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Make the surroundings a better place to live in

Gardeners, by nature have the innate quality of nurturing. They develop this habit by nurturing their plants day in and day out. It is now time that they nurture SEO as well because that is the best way to achieve a top rank in the local search engines. That should not be difficult for them because of this inborn trait of nurturing. Use it to your advantage and build up your local SEO for gardening and landscaping. It should be easier than nurturing your plants, we promise.

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Presence in all directories

Being there for your customer means your name should be on the internet search engine when they search for you. This entails you to have a presence in all local directories. People prefer local experts to handle gardening and landscaping. Having a presence in all local directories makes you more visible. A cross-presence in other industry directory like home-improvement, real estate, etc is also beneficial. Ensure that your customers find you when they need you the most.

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Fix your citations

For people to locate you in this world, do you not supply the proper address? Similarly, you need to submit proper information on the internet for your customers to be able to contact you. Maintaining consistency of your information is the key. It should not be Patrick Street in one directory and Patrick St in another. You end up confusing the Google search engine bots. Now, that should be the last thing you do. Consistency of information will bring in the flow of clients automatically.

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Why is Local SEO for Gardening and Landscapes important?

The onus today is on working smart rather than working hard. Of course hard work pays, but smart work pays better. The smart person is one that moves with the tide. The trend today is to have an online presence in every business. This includes your gardening and landscaping. People are rapidly moving towards online searches. If that is the trend, it makes sense to follow the trend and give people what they want. This article will help gardening and landscaping businesses to have a compelling online presence.

The concept of Google My Business

Which task is easier, typing out a few keywords on a search engine bar or browsing through the voluminous Yellow Pages directory? Even a school-going kid will opt for the former technique. Hence, it makes sense to have an online presence for people to find your gardening and landscaping services easily.

Google My Business is the right place to go. Claim your listing as quickly as possible. It is one of the easiest things you will ever do on the internet. Access the Google My Business official website and fill in the details asked for. Within minutes you get your listing on Google. Optimize this listing and ensure that your name appears at the top. One way of doing it is to provide the proper details like name of company, correct address, phone numbers, and hours of operation, etc. This is also known as NAP information in SEO circles.

Claiming your GMB listing is one aspect, monitoring it is another. There are chances that someone else can duplicate your listing on GMB. Under such circumstances, the traffic to your website gets affected. Monitoring the GMB listing from time to time to discourage such occurrences is necessary.

Accuracy of your citations is of prime importance. Google search engines do allow search in spite of minor spelling mistakes like say ‘Seatle instead of Seattle’. However, if your address is at ‘Nicholas Street’ and you type it as ‘Nicholas St’, the search engine bots get confused and may lead you on the wrong path. 


Customer reviews do the trick

When you provide excellent services to your customers, there should not be any problem in seeking positive reviews from them. Encourage your customers to post their experiences with you in the appropriate forum. Google gives preference to websites that have positive reviews. The numbers of reviews are important as well.

Consider the scenario. A gardening website has one review and it is a 5-star one. You have another website having 50 reviews with an average of 4.5. Which one will you select? Naturally, you will choose the latter one because experience is a vital factor.

The placing of the reviews is also an important factor. Imagine the plight of your website if the first couple of reviews any customer reads are negative ones. He ends up with a prejudiced mindset in spite of the fact that the next ten reviews are positive. Hence, placing your 5-star reviews at the top is important. Invest in a service like ‘Get Five Stars’ is beneficial as this ensures the first reviews your customers see are positive ones.


Images matter a lot

A picture can say what a thousand words cannot. Remember these words when you post images of your gardening and landscaping business on the website. Choose your images carefully to synchronize with your business. They should be attractive and convey the message at the same time.

You should always try to include a reference or two about some high profile work you have done in the recent past. Images of your gardening company receiving any kind of recognition or appreciation can also build up the element of trust in your company.

As far as GMB listing is concerned, images of the exteriors of your shop should do the job. Including a landmark or two near your location can help people find their way easily. A map placeholder can also do the trick for you. The principal objective is to get your clients to find you easily.

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Have a great looking homepage

Looks do matter in every field of business. Attract customers with a great looking homepage. At the same time ensure that your homepage has all the ingredients that any gardening and landscaping website should have. Your industry requires posting of attractive images. Have them at the right places.

Allocate individual pages for each service you provide. It could range from weeding to proper gardening at one end of the spectrum. The other end can have landscaping and beautification as its principal objectives.

Your services pages should have great content. Today, content is the king. The days of moving to the top of the rankings by generating cheap backlinks are over. The Penguin update has put Black Hat SEO techniques in proper perspective. Hence, content rules the rankings today.

When you need good and compelling content, it becomes imperative to use appropriate keywords. Local SEO demands that you use keywords that people type on the search bars such as ‘landscape designers Seattle, or garden landscaping Los Angeles’. These types of keywords with geographical notations have great significance in local search SEO.

Internal and external links have their importance. It not only allows your customers to get proper and genuine information but also makes it easy for search engine bots to confirm the genuineness of the content. This helps in securing a higher rank on the SERPs. Similarly, quality backlinks help you ace the rankings smoothly. There are different ways of getting quality backlinks. One way is seeking them from authority websites like .gov and .edu domains. You can become a member of the Gardening and Landscaping Associations in your locality. These clubs have contacts with the respective Government authorities. You can get quality backlinks by using the good offices of such associations and clubs.

Every webpage should have a CTA option. This can improve customer engagement and thereby enable you to catch the pulse of the audience. Moving with the trend is always beneficial. After all, your objective is to rank high on the SERP. Customer interaction can help you get there.

Your website should have a clear FAQ page that enables you to clarify the doubts people have in mind. You should use this page wisely to link up to your services pages. Such internal linking makes it easy for people to navigate from one page to another seamlessly. This experience will hold you in good stead as you end up with a positive review.

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Final Words

Gardening and landscaping businesses do require local SEO for improving their businesses. They get access to a larger clientele by improving their visibility. Following the techniques laid down in this article can help in formulating an effective local SEO strategy for gardening and landscaping businesses. This helps you to attain and maintain the top rank on the SERPs.

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