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Let us roll back the time and re-think of that time when the digital marketing agencies adopted the traditional ways for performing their functionalities. During those times, digital marketing long with the use of direct marketing techniques like radios, TV, newspapers, emails, etc. for delivering the needed and desired services and products to the customers.

We think, above discussed techniques worked well during that time but somehow it limited the scope of reaching and connecting with the mass audience that can turn into the potential customers for the business. All this made the digital world to reconsider their marketing strategies and to modify them as per the changing time and needs of the customers.

Today the marketing has become one of the essential parts of the business survival. It is more like a way for retaining and attracting the customers towards the business for making more and more profits. In order to stand out of the competition and to give your business the needed online presence, the digital marketing agencies need to work on the factor of being creative, innovative and experimenting with their ideas. They must be well aware of making the right use of the various digital tools available for delivering the excellence with the digital marketing strategies.

The trends for the digital marketing agency in 2018:

Every digital marketing agency is looking for ways to growing their reach and approaching the maximum number of people. The growth of the digital marketing agency and change in the trends goes hand in hand. No trend can be followed forever in the digital marketing agency for achieving success. Thus, the digital marketing agencies must be aware of the changing trends for making the most of them and achieving the heights of success.

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2018 is the year that is expected to deliver many opportunities for the digital marketing agencies to expand their business and coming out as a shining star amongst the competition. Here are some of the ways that can be followed for scaling and expanding the digital marketing agency in 2018. Have a look:

1. Focus on a specific niche:

It has been observed that some of the most successful digital marketing agencies are those which maintain their focus on one particular niche of marketing. According to a recommendation from a well-known name in the digital world, Glen or Viperchill, the digital marketing agencies which focus on one particular niche and serve some specific set of audiences after understanding their needs and requirements are found to be more successful than the ones which try and deliver everything to all types of customers. In order to master the skills of delivering the best of everything, usually, the digital marketing agencies end up delivering nothing at all.

Analyzing and selecting one particular niche for digital marketing helps the digital marketing to come out as an expert in that particular domain and rise against all its competition. While the world of digital marketing is expanding, there are many sectors that it has to offer. All that is expected from the digital marketing agencies is to pick the right part from the pool as per their abilities and specialties. Moreover, with the growing competition, if you are not good enough, the customers will take no time in switching to someone better than you. thus, to retain your customers and to stand out of the competition, the digital marketing agencies must take some time out in 2018 and think of the niche in which they want to grow and develop with all their available experts and capabilities.

2. Attract with the best web designs:

As the world is moving online for their daily operations, it has become essential for the digital marketing agencies to come up with such looks and website designs that can hook up the customers. While the digital marketing agencies are trying to expand their business in the year 2018, they must first understand the fact that it is not just them but also the others who are trying to make the best use of websites for reaching and attracting their customers. Thus, they need to distinguish themselves with some extra efforts or charm that the customers like. One of the easiest ways of doing so is by presenting the customers with an attractive, appealing and responsive website design.

Digital marketing agencies need to understand the fact that if their website design remains as that of the year 1990, then even their revenue figures will reflect the same stats as that was in the year 1990. To grow, you need to change and to change you need to try something new and refreshing. The web developers can help the digital marketing agencies to come up with designs that truly reflect their strengths and potential of serving the customers with the best of services. The agencies can either design their websites from the scratch or can use the various available WordPress themes and templates for giving their website the needed changed outlook.

3. Enhance the response time:

Digital marketing is not just being available on the Internet for the customers but to give them with the best of services and assistance at the least time possible. What do you think separates the successful digital marketing agencies from the average digital agencies? One of the essential factors in deciding the success of the digital marketing agency is their response time. The lesser will be the response time from the digital marketing agency the more likely they are to close the deals with the customers. In the busy and fast moving life, nobody has the time to wait for longer hours for getting services or solutions to their queries. Everyone needs an instant and quick response to their needs. Thus, other than focusing on the obvious digital marketing strategies, digital marketing agencies must focus on being more responsive to their customer’s needs in the year 2018.

