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Local SEO Tactics for Marketing Agencies

Seth Godin, the bestseller author had once said these words about marketing, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” Look, how true these words are in today’s concept. Marketing is more about enticing people to buy. You will be able to do so only if you are visible to your customers on the internet. This is where the local SEO for marketing agencies comes into the picture.

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Updating information is necessary

As a marketing agency, you know the importance of citations and the necessity of maintaining consistency of information. The primary objective of inserting the citation is to ensure your customer locates you easily. Providing accurate information allows you to do so. Being consistent with your information is important as you would not like to confuse the search engine bots. Remember there are 88 different towns and cities going by the name, ‘Washington’. Be sure which one is yours.

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Local SEO for Marketing Agencies information
Local SEO for Marketing Agencies directories

Presence in all directories

Marketing services need a continuous presence. Your customers should be able to find you at all times. Maintaining your presence in all local directories is important. Google might be the most popular search engine, but it is certainly not the only one. There are people comfortable with using other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, to name a few. Having a presence in these search engines is also beneficial. Similarly, have your presence in all local directories making it easy for your customers to find you.

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It is vital.

Search Engine Optimization is the heart and soul of marketing. You do marketing to announce the presence of your product. A good local SEO campaign ensures your website remains at the top of the SERPs. Who knows local SEO better than marketing agencies? This particular article reinforces these concepts.

In marketing, the ultimate destination is to convert leads into business. However, generating the leads is essential as well. An effective local SEO campaign can help you do that. There are various aspects of SEO for marketing agencies.

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Keyword Research – The right word for Right Product

How do you search in local SEO? You either type out the keywords or speak it out aloud if your browser allows you this facility. Both these activities need different types of keywords. A general search requires a keyword having a broader reach whereas specific searches narrow down the results a great deal.

Use the services of tools like Keyword Planner to get a list of keywords in your niche. Have a generous mix of the popular and unique keywords. It is a great idea to have the name of the locality either as a suffix of a prefix to your primary keywords such as ‘marketing agency Chicago’ or ‘Illinois best marketing agency’.

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Title and Meta Descriptions

The title and Meta descriptions are the first things the customer sees about your website when he types in his keywords. Therefore, it makes double sense to entice the customer with the best possible content in the shortest and crispiest manner possible. You should be able to arouse an eager want in the customer to proceed further in the matter.

There are restrictions on the number of words you can use in your title and Meta descriptions. Google does not allow your Meta descriptions to be more than 160 to 200 characters long. You end up with these irritating dots (….) in your descriptions thereby not creating the desired effect.

Local SEO for Marketing Agencies

Have an Attractive Website

Your customer crosses the title and Meta description to enter your website. Naturally, he expects to have an easy time navigating through it. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to have an attractive website that makes things simple for the customer.

What constitutes a good website design? The customer should not fit it tough. He should get the information he is seeking for in the easiest manner. As usual, your website should have all the necessary pages with a seamless way of moving from one page to another.

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Have an Effective Blog Page

You should be able to connect with your customers at various levels. An interactive blog helps you do so easily. Customers are able to share information with ease. An interactive blog page enables you and others to comment on the blogs and clarify matters if necessary.

This provides a great experience to the customer. This interactivity gives him the confidence that there is someone to take cognizance of his comments and reviews.

Local SEO for Marketing Agencies blog

Announce your Presence to the Community

The principal objective of marketing is to let your customer know that he is getting the best for the price he pays. This brings us to the utility of having a Google My Business listing or similar listing on other local search engines. Having a GMB listing or a Bing local search listing is not at all difficult.

Access the official pages of these websites and complete the application form details. You have to be very specific with your contact information such as zip codes and phone numbers. Never fall to the temptation of using the toll-free numbers here. Have a landline number listed with Google. This is the best way to confirm your local presence.


Speak About your Brand Value

Marketing is all about brand value. No one knows your brand better than you do. It is right on your part to speak about your brand at various forums. Use every kind of technique, audio, video, or text to get your point across.

The ultimate aim is that people should be able to identify with your brand and seek your services. We need not elaborate more on this aspect because you run a marketing business yourself.


Seek Effective Backlinks

Nationwide statistics show that more than 97% of people use the internet to search for local address rather than relying on the Yellow Pages. More than 50% of local searches end with either the customer contacting you over the phone or approaching you directly.

Therefore, it becomes essential to have a presence in all local directories in your niche. You can also seek a cross-niche presence because practically every niche has a connection with marketing agencies. All businesses require your services. Therefore, it does pay to have a listing in all local directories.


Mobile Presence is a Must

This is the age of the smartphone internet. Even children use smartphones for accessing the internet. Therefore, it should be the endeavour of every business to have a website presence exclusively for use on the mobiles. At one point, people were speaking of a mobile-friendly website. Now, it is time you have a computer-friendly mobile website.

It is better to move with the trends rather than go against it. The trend today is distinctly towards use of internet through mobiles.


Social media – How can you ignore it?

Research has shown that the number of social media accounts far outnumbers the actual population of the world. What does this signify? You do not need a mathematical genius to say that people have more than one account. Under such circumstances, it becomes imperative for every business to invest in an effective social media marketing campaign.

This is the best forum for you to exchange views, comments, information, and images. You get a wider reach thereby enabling you to advertise better. More people are active on social media that the regular internet.


Positive Reviews Help a Great Deal

In this age, your existing customers can act as your brand ambassadors. Provide them with the best services and seek genuine positive reviews. They will be happy to help you out.

People love to read reviews before embarking on any new adventure. Hence, the higher the number of positive reviews, the higher are your chances of securing better business.

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How to Boost your SEO Ranking ?

  • Claim your GMB listing
  • Have a great mobile website
  • An attractive webpage should do the trick
  • Seek quality backlinks to improve your local search SEO
  • Announce your presence in all local directories
  • A great social media campaign can help a lot
  • Keywords and content has a say in every SEO strategy
  • Positive customer reviews can push up your rankings
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