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Ways for Employment Agencies to Increase their Reach through Local SEO

Employment agencies are present in all the business hubs. The fact that fake recruitment consultants are more than the genuine businesses has increased the requirement of local SEO for employment agencies. Hence, it is necessary to build an impeccable online presence so that the job searchers do not suspect on your authenticity. Learn the best search engine optimization strategies, exclusively implementable for your industry, through this blog and utilize them for good.

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Have Business on all Directories

Search engines drive 93% of the traffic and therefore, it is good to be present in multiple local directories. The DA of these directories is higher and hence, the chances of appearing in the top searches increases, if you are detailing about yourselves there. Listing in local directories and notable guest blogging websites are considered a part of Internet marketing of the employment agencies. Guest posting for local companies, institutions and colleges can get you good visibility. As your customers, i.e. job seekers will be searching through Google and Bing generally, proving your worth for them won’t be an issue, once you are present in all the directories online. With Tribelocal’s services, it could be attained in no time.

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Local SEO for Employment Agencies directories
Local SEO for Employment Agencies directories

Talk About Your Business

Videos and audios are given special preference by the search engines. So, it is a good SEO strategy to add videos to your web pages. Additionally, quality content and optimized images are also needed to maintain your credibility for Google. A good SEO company would suggest you add long text contents and impressive visual contents. To build an impeccable presence of your brand in the nearby areas, you should consider posting the user-specific and engagement content. Publishing about jobs, skill-attainment, career choice and local business trends, for an example, can get you good enough traffic and conversion.

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What is Local SEO for Employment Agencies?

In general, Local SEO is a technique or strategy to attract local businesses using the searches made on search engines. In other words, optimization of search engines locally to boost the ranking of your business online. Local SEO is one of the existing off-site SEO techniques that are needed for any online businesses.

Aspiring candidates looking for jobs or small startup companies that depend on small agencies to hire a candidate, search recruitment agencies from their phones, tablets etc. In case of searches like these, search engines give preference to the local businesses that are listed in the database of the search engines.


Citation Building (NAP + W)

The most important thing while establishing a local business is to build your citations right. Citations are the references to your Name, Address and Phone Number and if you have a website, then the Web address or URL of the website.

Imagine a situation where you are looking for an employment agency for some urgent recruitment and name, address or phone numbers are missing for some of them. Would you prefer to return to them in future? The answer is NO. To build the trust of prospective clients and let them contact you physically, you have to list your name address and phone number correct online.

Add citations to directories

Clean up Data

Once listing update, upload and creation are done, it is time to verify what has been done. Even you are managing and updating listings by automated services, there are chances to have a duplicate listing on a single platform. How can this happen? Search engines’ algorithms take even a single data change in two uploads, as another listing.

This way there will be two listings in the name of your company with the smallest change of data. This will create confusion among customers and you’ll lose the trust of your clients potentially.


Earning Local Reviews

Believe or not, local reviews are very important for a business like employment services. Both, positive and negative reviews are equally important for establishing your clientele. 90% of the starches converted to potential businesses after seeing positive reviews and ratings online.

You can use strategies like asking your existing customers for writing reviews, prizes or discount coupons for writing a review etc. to encourage them to write a review and give ratings for your business.

Local SEO for Employment Agencies reviews

Create Web Presence

After the listings and reviews, the platform people depend to talk about a local a business is web and social media. Creating web presence is very important these days as everyone uses internet and some platform or the other 24*7. So, if you have a good reputation and visibility online, you will double your chances to get businesses locally.


Claim your GMB Listing

Remember, the Google My Business listing is available free of cost. You should take advantage of this fact and see to it that you have a listing. Claiming the GMB listing is easy. Follow the simple procedure as listed below,

  • Visit the official website of Google My Business

  • You have to fill up a simple form giving details of your business

  • Filling up will not take more than a couple of minutes

  • Ensure to choose the right category as otherwise you would end up in a wrong directory.

  • Enter the landline phone number and not the toll-free numbers

  • Submit the information

GMB Listing

Social Media Marketing

Every person is active on social media today. It makes sense to have an exclusive social media campaign working in your favor. That should not be a tough task considering the ease with which people interact on social media.

This is still the best way for you to reach the maximum number of customers across all criteria. You have the facility of exchanging views, opinions, messages, and other types of information with ease. Messages can spread like wildfire on social media. The reach is tremendous. This is a great tool for global SEO search, but is equally effective for local SEO search as well.


Build Effective Backlinks

Remember not to get embroiled in Black Hat SEO techniques. Steer clear of them. Seek backlinks from authority websites like the .gov and .edu websites. One of the easiest ways to do so is to contribute to these websites by way of informative and entertaining blogs. You can get valuable backlinks from such websites. One such backlink is better than a 100 cheap backlinks.

You have seen a lot of promotional activities that can help you announce your presence in the market. Is this enough for you to rank high on the SERPs? It is not. You need a strong on-page SEO campaign as well to supplement the off-page SEO efforts. Let us look at some on-page SEO tactics.

SEO Backlinks

Keyword Optimization

Use your keywords with care. There can be temptation to stuff your keywords into the content. Be as natural as possible while using the keywords. Google takes strong objections to keyword stuffing. They do not hesitate to flag down websites that adopt such practices.

Use localized keywords as much as possible. A person residing in New York is definitely not going to search for a nightclub in Washington DC unless he is present in Washington DC at that time. Local SEO demands localized keywords for optimization.


List of Directories

Top citation sites which matches employers to employees. Including employment agency and multiple private businesses which act as employment agencies.

List Your Business

Free Local Citation scan for your Business.

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