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The More The Merrier

For what it’s worth, this phrase best describes the influx of people at a Church. A place of religion is not only about worshipping the Lord but also about coming together and standing for others in the community. And if this is what you envision for your Church, all you need to do is to implement a well-planned Local SEO strategy.

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Update your Visitors

Every time your Church holds a service, or simply hosts an event you ought to make it a point to let the visitors know well in advance. This can be taken care of via your website as well as social media pages. If you need assistance in understanding the nuances of regular posting, our qualified team at TribeLocal will be happy to help.

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Update Citations of Your Church

Update your Citations

For your Church to be found out effortlessly, and for it to promptly show up in local search results, it is important that all the citations for the Church’s Name, Address and Phone Number are identical to that mentioned on Google My Business Listing. This is almost always easier said than done. But don’t worry, you can always rely on TribeLocal’s expert team to ensure consistency in your citations.

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Why Local SEO?

If you’re wondering how is Local SEO different from generic SEO, then your answer lies in – Local Searches! Quite often people search the internet for –

Colorado Churches

Ministries in Manhattan

Catholic Churches in New Jersey

and other related terms. Here the search is location specific. Now, in order to offer the most relevant results for this type of search terms, Google will offer a map at the top of the SERP and pin the top results on this map (based on the address mentioned for your Church).


Keyword Research and Optimisation

There are hundreds of keywords that will attract your attention and are actually relevant to your Church. Make sure to list them all down. That being done, by making use of Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner check the weight carried by each keyword. There will be some which attract higher traffic as compared to the others. Based on this as analysis well as other related keywords suggested by the Planner, create a new list.

Condition keywords

High Quality Content

Okay. Now that your Church Website has been sprinkled with keywords at all the crucial pages, it is more likely for it to be found in local searches. That being said, for an average user to stay hooked to the site for a decent time span, it is imperative that he is offered with high-quality content that is engaging.

It is important to make sure that the reader feels at ease while going through your content, and eventually, you will win their trust.


Outbound Links

For all you know, if the content on your website is linked to some reputable sites, blogs or communities, your Church will be perceived to be trustworthy by leading search engines, and esteemed by the general public. Needless to say, this will help you earn a better ranking.

You can also get such links by engaging in conversations on religious/spiritual forums, bloggers who are inclined to write about subjects related to Churches or Christianity in general, along with community blogs/social media pages.



A dedicated blog section on your website is a wonderful way to create additional pages at regular intervals. Not only will this help search engine crawlers to find your content with greater ease. But will also help you put integrate importance keywords. This will help your website rank even better.

In addition, your blog will prove to be a great way to offer useful and truly engaging information to the readers on the subjects that interest them the most. Your blog can comprise of a wide array of topics right from those concerning the understanding of religious texts to deciphering the meaning of spirituality and that of life.


Google My Business Listing

Yet another promising way of improving Local SEO for Churches is to simply claim the listings using Google My Business. This will help you lay out the information about your Church in a way you deem fit (through the brief overview).

Moreover, you will be able to offer contact information as well as relevant images of the Church. Needless to say, all of this combined will help improve your Local SEO performance and lead the Church to a better ranking, and eventually increased footfall.

5 Google Ratings

Did you know? Only if you have at least 5 reviews on Google or more, will these ratings appear as a part of the local search results? Of course, you need to ensure that these ratings are in the range of 3-5 stars for them to be able to make an impression.

To this effect, make an effort to ask the parishioners to rate the Church online. For all you know, the ratings will prove to be a great eye-catcher for a potential visitors.

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Ensure NAP Consistency

NAP refers to the Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) of your Church, on the web. This may occur as a part of your website information or simply as a listing on Yellow Pages or other Local Directories, and even in blogs/articles. NAP can be considered as a citation and essentially helps drive more traffic towards your website.

However, for the NAP to have a positive impact on your SEO, you must ensure that it is consistent throughout all citations across the internet.


Social Media

If there is something that can’t be disputed in the present times, it is the prowess of social media. For all you know, the presence of your Church on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, can help it rank significantly higher on SERPs as compared to other ministries who do not enjoy an extensive digital presence. Of course, for this to happen, it is essential for your establishment to remain fairly active on each of its social media handles.


Boost your SEO Ranking

  • Keyword Research and Optimisation

  • High-Quality Website Content

  • Outbound Link Building

  • Creating and maintaining an informative and engaging blog

  • Building a Google My Business Listing

  • Garnering Positive Reviews Online

  • Ensuring NAP Consistency across all citations

  • Making the most of various Social Media platforms

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List of Directories

Just like every other business, local seo is equally important for Churches.This list of citation sites is focused on those related to churches.

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