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SEO is a different ball game altogether

Does it look strange that Internet Service Providers need to advertise its services over the same medium it provides? It does look strange, but it is true. This is because providing internet services is one aspect whereas marketing the services or formulating an effective SEO strategy is something very different. The level of competition is this field is tremendous enough for these ISPs to vie for the top rankings on the SERPs. Read on to find out how ISPs can clear the path and rank high on local SEO searches.

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Presence in all directories

The key to success in any business is to be available to your customers at all times. In short, the customer should be able to find your business name in a variety of directories. It can surprise you that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) need to advertise their services, given the level of competition that they are facing today. The memory of the customer today is very short/ Hence, it is imperative for such businesses to gain the attention of the customer and hold it long enough to convert the deal. Showing your availability to your customers is certainly on way of achieving success.

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Accuracy and Consistency of information is the key

It is not enough if you know your customer. Every business enterprise should have knowledge about the demographics of its customers. It is more important whether your customer knows you. In order to ensure that your customer knows you, it is imperative to furnish accurate information about your business. More importantly, you have to be consistent with this information as well. This is known as NAP in SEO circles. The smallest of errors can lead the search engine bots on a different route thereby jeopardizing your efforts to rank high on the SERPs.

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Why is Local SEO for ISPs important?

Remember the words, ‘Out of sight – Out of mind’. This logic holds well in this sphere of marketing. People tend to remember the latest happenings alone. Hence, it becomes imperative to be in the minds of the customers at all times lest they forget your existence. ISPs need a strong SEO campaign so that customers find them easily rather than the companies going in search for new customers. Hence, you need a strong and enhanced visibility. Your local SEO enables you to have one.

With enhanced visibility, you develop brand awareness and are able to provide a better user experience. Once you manage to do that, your customer satisfaction factor moves up thereby having a direct bearing on the web traffic you generate. Higher and meaningful traffic improves your local SEO ranking on the search engine thereby improving your overall business image.

Let us look at the various ways by which you can improve your ranking on the SERPs. This includes managing your off-page and on-page SEO tactics in a better manner. We shall look at the on-page SEO first before moving on the off-page tactics.

Have a strong and responsive website

As an ISP, you provide the roadmap for businesses to be active on the internet. Therefore, it is logical that you have a strong website individual presence. Invest in designing a quality website that is not only attractive to look at but equally efficient in its functionality. One of the greatest aspects of a website is the speed of navigation. You are an ISP. Hence, this point does not require much elaboration. However, use the latest technologies available at your command to give a better user experience.

Having a strong website entails the customer finds it easy to navigate from one webpage to another. At the same, the return route should be easy as well. The customer should be able to locate every bit of information he requires in the easiest possible manner. One of the important aspects is to have a responsive website design. People tend to use different devices to access the internet. Your website should be compatible with all these devices with their varying OS and screen sizes.

The speed of the internet is very important in today’s circumstances. Safety of the service is also another essential feature. A successful ISP is one that can manage both these aspects beautifully.

Have a home page that provides the maximum information

The home page or the landing page is the most important aspect of any web design. This is where the customer gets the first taste of your business. It is vital to hold the attention of the customer and entice him to browse further. Statistics show that the attention span of a customer is less than a minute. You do not have much time at your disposal to hold his attention. Make the best use of the limitations and ensure that he waits on your website for a longer time. This improves the chances of conversion of leads into business. An enticing home page design can manage to do that successfully.

Your home page should say it all. It should have information about the various services you offer. It should also have your contact information on all pages so that your customers are able to contact you in an emergency. Having quick links for such aspects is a good home page design.

Advertise your services in the best possible way by using excellent content. The content should be captivating and at the same time genuine. Faking your way through is not going to pay any dividends. Genuine content can provide value to your customers thereby enhancing user experience.

Ensure that you have separate pages for each type of service you provide. You might be offering fiber optic technology or ‘xfinity internet’ services. Explain the services to the benefit of your customers on separate individual pages. Google has a page ranking formula as well.

Optimize your keywords

Keywords are an essential part of your content because your customer searches for information using keywords. Step into the shoes of the customer and think in a way similar to him. You will find the right keywords to use. You have various tools such as Keyword Planner etc to arrive at the most commonly used keywords. Have a nice blend of commonly used keywords and ones specific to your industry. Aesthetically chosen keywords have better chances of success in the local SEO searches.

Use these keywords to link up to quality content both externally and internally.

Condition keywords

An effective linking strategy should work

Internal linking is very important for a successful website. Just have a look at the Wikipedia website and you will understand the importance of internal and external links. Use your FAQ pages to insert quality internal links to your Services pages. This enables people to navigate easily from one page to another. Ensure that the links open up on a separate page. This entails you find it easy to return to the original page easily. These are small matters, but very important from SEO ranking point of view.


Title and Meta description tags are evergreen requirements

The title tags and Meta description tags are the first places of contact between your website and the client. This should be compelling enough for him to enter the website and browse the same. Remember you do not have many words to play with here. Be precise and crisp in your description. Include your primary keyword with location in your Meta descriptions. A fine example would be ‘Internet service providers Chicago’.


Final Words

ISPs provide the roadmap for business to function effectively on the internet. Hence, it is imperative that they have a strong local SEO presence as well. Achieving the top rank on the SERPs is the best way to attract and serve customers. An effective Local SEO for ISPs is vital to ensure this objective.

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