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The internet has made it possible for local businesses to compete with big brands and enjoy remarkable success. Many of these businesses approach digital marketing agencies to spread the word about their products and services across the World Wide Web. It can be overwhelming for a company or online marketer to select the right digital marketing agency as there are so many to choose from. That is why it is necessary to differentiate your digital marketing agency from the rest. This will help you build a brand for your agency and ensure you get the clients before your competition.

Why Brand Differentiation is Important?

All companies have market value. However, a majority of it is intangible. In fact, research has shown that about 60 to 70 percent of an organization’s market value is intangible as this value is created by how customers view the brand. Hence, as a digital marketing agency, it is important you differentiate your company from your competition and this will help in brand awareness and recognition. Creating a brand leads to customer delight as the services offered by the brand cater to the needs of the customers in a prompt manner.

How to differentiate your digital marketing agency from others

As a matter of fact, for a digital marketing agency brand is way more valuable than you realize. If you want to stand taller than the pack, you will go out of your way to ensure your agency has certain features, services and products that make it completely different from similar agencies around. Not only will this help to retain clients, it will also fetch you new clients.

Here are some of the things your digital marketing agency can do to ensure it is different from other prosaic digital marketing agencies in your city or town.

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1. Create Quality Online Presence:

While it is a foregone conclusion that you will have a website, ensure that it has power content that clients and prospects would find attractive. It is necessary to have original content and not ideas stolen from competitors. Otherwise, the tone on the website and the services and products you offer will be like any other digital marketing agency.

How to differentiate your digital marketing agency from others 2

Make your website authentic and let it represent your sentiments, values, vision and culture. Also, ensure it is a user-friendly site that allows visitors to find what they want with ease. Besides the aesthetics and navigation, focus on putting value information on your site, with the necessary keywords. This will ensure your site turns up in search engine results, and if you have optimized your website properly, it could make it to the Google three-pack, thereby increasing the chances of visitors and leads.

2. Find Your Voice on Social Media:

Today, many people spend time on social media platforms. Companies have a fan-following. So, find out where your target audience is and join those social media platforms. The most popular at the moment are LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Ensure you select at least two platforms and post original content that is linked to your blog.

How to differentiate your digital marketing agency from others 3

Be original, just like you are on your website. That will distinguish you from other agencies offering similar services. Figure out what you want to portray to your target audience and then stick to it. Once you do that, you will be creating a brand. Online and digital marketers love brands and you will be able to get their attention. Then, you have to work to keep them engaged.

Humor tends to work well, especially if it is witty. However, your social media content should be dictated by your target audience and what you want to let them know. Don’t just use social media to promote your services. Also, use it as a platform to dispense valuable information and knowledge to your target audience. You will be amazed at how well this strategy works and how it will be able to differentiate your agency from the competition.

3. Associate with Influencers:

When you create a brand online, you will get loyal followers, who love what you post and offer. When they share or tag your services, posts or images, they will be sharing it with their friends and followers. Use this mode of spreading the word around to your advantage.

Connect with influencers in your industry or complementary industry and forge a relationship with them. All it takes is one share or tag to open the floodgates. Or, you can partner with them to co-create content. This is one strategy a lot of digital media agencies don’t use and if you begin using it, you will definitely be unique from agencies in your town or city.

How to differentiate your digital marketing agency from others 4

Influencers like unique content or something that they have not seen anywhere else. So, make an effort to post fresh and high-quality posts and content to grab influencers’ attention and somehow compel them to repost and share with their followers.

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4. Encourage Clients to Post Online Reviews:

In this digital era, online reviews are your lifeline. Many digital marketing agencies know how to handle reviews as they are often a blend of negative and positive reviews. Don’t let negative reviews deter you or put you down. Instead, use it as an opening to engage with a client who is dissatisfied with your service. Reach out and offer them an incentive to re-try your service and you will be amazed at how well this works. More often than not, a dissatisfied client will go back and change the review.

Today, online reviews are more important than you think. A survey conducted by Nielsen found that nearly two-thirds of consumers have implicit faith in reviews and opinions posted in the World Wide Web. Positive and negative reviews affect the purchase choice of consumers and you just cannot afford to ignore them. You obviously want to have more positive reviews than negative. So, it is crucial you offer world-class service to your clients to ensure you attract the right words. It has a direct impact on your sales and revenues. .

Take a look at the stats below to find out why online reviews matter and how they can differentiate your digital marketing agencies from others.

