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Fortune Favors the Brave

As an entrepreneur, you must almost always be ready to try out new and unique ways of making your business a raving success. Right from ensuring that your store is a hospitable place, which not only offers an impressive variety of products but also ensures the customers of great quality and impeccable services, to making a mark in the online world, you ought to take care of it all. Since there is a limit to the kind of experience you can offer our existing customers and also to the word-of-mouth marketing that you can garner, it is advisable for you to concentrate on other aspects of marketing as well. For all you know, in the present day scenario of digital domination, Local Search engine Optimization is one of the most promising ways of bringing your Electronics Store into the limelight!

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Presence in all directories

We cannot stress this enough. After all, in the modern day world where there is almost always too much of information flowing around, it is best that you have a strong online presence. This will make it fairly easy for your prospective and existing customers to find your business. One way of doing it is by having a listing in all local directories. In addition to the industry-specific directories, you must also have a presence in directories pertaining to allied industries, to ensure a wider presence. When your business is easy to spot, reaching the top of the SERPs becomes a child’s play.

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Accuracy and Consistency of information is the key

You never know which source a potential customer uses to find the address of your electronics store. Hence, it is extremely important that all the citations that carry the Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) of your business are consistent. As are many other things, even citation consistency is something that is easier said than done. It is, therefore, highly recommended for you to rely on TribeLocal’s industry wise cheapest citations that are not only inexpensive but also make you glide your way up the SERPs. As a result, you can enjoy a higher traffic, both on our website, as well as in your electronics store.

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How to do it?

Contrary to popular belief, Local SEO is not a one-step process, but an extensive digital marketing technique that involves more than just a few aspects. Today, we will understand each of these aspects in detail, so that you know exactly how to boost the Local SEO for Electronic Stores.

Be Noteworthy

SEO depends on the basic premise of a prospective customer looking for one or more of your offerings on the internet. Until and unless you have something to offer that customers might be on the lookout for, no matter the efforts you take it will all go in vain! Now electronics are definitely what most customers would be interested in. However, not many will look up the internet for the age-old Walkman. Hence, it is imperative for you to have products that instigate a mass appeal.  If you don’t, people will not take much time to post negative reviews on the internet forcing the search engines to flag down your rating.

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Make Your Presence Felt

Before you enter the market, make sure you do the requisite research and find out the best way to announce your presence. Make sure to target the young generation as a priority, since it forms the largest segment of internet users. However, in no way should you ignore the adults and the elderlies. Hence, your strategy should be such that you are able to reach out to a wider audience. You can do so by using an optimal mix of traditional as well as digital marketing techniques.

Keyword research

  Build a Remarkable Google My Business Listing

For a local business, there is no better way to ensure a notable online presence than the use of Google My Business listing. For all you know, the GMB listing is the easiest off-page SEO tactic you can use to optimize your presence.  Google is the default search engine in practically all computers, laptops, and other internet-enabled devices, and hence, it makes sense to have a strong presence on Google.

However, simply listing your store on GMB won’t do the trick. You will need to follow a few tips to make the most of it. These include –

  • Using your primary category as a part of your business name.
  • Integrating a keyword with your business name.
  • Choosing a maximum of two categories.
  • Creating an impressive and comprehensive description of your business.
  • Offering a link to your website.
  • Ensuring multiple authentic reviews for your business.
  • Ensuring Name, Address, and Phone number or NAP Consistency
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Make Your Website as Attractive As Possible

Your website is the first touch point for your customers and your business, and hence its design deserves as much effort as you have put in for your physical store. Make your website design compelling enough for people to stop and have a look. Only then will a prospective client get interested in your business and will be inspired to take an action such as visit your store or make a purchase.

For a website to be attractive, it must have an alluring home page. It should have all the ingredients that make an Electronic Store attractive, right from high-resolution images to immaculate descriptions and catchy content.

Then again, your website must have unique service pages for each service offered by you. Google search engines are very particular about these minute aspects. Remember, every webpage can earn a distinct rank on the SERPs, and it is, therefore, imperative that you make each page as unique as possible. This will help the search engine bots to access your web page easily.

Next, make sure that your FAQ pages link up to the services pages. This can be taken care of by having an internal linking system in place. Also, make sure that all the pages of the website can be navigated with ease. If need be, you can put up a sitemap to help your users as well as web crawlers to locate each of your web pages.

In addition, make sure that there is a Call-To-Action on each service page. This will encourage efficient sharing of information with the customer.

Last but not the least, include a Title Tag, an H1 and an H2 complete with a Meta description in order for your website to be ranked efficiently. Make sure to include the most relevant keywords in all of these elements.


Optimise Your Content

For your site’s content to attract the attention of a customer, it needs to be fresh unique and free of any errors. Moreover, it should be as concise as possible. This is important because of the constantly dropping attention spans of the average user. The content should be informative, engaging, and if possible entertaining as well.

Yet another aspect of your website’s content is the optimal use of keywords. For all you know, keywords form the backbone of an SEO campaign. However, make sure that you do not end up stuffing your content with keywords, 1-2% is the recommended density and you must try to stick to the same. Again, you must take efforts to ensure that there is an optimal mix of short-tail as well as long-tail keywords.


Final Words

Electronic Stores have long been dependent on traditional ways of marketing. However, that is simply inefficient in the modern day world, where people are more likely to run a quick search on Google before heading to the nearest shop. It is at this point that Local SEO for Electronic Stores come to play a major role. A good SEO strategy for a local business concerning an electronic store should necessarily involve –

  • Ensure that the products and services offered by you are liked by customers
  • Use a good marketing mix to make your presence felt
  • Build a remarkable Google My Business listing
  • Make your website as attractive as possible
  • Optimise your content through the use of keywords as well as by the way of creating distinct web pages
  • Make the most of internal and external links to ensure greater organic traffic
  • Leverage social media platforms to engage customers
  • Garner positive reviews by requesting happy customers
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