Local SEO for Lawn Care Business

Bring more customers by implementing simple SEO steps to your Lawn Care Business


Local SEO Guide for Lawn Care Business

In recent years, the growth in economy and awareness of environmental welfare, landscaping businesses or lawn businesses have paced up due to the change in our lifestyle. According to IBIS world records, revenue of landscaping business has been increasing at a rate of 3.4% each year and yearly revenue of this business is more than $75 million. As soon as the industry has grown, the demand for creativity and services have been increased tremendously. The type and style of a lawn care service company need the local market to grow and local SEO is the perfect way to market that. Learn how you can take advantage of being online when in this industry.

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Be there for your customers

Lawn Care service providers aren’t easy to find. That’s why it is required for you to be present in some good local business directories. To make your appearance SEO-friendly and flawless, you can rely in TribeLocal, which is the best SEO Agency near you. Adding proper details and keeping it updated in your business. It is because, if you are not providing your service in some area but receiving service requests for that area, it means nothing. Hence, always keep your most recent information in the Yellow Paged or online directories.

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Get the most from your brand by talking about it

To increase the chances of your business to grow locally, reach out to the local people, you need to talk about your company more and more. Remember the golden rule, the more you see it, the more you know it. Add videos, audios, text contents like blogs and even vlogs (video blogs) about your brand to let everyone know about it. While doing Local SEO for lawn care services, you will find that only good content can help you grow online. It creates a powerful impact on customer’s mind and will help you establish your brand quickly. So, keep innovating and publishing regularly.

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Why Local SEO for Lawn Care Business ?

Local search is basically a normal search in any search engine with some special privilege locally. It means, in any search engine when you enter some keywords, it tends to search it at a specific physical location. Local search is used with the intention of finding a specific service at any geo-specific location. It works like the old way of finding anything in the local directories.

When someone enters keywords like “landscaping services in jersey city”, search engine shows the landscaping services available in and around Jersey City. With advanced search mechanisms launched by Google, a people do not even have to type the location. Google search engine, along with Maps and the device that is using both, picks up the location the device is in and shows search results. All we have to do is type keywords like “landscaping services near me”.

How to do local search campaign for your business?

Implementing local SEO is not rocket science. Here are some simple steps to follow and you’ll be good to go with the local search engine optimization for your lawn business. 

Get the Keywords Right

Keywords are everything when it comes to implementing SEO for any business. So, finding the right keywords is the most important thing to implement SEO strategy for the local business. To find right keywords, you need to research a lot manually. Or you may opt for keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner for easy keyword finding. Local keywords should have the location that your business is located in and the main keywords in it.

Here is a list of keywords – that are suitable for landscaping business –

  • Lawn Care Services
  • Lawn Service near Me
  • Lawn Maintenance Services
  • Grass Cutting Services
  • Lawn Mowing Companies
  • Grass Cutting Service near Me
  • Local Lawn Mowing Services
  • Lawn Mowing Service
  • Lawn Care Companies
  • Lawn Cutting Service
  • Grass Mowing Service
  • Lawn Treatment Service
  • Lawn Fertilizer Service
  • Grass Cutting Service near Me
  • Organic Lawn Care Service
  • Best Lawn Care Service
  • Lawn Mowing Company
  • Landscaping Services near Me
  • Organic Lawn Care Service
  • Lawn doctor etc.

But, you need to be careful about not stuffing keywords too much on a page. I should be meaningful and informational too.

Local SEO for Lawn Care keywords

Creation of Business specific webpage

According to a research, if you do not make your digital presence right away, your business does not exist. It will be better if you create a webpage for your business and optimize it for the search engines using the SEO strategies like On- Page SEO

Here are some important steps –

  • Stuff keywords in exact density in the pages.
  • Use Title Tags to optimize it more.
  • Add your NAP (coming at it later) information in the page schema.
  • Make your contact information like email address and NAP visible and prominent on your page. It will be better if you keep a dedicated page like “Contact US” on your website.
  • Optimize your page’s metadata for optimizing it for the search engines even more. Metadata includes – description, headings, sub-headings etc.

NAP is everything

To locate any business- the most important thing we need is their business name, address, and contact number. Local businesses like lawn care services are no exception. NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. This information should be there everywhere you want to list your business. Specifically, you need to add and update your NAP information in all the business listings you are doing online. Here are the places you need to list your local business for getting the most out of local SEO –

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • Manta
  • CitySearch
  • Super Pages
  • Yahoo Local
  • BBB
  • Service Magic etc.