How to differentiate your digital marketing agency from others 6

Responding to reviews is no longer a time-consuming or tedious process, if you use TribeLocal. This web-based platform is designed to make the lives of local businesses easy. It helps you track and respond to online reviews, regardless of the publisher. This makes it extremely convenient to set up alerts for reviews and then use a single dashboard to reply.

When you respond to reviews, it shows clients that you genuine care and are not there just to milk them. This creates a good impression about your agencies. Anyone reading the reviews about your agency and seeing you respond will prefer to get in touch with you than with an agency that ignores what their client opine and express about the agency. This allows you to capture the market with ease.

5. Become the Followed Rather Than a Follower:

In the world of digital marketing, the pen is definitely mightier than the sword. Rather than following others, look to be the followed one. Now, how can you do that? Well, it all boils down to posting impactful content on your website, blog and social media pages.

You have a certain vision about your digital marketing agency. Use your content to showcase that vision. It is completely alright to brag about your laurels, as long as you can substantiate them.

Begin posting things that are unique, compelling and different from what other similar agencies are posting. Remember, images and videos attract more shares and footfalls compared to plain text on social media. So, look to make stellar videos and exceptional graphics with standout headlines and titles. This will capture eyeballs and before you know it, you will be getting companies, professionals and individuals following you. Of course, it is not going to happen overnight, but it is worthwhile the time and effort you put into creating content that is valuable, informative and powerful.

The more unique and compelling your online content is, the more people you will be able to funnel to your web properties. That is what will make you different from other digital marketing agencies in your town. With the right content, you will be able to convert leads into customers and that is what you want to do by showing the world that you are an agency with a difference.

Remember, always go for content that defines your brand as it will be the first thing that prospects will see and read. So, you want to ensure the first impression is the best impression, digitally. And, this will allow you to channel this select group of individuals to your website, where they will be able to learn more about your services, bringing you a step closer to converting them.

6. SEO Matters More than You Think:

While creativity and uniqueness is important, it will go for utter waste if you don’t optimize your site and blog for search engines. Nearly 93 per cent online experiences start their journey with search engines and about 70 per cent of the links that people click are generally organic. So, don’t just focus on engaging your clients and prospects on social media. You should also have a properly designed and optimized website.

Remember, you need to choose the right keywords and place them in page titles, meta description and throughout the content. The keywords you choose should be present in every single page so that when people input those words in search engines, your website pops up in the results. The better you optimize your website for search engines, the higher your site will be ranked. So, sure you focus on SEO continuously if you want to leave your competition behind.

TribeLocal can help you with local SEO as it has an integrated SEO analytics. This will allow you to easily track rankings, site performance and traffic so that you can tweak those strategies that are not working optimally and continue using the ones that are giving the envisaged results.

How to differentiate your digital marketing agency from others 5

7. Offer Clients Unique Solutions for Their Problems:

If you want your digital marketing agency to be a cut above the rest, it is important that you don’t offer the same run-of-the-mills services. Think about how you can offer each client a unique solution. For instance, if you believe timing holds an edge over ingenuity then you should look for clients who want to be out there before their competition. So, come up with a unique and distinctive solution and then use that as your USP to attract clients.

8. Have a Pricing Statement:

In the world of digital marketing, agencies do not disclose their pricing. While some opt for performance-based pricing, others charge by the stages or delivery milestones. But the pricing is not out in the open and this makes the world of digital marketing hazy and untrustworthy.

If you truly want to be different from your competition, make a pricing statement and get the price out into the open. This will ensure more transparency and make many clients comfortable. One of the best ways to price your services is on the outcome rather the output. This will make you more credible and show your existing clients and prospects that you are one of the best digital marketing agencies. This pricing model also demonstrates that you are confident about what you offer your clients and they will be willing to wait to get complete value for their money.

9. Have a Logo that Personifies Your Brand:

The colors and designs should represent your brand to the T, but it should not be your brand. A logo helps to make the brand more recognizable, but it cannot take the place of a brand. That is why you need to come up with a logo that you will feel proud to display on your stationery and web properties.

Don’t treat your logo as a creative. Instead, spend time designing it as it should embody your values, brand and culture. Hence, it is important you think carefully to choose the design and colors. Make sure you logo has a meaning behind it. Don’t just go in for a logo design that looks beautiful but doesn’t connect with your business.

The Bottom Line

Making your digital marketing agency different from your competition will not happen overnight. It will take time, some elbow grease and gray matter. However, the end results will be spectacular when you can attract the right clients and have others waiting to get through the door.

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