According to a recent study conducted at the Harvard Business Review, the digital agencies that response to their customers within an hour are seven times more likely to be trusted by the customers. Moreover, it has been also observed in the study that the agencies which take too long to respond often end up being out of the race of being successful. Thus, the digital marketing agencies must enhance their response time so that they can be trusted by the customers for their needs. If not then the customers will continue to avail the benefits of the digital world but it would be not from you.

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4. Adding reviews:

TribeLocal Online reviews

In order to win the trust of your customers and to be one of the names that they can rely on you need to give them with enough reasons. They must be sure that you won’t let their trust down and won’t put their requirements on hold or will take them for granted. Many customers have revealed that in the recent times, as the online and digital world has grown, they have started considering the online reviews of the other customers for making their mind in favor of a particular product or service. Earlier it was not considered as a great idea of adding reviews on the website considering the fact that it may hamper the sales.

When customers were asked to leave an online review, 70% of the customers revealed that they are happy and comfortable in sharing their reviews if asked by the company. Thus, the digital marketing agencies must focus on asking some of their positive and loyal customers to provide them with a positive and encouraging review to get highlighted on their website for attracting new customers. Further, according to a recent study conducted by experts in the digital marketing domain, it has been observed that around 88% of the new customers trust and relate to the online reviews of the existing customers when deciding for their buying decision. With such great stats, it would be a great loss if the digital marketing agencies don’t put up the reviews of their loyal customers. Turn the year 2018 as one of the beneficial years for the business of the digital marketing agencies by portraying and picturing the reviews on the business pages and websites.

5. Blogging:

Interactive Blog

Playing with the content and providing the best-optimized content is one of the prime requirements of the present marketing times. Blogging has never lost its charm when it comes to providing the necessary information to the customers regarding the business new offerings or the news related to the upcoming benefits from the business. Moreover, blogging has always been the most favorite methods of the digital marketing agencies for communicating with the customers along with providing the necessary information regarding their capabilities and strengths. 2017 witnessed many digital agencies choosing this method for connecting with their audience and finding of what they like and want more from them. According to the research, 77% of the B2B companies were blogging in the year 2017 and customers enjoyed around 75 million blogs alone on the WordPress. Now, these are really some impressive figures to encourage blogging in the year 2018 for the digital marketing agencies.

If reports were to be believed of the market research, 2018 will be the year for blogging and bloggers. 53% of the marketers have admitted that blogging will be their top priority when finalizing the content marketing strategies.

One of the essential things that are needed to be taken care in 2018 for the content marketing strategies and to create an appealing blog is content optimization. Here are some of the other tips that can be used for framing the best and optimized content that can attract more eyes towards it:

  • Stuff the content with the relevant keywords that can attract many customers towards the blog
  • Enrich your content with all the relevant information by including necessary stats and images
  • Keep the language and flow simply so that most of your customers can understand the context of the blog
  • Use relevant backlinks on your blog for increasing the visibility.

6. Use videos:


2017 was completely the year in which images prevailed over the videos on the business’s websites. Most of the businesses including the digital marketing agencies were seen making more use of the images on their websites for attracting the customers. The images though helped the digital marketing agencies for attracting the customers but somehow it also made the loading and response time of the website really slow. This indeed affected the businesses in generating their revenues. Thus, just like the other businesses, the digital marketing agencies was also searching for a more better option than images that can provide them with the same or better benefits along with reducing the loading and response time of the websites.

This is when the idea of using videos for marketing came into existence. The end of 2017 marked the beginning of the use of optimized videos by some of the digital agencies for their business. Some of the trends that helped video marketing became one of the favorites for the year 2018 are as follow:

  • 55% of people watch online videos on a daily basis whereas 78% people watch these videos on a weekly basis
  • By the year 2020, almost 80% of the online website traffic will be generated by the online videos
  • YouTube secures the second position as being the busiest website after Google
  • 59% of people have confessed that they prefer watching online videos rather than reading the text
  • 50% of the users check the online videos of the product before purchasing it
  • Use relevant backlinks on your blog for increasing the visibility.


For reaping the maximum benefits from the emerging trends of 2018, the digital marketing agencies must be flexible enough to adjust as per the needs and requirements of these trends. The agencies should focus on delivering the best user experience along with sustaining profitability for them amidst the tough competition in the industry. 2018 can be the year for digital marketing agencies if used to its full potential in the right direction.

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