Local SEO for Carpet Cleaners

Bring more customers by implementing simple SEO steps to your Carpet Cleaning Services


Local SEO Guide for Carpet Cleaners

Local SEO Guide for Carpet Cleaners

The professional carpet cleaning service is a competitive industry with various types of services. Some businesses specialize in hot water extraction, while others know it better to handle air duct cleaning and stain extraction. There are the services providers who stand at the top in cleaning the dirt and floors using the air duct or non-static methods. In short, everyone is trying to set them apart from ‘normal’ cleaners. But sometimes, the business owners forget the quality of service comes at second place and getting hired is the priority.

Using high-quality cleaning equipment will never bring you customers; it will only help you retain them for long.  Most of the individuals hire the carpet cleaners for the cleaning of their home and improve their aesthetics such that it improves the longevity of the carpet. You might be catering the best in carpet cleaning business, but it is also vital that you remain on the top of local Google Search. It means, your customers should be able to find and reach you when they search online for carpet-cleaning in your serving area.

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Have a presence in all directories

Carpet cleaning industry facet has changed a lot in the last decade. From competitors to customers, all are using the internet currently. So, if you are not present in any of the online directories or do not have a website, how will your customers find you? Carpet cleaning service providers need to be in touch with the people, which is possible if they have a perfect marketing and acquisition plan in their mind. You may be providing services like Upholstery cleaning, but until the customers in proximity are unaware of it, you can’t find customers at all.

Cleaning service is an industry, in which, having a website and social media pages is not enough. People mostly use search engines and the directories. So, you also need to be present on Google My Business and also on some trustworthy local directories such as TribeLocal, which provide industry-wise cheap SEO citations and other local SEO services.

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Get the most from your brand by talking about it

Advertising is one of the vital aspects of the carpet care business. For the advertising of your brand, you can take the help of the audio, video and content marketing. As you are the provider of carpet cleaning services, you need to inform the people about your brand to gain their attention. For that, use all the notable online channels to announce the existence of your brand. PRs (Press Releases), e-papers, and guest posting can be utilized too. For the cleaning service industry, social media campaigns work well. Doing all these kind of advertisement for your business will make you obtain the results you need.

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Why is it important?

It is obvious that being a carpet cleaner, you are familiar with the challenges of grabbing the attention of new customers. The biggest hurdle is that the individuals when they need their carpets cleaned, they search on the Google and then call up the companies which are on the top list of Google. Thus, to increase the sales of your business, you need to invest in local search SEO.

Here are some reasons which will surely make you invest in the local SEO:

Google has Replaced Yellow Pages Already

There was a time when the businesses used to give their ad on Yellow pages and just wait up for the potential customers to call them. But now the time has been changed and 97% of the world relies on online search engine. Google has dominated the search market.

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Free Traffic

Well, the advertising is the one thing which makes businesses tensed due to much expense. But the local SEO for the small businesses offers a steady stream of the free traffic which helps business to convert into paying customers.

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Instant Results

The carpet cleaner professionals are in high-demand. Corporate, hospitality businesses, homes, and more – you are required everywhere. Thus, regional and online advertising can help instantly. When finding you will become convenient, people will reach you to take services, all by themselves. The best part is: You can easily rank on the first page of Google within 30 days.

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How to make efficient use of local SEO service for your cleaning business?

  • Determine your keywords appropriately.
  • Analyze your keywords and optimize your website.
  • Build SEO citations and SEO Backlinks
  • Upgrade all of your local listings.
  • Get reviews and testimonials done by your customers.
  • Track your business listing progress and update it regularly.
  • Connect your social profiles to your website.
  • Improve listing on your directories through better descriptions.
  • Keep watching the analytic reports.
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