Benefits of having positive reviews

Look at your business reviews and be honest. Do they look lucrative enough to drive sales? As per the surveys conducted around 86% of the customers won’t buy from a website that has one bad Google review. Being as important as a personal recommendation, online positive reviews make 72% of the audience trust you.

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As impressive as these figures look like, you may be tempted to buy online reviews. No business would ever accept that their online reviews are fake. Many surveys conducted claim around 32% of the online reviews are fake. While a few writers are making good money out of it, this is doing more harm to the naïve audience and defeating the purpose of an entire online review process.

If you are driven by ethics, it may occur to you at this point in time in the article, that it is better to be content with fewer reviews. Trust me it is not a good thought friend.
Reviews have a highly significant impact on your customer’s purchase behavior. It is an undeniable fact now. A negative review will not only make your customer leave the website but also stop him from returning back. On the other hand, a positive review will entrust 92% of your audience that your business is worth a try.

Why does a business buy a Google review and why they should not indulge in fake reviews?

“Buying” reviews have become a very common trend. The startups, enterprises, small business and all are indulging in the practice or rather ‘malpractice’. Little do these businesses know that Google review policies and customers have a knack for identifying them and that would damage their brand authority more than a negative review.

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Why should a business not buy fake reviews?

Business who buy Google reviews will face the harsh reality at a certain point in time while they try to bask in the made-up glory. Google is one of the organizations who is trying to fight the fake review and this is why you should not do this:

1. Incentivized Online review

We may have done this multiple times as a business owner and a customer also. Say you go to a clothing store and when you are about to leave it prompts you to leave an online review for a $10 store credits. The offer sounds alluring!

Let us suppose the customer mentions that he was offered $10 store credit for a review. “Oh my God”, your reputation just went for a toss. The customer who lays his hands on this review leave your website with a negative impression and a question mark that is your business worth trying or it is just being praised in the light of that $10 credit store.

2. You may lose the credibility of real positive reviews

When you buy fake review, if identified by a customer could take down all the credibility you earned with the positive reviews and all the hard work to had put in to achieve it. Letting go of the value that positive reviews bring to your website is no good idea.

3. Google can now detect fake reviews

Finally a good news for the audience. The smart Google engine has a lot of algorithms that can detect it. The punishments can vary from a warning email, a pop-up warning on the website or complete banning of the website.

4. It keeps you in a delusion

They may go unnoticed by Google Police and get you better ROI but what you might be ignoring is the fact that it does not let your business grow in quality. How can you know the improvement areas of your business if all you care about is conversions on website driven by them? And that my dear friend is not sustainable.

What actions does google take against fake reviews?

Every platform that offers the audience to view reviews is on a strong vigil to identify the miscreants who try to use them to climb the leaderboard. Google has now been bearing the baton to eradicate the fake review scenarios and it has really taken some harsh steps:

  • If Google identifies an SEO company posting fake Google reviews, they might run into legal and reputational issues. Around 19 SEO companies were fined in New York for soliciting dishonest reviews.
  • Definitive actions like a pop-up on the website window indicating to the visitors that the website cannot be trusted is another implication such reviews can lead business website owners too.
  • Taking the website completely down is the harshest step Google might take to contain dishonest businessmen from getting an unfair advantage by as it has been emphatic about Fake google reviews illegal.

To wrap

Google algorithms are getting smarter to detect the fake Google reviews. To avoid any damage or further complications due to them it is most advised by experts to stick to refined and sophisticated ways of asking customer reviews online.

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