Local SEO for Industrial Equipment

Bring more customers by implementing simple SEO steps to your Industrial Equipments


Industry Equipment Business

Industrial equipment business offers heavy machinery and equipment to businesses. Whether you are selling lift trucks, lathes or cleaning equipment, you need to ensure your target clients can find you with ease. This is a specific niche and requires a slightly different SEO strategy than conventional retailers. Since this business caters to other businesses, it is important to know how to run local SEO for industrial equipments campaign to ensure optimal results.

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Create Accurate Citations

It is necessary that citations have the same information across the board. A slight variation or discrepancy can spell disaster as your industrial equipment business will not be found. So, ensure the business name, address and phone number are mentioned in the same manner across all directories. If there are errors, they need to be fixed so that your potential clients can easily get in touch with you. Tribe Local can help you in this regard by tracking and monitoring citations with the help of a single dashboard.

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Easy Way Through Business

A B2B company like an industrial equipment business should make it easy for their target audience to locate them. This can be done by ensuring that your business is listed in relevant local, niche and national directories. Businesses use these directories to find their suppliers and vendors. Use Tribe Local to help make it easy to build and track citations in business and industry-specific directories. It allows you to access and track 100+ directories with ease.

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Importance of Local SEO for Industrial Equipment

  • Creating a full-fledged local SEO strategy will allow you to build strong relationships with companies that will make it easier for you to reach out to potential customers

  • It lets you link to businesses that support you and when they link back to you, it will help drive more traffic to your website that you can convert to paying customers

  • Potential to reach out to local businesses who need your services

  • You can incorporate a shopping cart in your website to sell industrial equipment online

  • An effective SEO strategy related to eCommerce can boost online sales without a lot of expense

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Product Listing

Your website should offer detailed product listing. Remember, just businesses looking to purchase equipment will come to your website. So, all industrial equipment should be listed with specifications. You can place the equipment in categories to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

This is also the best time to upsell. So, list down accessories that can be used to modify the equipment. Make sure it is mentioned on the same page as the equipment so that visitors know that you have the necessary accessories for modifications.


High-Quality Images

All product listings should be accompanied with clear and precise photos. These photos should have descriptive alt tags to inform visitors what the images are in case they have a slow internet and the photos don’t get downloaded onto their computer or handheld device.

However, make sure that the photos are compressed without compromising their quality to minimize download time. No prospect will wait if it takes forever for photos to load.

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Choose Your Keywords with Care

The industrial equipment market is competitive. Hence, it is important you choose the right keywords to insert in your website and blog. You should look for common terms that prospects will use to find your business.

Once you have the general keywords, it is time to create more target keywords out of these. Create a free Google Adwords account to access the Google Keyword Planner. This keyword tool will not only let you find out the search volume, but also give you additional keywords, including long-tail keywords, that you may not have thought of.


Get Targeted Traffic with PPC Campaigns

While there will not be too many heavy equipment businesses in your geographical area, the few that are there will give you fierce competition. Also, it is always an uphill task to find new customers, regardless of whether you are a distributor or manufacturer.

Hence, to ensure you laser target your audience, it is recommended that you run pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Your potential customers are already doing research online to identify reliable and trustworthy seller or supplier of industrial equipment. 


Create Citations in Local and Niche Business Directories

When you are in the industrial equipment niche, you cannot ignore business directories, especially niche-specific directories. You will hear the term citations a lot when you are dealing with business directories. Citations refer to your business name, address and phone number, NAP for short.

To come to the attention of your target audience, it is important to build your citations across national and local business directories. However, the key to successful citations and backlinks is accuracy and consistency.  You cannot put Street in one address and Str in the other. 


Create Social Media Profiles

Social media is not just for retailers. It is also B2B companies. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, allow you to connect with prospective clients. Yes, they can work even for industrial equipment businesses.

Social media allows you to engage your audience with regular posts. Add links to your product, interesting articles for your target audience, testimonials and history of your company. The aim is to get your prospective customers to begin a dialog with you and then to use your social media profile to visit your website for lead generation or completing a purchase.


How to Boost your SEO Ranking ?

  • Build a responsive website

  • Select business-specific keywords

  • Run PPC campaigns

  • Build citations in niche business directories

  • Create social media profiles

  • Post informative content in niche publications

  • Track your local SEO efforts carefully


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