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Bring more customers by implementing simple SEO steps to Beauty and Cosmetics.


Your Fortune Lies in Your Hands.

It is said, that ‘Fortune favours the brave’. This is especially true for those who, in this modern day of exceeding competitiveness, are ready to try out new and unique ways of making their business a raving success, such as Local Search Engine Optimization. After all, it is the most promising way of bringing your Beauty and Cosmetic Store in the limelight!

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Fix Your Information

For any local beauty and cosmetics business, it is more than important to ensure that all directories carry the accurate information, especially the NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number). Not only will this ensure that your business can be found by all your existing and potential clients with ease, but will also help you enjoy a better rank on various SERPs. In order to make this possible, you will need to find every possible citation of your business and rectify the same. Think it is difficult for you to handle? Don’t worry, you can always rely on TribeLocal’s reasonably priced service!

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Talk About It

They say, ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Hence, as a business it is essential for you to be seen at all possible instances. You can do so by ensuring that there is ample content on the internet that talks about your brand/business. This content can be in the form of text, audio or video. It could be self-generated or curated with the help of an industry expert or a blogger. The key here is to remain at the top of the audiences’ mind.

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How Can Local SEO for Beauty and Cosmetic Help?

Simply having a website, or a Facebook or Twitter page will not help your purpose as it will lie idly without anyone taking notice. For your site and/or social media pages to gain traction, you will be required to rank high on Google. The higher your rank, the more visibility you will enjoy on the SERPs and in turn will get higher returns on investment. Not only will it help create better awareness about your brand/business, but will also result in higher sales for your website as well as physical store. Now doesn’t that seem like something you want to, or rather you ought to get done?

Local SEO for beauty and cosmetics

What Your Customers Want?

Before we get into the nuances of online marketing of your business, let us first take a look at what is it that your customers are essentially looking for.

What your customers want

Product Details

Right from the size that the product is offered in, to its ingredients and the variants that it can be found in, your customers want to know it all. The reason is simple. The more your customer knows about your product, the more confidence they will have in it, and the more likely they are to buy it.

Details about the product

Visual Appeal

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the beauty industry is dominated by aesthetics and visual appeal. It is important for your customers to be able to relate your range of products with the epitome of beauty, for them to invest their hard earned money. And what better a way than clear, high-resolution images to help your customers enjoy an accurate representation of your product.

Visual Appeal


Goes without saying, for a customer to shell out money, it is quintessential that he/she has full faith in you as the seller as well as the product that is to be purchased.

confidence for beauty products

Boost Local SEO for Beauty and Cosmetics

Now that we have a clear picture of what the customer is looking forward to, let us take a look at what you need to do in order for your beauty and cosmetic business to scale the heights of success?

Content Marketing

Content Marketing refers to the use of content, whether in the form of text, image, video or graphics, in order to create awareness about a brand/business and eventually establish a trust-based relationship with existing and prospective customers. More often than not, content marketing is undertaken with the ultimate goal of instigating purchases and repurchases along with initiating word-of-mouth marketing.

Content Marketing- TribeLocal

Build Trust

You can do so by simply ensuring that the content on your website in both entertaining and informative. This will help you go a long way in helping your customers believe that you know your products in and out, and offer nothing but the best. Make sure your website resonates what you want your customers to feel – energized!

Build Trust of your customer- TribeLocal

Be Consistent

While good content is the key to making your place in your customers’ heart, it is consistency that will ensure that you place stays secured for a long time to come. You can do so by regularly updating your website with the latest line of products, offers, and discounts as well as informative blogs on various beauty trends.

Ensure Engagement

Right from high-resolution images to make-up tutorials, from articles based on skin care to infographics that help your customers find the best products, make sure you always have some new and exciting content to offer. Not only will this keep the customers hooked to your page, but will also result in the much-desired hike in sales.

Business Listing for Local SEO

For your business to function successfully and enjoy enhanced credibility in the local market, it is exceedingly important for it to have a Local Search engine Optimization Strategy that helps it carve its niche amongst the target audience in its vicinity. A great way to do so is to create or claim a business listing by using Google My Business. This will optimize your brand/business for local search results, thus ensuring that a greater number of people come to know about you in an organic manner.

Beauty and Cosmetics Listing- TribeLocal

Social Media Optimization

SMO refers to the optimization of your website’s content so that it can be conveniently shared on various social media platforms. Not only does this strategy helps in reaching out to a larger consumer base in a more organic manner, but also ensures that the customer enjoys a high level of engagement with the brand/business. And as mentioned earlier, the more the engagement, the higher is the chance for the customer to place his/her trust in your offerings, which eventually leads to greater sales.

social Media Optimization- TribeLocal

SMO is Important

  • Your social media platforms will help create a unique identity for your brand, based on its value proposition and the benefits it offers.

  • Social media is known as one of the most powerful tools that can help establish the authority and credibility of a business. By a way of serving relevant and engaging content to your customers, you can create a loyal fan following.

  • Thanks to the repeated exposure that social media offers, your customers will be reminded of your products on a regular basis. This will lead to shortening of the sales cycles thus improving your ROI.

Beauty- SMO- TribeLocal

Request Clients for Reviews

If you’re sure that a client is satisfied with your products and services encourage him/her to leave a review in one or more of the online directories. Since Google gives importance to the authority of any given business, these genuine product reviews will help in boosting your rankings.

Customer Reviews

Implement Rich Snippets

If you host an e-commerce portal for your beauty products and cosmetics, make sure your web developer implements rich snippets. These will help you mark up the product information, your business NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) as well as customer reviews. You can also opt for data highlighting, using Google Webmaster to this end.


Initiate a Blogger Outreach Program

You can ask beauty bloggers or industry influencers to review the products that you offer in exchange for some freebies. The back link that they offer to your website will have a favourable impact on your local SEO campaign and thus help you rank better.

blogger outreach program

List of Directories

Beauty & cosmetics includes sites that offer local business listings for beauticians, hair salons, spas, massage services & nail salons. We have sorted out the list of directories for you where you should be able to list a business on these sites, rather than just advertising services.

List your Business

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