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Need someone to fight for your freedom

A bail bond is an important document that can well spell the difference between prison and freedom. You need the services of expert bail agents to take you out of trouble. Naturally, the person you rely on should have exemplary knowledge about the law. In this age of the internet, you need to have systems where your customers would be able to find you. A strong local SEO campaign is what you need to reach the top of the SERPs. Let us look at how to have a strong local SEO strategy.

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Announce your presence in the market

A bail bond is an important service you render. People should be aware of your presence in the market. It is your duty to announce it to the people. The best way of doing it is to have a presence in all local directories. People look for bail bond attorneys in the local neighborhood. Having your listing in the local directories as well as some allied ones would be of great use. The ultimate objective is to make yourself available to your clients. The more you are visible, the more are your chances of success.

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Fix the information of your citations

Making your presence felt is important. At the same time providing accurate information is necessary to enable the customers to find you. It can well happen that you might register your details in a lot of directories. Writing Victoria Ave instead of Victoria Avenue might be a small spelling error for you. But, the search engine bots could construe it as two different addresses thereby directing separate streams of traffic to both the sites individually. This can result in loss of business. Hence, it is imperative to fix up your citations and be consistent with the information you provide.

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Customer reviews can reveal a lot of information

One of the best ways of judging the capabilities of a bail bond service is to look at the customer reviews. They can reveal a lot of information about the quality of service you provide. You can contact your clients and request them to post positive reviews about your services. In case you are in receipt of a local citation or award, your website is the best place to display the same. It is important that your prospective customers get as much positive feedback about you and the services you provide.

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Market Your Services

Get the most from your brand by talking about it

You know your services better than the others. Hence, it becomes your responsibility to advertise your brand. You should employ every trick in the book like seeking local backlinks, featuring in magazines, participating in promotional events, and so on. The more people know about your services, the better it is for your success. Remember that people visit websites of bail bond service providers to seek knowledge. Hence, it becomes necessary to provide authentic information in this regard as well.

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How to Implement Local SEO for BAIL BONDS

Local SEO for bail bonds – Why

Where can you search for a bail bond agent? If you had put this question to me about a decade or two back, the ‘Yellow Pages’ would have been the best answer. But, the world has changed a lot today. The internet is all over us. Research says that 97% of people all over the world search for local businesses online. As far as local searches are concerned, you have Google at the top.
Youngsters are adept at using the smartphone to browse the internet. It does not take much time for people today to type out a few words on the search bar of the search engines. You get a truckload of information within no time. When you have such a facility, where is the need to advertise your presence physically? Having a strong website should do the trick. In addition, an effective SEO campaign can help people find your website quickly among the thousands of others on the internet.
The biggest advantage of local SEO for bail bonds is that you eliminate a major chunk of the competition. You have to vie for the top spot with far lesser people locally than globally. This improves your chances of securing a high rank on the search engines. A powerful SEO campaign is of absolute necessity under the circumstances.

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Local SEO for bail bonds – How

The main objective of a local SEO campaign is to secure a top rank on the local search engines. Natural, you need a compelling website to achieve this goal. However, would that be enough? You will agree that it would not be so. You need something extra in the form of an effective off-page and on-page SEO strategy. Let us look at these intricate aspects of SEO as we go about describing how to build up a strong local SEO for bail bonds.

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Off-page SEO tactics

Let us look at the off-page SEO tactics first before moving on to the on-page SEO techniques.

local SEO for bail bonds off page

Google My Business (GMB) listing is the key

When do you need the services of a bail bond agent? It is only when someone close to you gets on the wrong side of the law. No one would like to see their loved one behind bars. Naturally, they would do everything in their capacity to bail them out of trouble. The bail bond agent plays this important role.
How do you search for a bail bond agent? It should be very simple. Flip open your smartphone, access Google and type out the words, ‘bail bond agent in Chicago’. This is what you get.

You see that it does not take even a single second to throw out this result in front of you. You would be able to find thousands of bail bond agents in Chicago much faster than the time you take to type out your search on Google. The page you see on the image is nothing but a GMB listing.
This is the first thing you see on the search page. Subsequent to this listing, you find the paid searches and the organic search results. You aim is to hit the jackpot and be on the first page of the organic search results. Have your GMB listing on the first page as well is a big bonus.
You are able to share a wealth of information with your prospective client through this listing. Look at the image closely enough. You find this information.
⦁ your phone number,
⦁ website details,
⦁ directions how to reach you
⦁ working hours
⦁ customer reviews
Getting a GMB listing is not a tough task at all. Access the official page of Google My Business and complete the details sought for. Google has a unique way of verifying the details. Once you complete this procedure you get your GMB listing. This enables you to add vital information thereby enabling your prospective clients to find you easily. You can add images and landmarks to help your clients contact you. Have a direct link to your website. The greatest advantage of this listing is that the entire process is free. Do you need a better initiative to get started?


Be available for your clients at all times

The nature of services of a bail bond agent is such that people seek him in an emergency. Now, an emergency situation does not come by shouting from the rooftops. You should be available at very short notice. Visibility is the key. People do not have much time to choose when they are in search of a bail bond agent. Hence, having a listing in all directories in your niche is important. On addition to bail bond agency, you must also be involved in providing similar other attorney or counseling services. It would be a great idea to have a listing in such ancillary directories as well. The more you make your presence felt, the better it is for you.

