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About Marriott Hotels

J. Willard Marriott first founded Marriott in Washington D.C. in the United States of America in 1927. Willard’s son, Bill Marriott, is the current executive chairman, with Arne Sorenson as the CEO. The name Marriott is most popularly found in the lodging and hospitality sector. With its headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland in the United States, the Marriott International Incorporation is well known for its hotels and resorts all around the globe. The Marriott website allows its users to make online reservations for their stay while travelling. Users can register with the website and earn points through which they can reap benefits, or even lower their overall cost of lodging in the hotel. Other offers made by the company are deals and packages, and users can keep track of meetings and events, catch up on the latest news, or even shop at the Marriott store.


Which category does Marriott Hotels help?

This directory aims at helping any persons who are travelling to a destination and require a place to stay, provided that there is a Marriott hotel or resort in that area. As a chain of preferred hotels, Marriott has a reputation of making great deals for its members. Consequently, the directory also proves beneficial to frequent flyers that accumulate points and rewards while flying and staying in these hotels often.

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How can Marriott Hotels help your business?

By dealing and offering every little aspect of a wedding, any local business that deals with a party or event managing, can be boosted with WeddingWire. Be it a simple flower shop or a bakery or and the entire chain of hotels and banquet halls for such events, registering under WeddingWire can help your business. Like mentioned before, they put together all such event managers under a single roof. Thus, someone with similar business can register themselves as a vendor on the site. The joining process is really easy and takes less than a few minutes. After entering all the details in the database of the website, as and when a client requests for a service provided by your business surrounding your area, you are asked to see on the job depending upon certain criteria.

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Steps to add business to Marriott Hotels

Creating a profile The Marriott website allows you to create an account where you can accumulate bonus points, do mobile check-ins, and gain access to other perks like free Wi-Fi. The main page enables users to make reservations quickly and efficiently, or register with Marriott for an account. The main page bears a scroll down menu on the top left, the hotel reservation availability search engine in the center of the page, and the icons to make reservations, sign in or create an account, or become a member of Marriott Rewards.

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Step 2: To create a profile, first access the Marriott website that can be accessed in your location.

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Step 3: Click the highlighted “Register Now” icon to launch the MegaBonus window. Scroll down and click the “Join and Register” icon.

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Step 4: Either become a member through your Facebook account, or enter in your personal details like your name, email, location, and zip code, and agree to the terms and conditions to complete the process.

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Frequently asked questions about Marriott Hotels

Is it a free/paid directory? is a free directory that can be used by anybody with access to the website in their area or region.

Does it promote advertisements?

The website does not promote advertisements.

Does it contain premium listings?

The website does contain premium listings on the main page once you scroll down, and displays a list of the top offers currently available for users to take.

Does it have listing specific to categories or location?

Although it does not display lists that are about particular categories or locations, the main page allows you to narrow your search down to a Marriott hotel in whatever destination you have in mind (given that that destination has a Marriott hotel established in it).

Can users implement keywords, metas, and other details?

Since this directory essentially operates to enable people to book hotels with ease, or reap the benefits of their gathered points from staying in their hotels frequently, users do not have the need to implement keywords, meta descriptions and other details to search for anything. All operations of the directory are exhibited on the main page itself.

Does the directory have a verification process for adding or editing a business?

You cannot add or edit businesses on, since it is exclusive to only Marriott hotels and resorts. Therefore, the directory does not have a verification process for the same.

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