There are many comprehensive lists available for platforms for local SEO that is applicable to your physical location.

Here are some important points to remember when you are adding your NAP data –

  • NAP data should be consistent everywhere. A single inconsistency in NAP anywhere on the web may result to lose the trust of clients on your business.
  • NAP information should follow a proper format – Name, Address, Phone Number + Website URL
  • NAP information should be correct and updated regularly everywhere.
  • An incorrect and inactive NAP can result in potential business loss instantly.

There are two ways you can update your NAP data online –

  1. Manually – You may add and update your name, address and phone number to all the platforms and use a spreadsheet to keep track of the changes. The problem with this method is, consistency of data is not guaranteed as there are chances for human errors.
  2. Automated – You can use data aggregators to add and update your NAP in bulk and all at once everywhere. This will ensure fewer errors and more consistent data. However, in both the cases, business listings need to be audited at regular intervals to avoid inactive listings or any kind of discrepancy in data.

Customer Reviews will take you long way

Reviews both positive and negative, are very important for any small business or local business. Research says 99% of the visitors or searchers are turned to customers after getting influenced by the positive reviews about any business. So, you need to add up reviews from your customers. Rankings from search engines also depend largely on the reviews provided by customers.

To ensure you get reviews every time a customer uses your services, you need to follow these tricks –

  • Keep a page of reviews dedicatedly and encourage them to visit the page by adding popups in your page.
  • Write some words about why they should write reviews and provide ratings.
  • Keep some discounts or prizes for every review written. This will encourage them even more.
  • Let them know how valuable their reviews are by sending them personalized emails.
  • Use the reviews to upgrade and improve your services and let your customers know once any milestone is achieved.

If you think all the positive reviews will attract more customers, you need to rethink it. Negative reviews are good as no business can ever satisfy each and every customer they encounter on the way. Negative reviews prove that you actually exist and your polite replies to them show how important those feedbacks are to you. These small things add up largely when building local business listings and long-term clientele. 


Make your web presence stronger

If you are not present socially, you are not accepted today. To grow your business, increase your visibility online and reach out to the clients locally, you need to make the web presence for your business.

Here are the ways to do that –

  • Use the old content marketing strategy your tool to make an online presence. A well written, original and informative content speaks to your professionalism. It also helps for the customers to gain knowledge about your services and connect them to your business.
  • Create individual service pages on your website as well as the social platforms. When someone will try to find out by any of the keywords, they’ll show your service pages on the search engine. For example  –

o   Landscape design

o   Lawn Maintenance

o   Turf Installation

o   Backdrop Creation

o   Backyard landscaping

o   Courtyard landscaping, etc.

  • Use link building techniques on your website. If you put another website’s links that are relevant to your business, search engines will judge your rank according to that. Moreover, it will help you establish your business relations with competitors. Worth adding on right?
  • Create an account for your business on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. and send updates there regularly.
  • Keep a newsfeed on your website to let your customers know about an upcoming event, sale or discount.
  • Engage in any social welfare act. Generosity pays after all and it will also be a good publicity also.
  • Write blogs and articles regularly about tutorials, facts, information that are relevant to a landscaping business.
  • Do promotional events.
  • Participate in discussions, question answers on social media, discussion forms, Q&A sites etc.
  • Add Audio, Video, podcasts to your site to let everyone learn about your business. This will establish brand value.



Final Words

Lawn services or landscaping companies still depend their marketing on the age-old marketing techniques like print media, fliers or local ads. But in this digital age, if you want to get business for your lawn care services, you need to get into the world of internet marketing fiercely. Local SEO for Lawn services will help you reach your goals to get there instantly.

Here are some key points that you need to keep handy for the local SEO for small business

  • Get you NAP correct and consistent everywhere
  • Use SEO backlinks as a powerful tool for affordable local SEO.
  • Implement both on page and off-page SEO techniques
  • Get the most out of digital contents.
  • Focus on getting reviews from your customers
  • Seek help from SEO firms and experts for better local SEO marketing.
  • Get your keywords right to optimize your page for search engines.
  • Focus on offsite SEO techniques both online and offline locally
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