Every time they check in, a consumer is awarded factors and every so often ‘badges.” The user who assessments in to a venue the most customarily over a 60-day length is said the “mayor” of that spot

Foursquare Recently Split Up Their Features In Two Apps

Several months ago Foursquare Labs Inc. unbundled its popular features and now offers two apps: Swarm and Foursquare. Swarm, which is essentially designed to be Foursquare 2.0. is focused on the check-in features discussed above. Unfortunately, the app has not been received well so far, as it has a two star review on the App Store. According to Foursquare execs, however, this is just a minor bump in the road. They have already updated the app several times, repackaging and adding back in popular game features which make checking in a competition.

The regular Foursquare app will focus on offering individualized local listing information. Foursquare started out as an app for those who love to stay connected with their friends, the new and improved version is making a play to compete with Yelp and Google as a local search engine. For this reason, a savvy business owner would be wise to optimise their listing on Foursquare.


More than 50 million individuals utilise Foursquare to find extraordinary businesses and offer what they adore about them with others. Join the nearly 2 million businesses who are exploiting Foursquare to join the discussion and develop their business.

Foursquare’s users can not only access details about local businesses, but provide other users recommendations or tips, publicly check-in to locations, and more. Its hyper-active user base has left more than 70M recommendations and has made over 7B check-ins to local businesses.

Foursquare is a mobile (and desktop) application that allows patrons of your business to check-in to your location, and by doing so also alerting friends they are there. Users may also share their check-in to Facebook and Twitter, and they may leave a comment about your business and maybe even upload some photos as well. Social word of mouth does not get any better than this.

Back in your admin area of Foursquare, you get some pretty cool data. You can see all sorts of visitor activity such as:

  • Check-Ins at your venue

  • Unique customers

  • First time customers

  • Top Visitors

  • Recent Visitors

  • People who liked your Venue

  • And more

Do you have a local business that thrives on needing new walk-in customers, and a business that values, more than life itself, repeat customers?

If you answered yes, and you better have, Foursquare is an application that you should deploy and use to help market your business immediately. And you can start doing that right now with Foursquare.

Below are the step by step instructions to add your free business listing on Foursquare.


      Find your Business on Foursquare.


To become one of the businesses that use Foursquare, all you need to do is go to the Foursquare for Business website. Initially, check if your business is already listed on Foursquare or not. Enter the Business name and City, State/Country and search for your business.   



  Add your Business on Foursquare.


If there is no existing listing of your business, go to , enter your Business Name and Location. Below are the existing businesses and at the bottom of the page click on “Click here to add it“. Click on the option to get your free business listing done on Foursquare.


      Complete the Listing Process


Add all the required details and try to add more details to your business profile to enhance it, this in turn will help you in finding your business listing. To get your business listing process done, you need to complete verification method. You can choose the most convenient method of verification for your listing, after which the listing will be live on Foursquare.

Provide the following details of your business to be listed on Foursquare

  • Name*

  • Address (Place the pin on the map to mark the venue’s location)

  •  City

  • State

  • Country

  • Postal Code

  • Phone

  • Category*

If your address is a private venue, click on the optional box. And lastly, click on “Save” to add your listing on Foursquare.

To keep your listing fresh, Foursquare offers several free business tools that you can you can use to connect with your customers. Foursquare local updates allows you to share news, events or featured items with customers who have checked in nearby as well as customers who visit your business page.

In general, Foursquare is yet another social networking website, but it is expanding rapidly with the significant ability to merge Facebook and Twitter updates as well as enhancing the current online networking by bringing the relationship offline.  Again, if you have not already done this, get together with your marketing (or public relations) manager, and establish an account on Foursquare that claims your venue.  Start a few specials, and start to promote your venue through your website and print media.  Have fun with this, and please feel free to leave some comments below!


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