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Be different from the others

When clients come in search of bail bond services, they do so because they have concern for their loved one who is in judicial custody. They come to you with a lot of hope. Your job is not to betray those hopes. Displaying a positive attitude should always reassure your prospective clients that they have come to the right place. Having adequate knowledge about the subject is of prime importance. People would benefit when you share your knowledge and experience with them. Offer something to the customer that others do not. The best thing you can offer is hope. Be sincere with your thoughts and words. An unbiased and rational approach definitely works in instilling a sense of confidence in your abilities.

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Social media interaction can get you a lot of business

Understand that the services you provide are something unique. You cannot make people come to you without a reason. You are not selling candies that anyone would just step in and patronize your product. You are a specialist that people approach only in an emergency. Hence, you should be announcing your presence in all marketing channels. Being active on the social media network is a great thing to do. A majority of people approach advocates and other similar luminaries after discussing with their friends. The social media plays an important role in this decision as well. People seek advice over the social media. Hence, your presence in the social media can expand your reach as a bail bond service provider.

Seek customer reviews

References from existing customers are the best way for getting new customers. People would always love to listen to someone who has gone through this ordeal before. In case you have been instrumental in arranging for the bail bond in time, the customer would not forget your contribution in a hurry. He would not hesitate to give you a positive review as well. Such positive reviews can help you build up a good reputation. This can spread the word around that ‘Here is a bail bond agent that walks the talk’. You end up with a high rank on the SERP as well.


On-Page SEO techniques

We shall now shift our attention from the promotional aspects to the user experience aspects. A great experience for the user of your website can result in a higher ranking on the SERP.

local SEO for bail bonds onpage

Have a strong website

How would you rank on the SERP without a website? Ensure that you have a compelling website that people feel the need for patronizing. A website for a bail bond service agency should definitely be different from that of an e-commerce website. You have different set of priorities. Hence, you should concentrate on your strengths and services that you offer.
This brings us to the fact that your website should have an effective services page. People should get information about every possible service you offer. Understand that people approach your website due to various reasons. One of them of course is to help them secure a release from prison. The other reason is that people need to get information about bail bonds and other similar judicial procedures. Such people scout for knowledge from these websites. Your services pages should be of use to them as well.
Invest in a strong, secure, and fast website. People do not like to keep waiting for the website to load as they are anxious about their loved ones languishing in prison. A fast-loading website is thus of prime importance.


Title tags and Meta descriptions matter a lot

When you search the internet for bail bond agencies in Chicago, this is what you see on the first page of the Google Search Engine.

See the importance of the title tags. They are the ones in blue color. The information presented below the title tags is the Meta descriptions. It is important for your website to have attractive Meta descriptions that guide customers to your website. Remember that the first impression is usually the last as well. Invest in a strong and compelling strategy.


Great content matters any time

People visit your website with various intentions. Hence, your content should be such that it should serve all of them. Bail bond agencies have a great responsibility towards securing the release of people lodged in jail pending conviction. This needs you to present facts in the right manner. You need strong and genuine content to instil a sense of confidence in your customers.
Genuine information is always welcome. Secondly, your website is such that it requires constant updating. The rules keep on changing frequently. Your content should be on its toes and present the true picture to your clients.


Have a great linking strategy

When people approach the website of the bail bond agencies, they have a lot of unanswered questions in their minds. Hence, FAQs should form a major aspect of your website. Customers can have queries regarding anything about the functioning of the bail bonds. Your FAQ should be able to cater to their requirements. Having intelligently placed internal links to your services pages can help the customer get the right information.
Your services pages content can have external links to enable the clients to verify the authenticity of your claims. The customer should be able to satisfy that the content they are reading is trustworthy. This improves the trust they have on your website thereby propelling your rank further on the SERPs.
Backlinking is an important aspect of local SEO strategy. The days of buying backlinks from the internet are no longer present. You have to earn backlinks from authority websites to get a higher rank on the SERP. Adopting negative of Black Hat SEO tactics is not going to help at all. You end up incurring huge penalties from Google and other search engines.


Keyword research is important

Optimizing your website is very important. This requires intelligent use of keywords. You should use the right keywords at the right time and in the right proportion. Instead of using keywords like bail or bail bondsman, use local search keywords like Chicago bail agent. They are more likely to find favor with your clients.

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Interactive blogs are useful

Interactive blogs can be extremely useful for people to share vital information. You have the chance to respond to their questions and providing the clarifications. This can help them a great deal. Interacting with like-minded people can prove beneficial to them as well. This also presents you with an opportunity to present the latest developments in the scene.



Let us summarize our strategy in a simple manner.
⦁ Have a GMB listing and maintain it properly
⦁ Have a presence in all local directories
⦁ Social media interaction is the latest trend today
⦁ Customer reviews can tell a different story
⦁ A compelling website should do the trick
⦁ Do not ignore the old warriors, title and Meta descriptions
⦁ Great content can take your website to the top of the SERP
⦁ Interactive blogs are an integral part of local SEO
It is imperative for bail bond agencies to have a strong local SEO campaign to succeed in their objectives. This article would have been useful to you to develop an effective SEO campaign. This is how you develop local SEO for bail bonds.

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