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Mobile stores to become mobile friendly

The mobiles have become the most important accessory today. This has brought the mobile stores into the limelight. These mobiles are the instruments people use to search the internet. It becomes imperative that you have an effective local SEO for mobile stores in place. These tips can be of great help to you.

How do you think iPhone 10 get its market? They started announcing the arrival of the iPhone 10 right since the time of introduction of the iPhone 8. What was the need to do so when the iPhone 10 was still on the design table? The main reason is to arouse an eager want in the customer to purchase the iPhone 10. Naturally, this campaign served as an effective marketing strategy for the iPhone 8 as well. This is an excellent way of building up your brand loyalty.

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Have Online Presence

Marketing is the key to any business in the world. You have to announce your presence to the prospective and existing customers. One way of doing it is by having a listing in all local directories. This gives the customer the comfort that you are present for them. In addition to the industry specific directories, it is better if you have a presence in directories pertaining to allied industries. This ensures you have a wider presence. When people find out that it is easy to spot you, it automatically leads you to the top of the SERPs.

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Testimonials Count a Lot

This is a competitive world where each business is looking for ways to overcome competition from peers and adversaries alike. Under such circumstances, listing out your achievements on the internet is essential. No one else is going to do it for you. Customers love to go to mobile stores that have attracted a lot of reviews and testimonials. Encourage your existing customers and your fresh ones to drop in a line or two and share their experiences with you. This has a dual effect. You end up improving your business and achieve a higher rank on the SERP.

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Have an Excellent Product

This is the most essential aspect of any SEO marketing campaign. The first step is to have an excellent product. The marketing comes next and the services thereafter. If you do not have a great product, people will not take much time to post negative reviews on the internet forcing the search engines to flag down your rating.


Announce your Presence in a Grand Manner

Do your research and find out the best way to announce your presence. Remember, that the younger generation is more into the internet than the older generation. However, you should be targeting both the sectors. Hence, your strategy should be a multiple one where you are able to reach out to a wider audience. That entails using a variety of marketing methods ranging from the traditional to the online marketing techniques.


Your GMB Listing Should Say it All

Is there a better way of announcing your presence than having a Google My Business listing? Google is the default search engine in practically all computers, laptops, and mobiles. Therefore, it makes sense to have a presence in Google. The GMB listing is the easiest off-page SEO tactic you can use to optimize your presence.

GMB Listing

Design an Attractive Website

You take great pains to have an attractive design for your brick and mortar stores. You do this to impress customers and entice them as they pass by. It is advisable to follow the same procedure while designing your website. Make the design compelling enough for people to stop and have a look. Your objective is to make people access the store. A compelling website necessarily has to be extremely attractive.

Attractive Website

Strong SEO Content

Nothing in this world can replace quality and genuine content. You need not explain things in detail. It is always better to leave a small aspect to the imagination of the customer. Genuine content appeals to the customer every time. Make sure that the content is an updated one. No one likes to read stale news.


Strong Keywords

Keywords form an important part of your SEO content. Use them with care as Google search engine bots are quick to identify spammy keywords. This can affect your ranking a great deal. Google search engine bots can distinguish between singular and plural use of keywords. Therefore it is important to use synonyms in case you have to use the same keyword repeatedly


Use External and internal Links Judiciously

Internal links can add great voice to your SEO content. Wikipedia pages are the best examples of use of internal links. The biggest advantage of having quality internal links is that they allow for easy navigation from one page to another. The customer finds this a seamless exercise.

External links play a great role in improving the SEO ranking. The search engine bots are quick to spot out your external links. The better the quality of your external links, the more reliable is your website. Automatically, this translates into a higher rank on the SERP.


Title and Meta Descriptions

Right since the inception of the SEO concept, the title and Meta descriptions have had importance. This is one of the easiest ways to entice people to your website. Secondly, this aspect is very useful when you have different businesses with the same name. For example, an apple is a fruit whereas Apple, the company is the iPhone manufacturer. When you type ‘apple’ on the search bar, both these aspects come into play. The Meta description is the one that helps you distinguish which is which.

meta descriptions and titles

Go Mobile

You are yourself a mobile store business. You understand the importance of use of mobiles. It is imperative for you to have an effective presence in the mobile internet market. More than 80% of the searches in the internet today are through mobiles. This is the best way to search for a business online, especially when you are on the move.

mobile friendly

Reviews Can Tell a Different Story

Studies conducted on customer behavior shows that more than 82% of customers research online before making a purchase. They like to read reviews, especially if it is about a new smartphone or for that matter any item. A majority of people did book the iPhone 10 in advance, but there are millions of people out there who wait for the reviews to come out before investing their hard-earned money.


Never Ignore Social Media Marketing

Social media has a tremendous role to play in online marketing. Today, everyone has a social media account. It makes great sense to have an effective social media marketing campaign in place. You are able to interact with your customers in a better way using social media. Customers get information on an online basis if you update your social media status regularly. There is no need for them to search for the internet when they can find you on social media.


Boost your Business Ranking

  • Announce your business in style
  • List it out on the GMB pages and enable easy local SEO search
  • Use effective SEO content for describing your products
  • External and internal links matter a lot.
  • Give attention to title and Meta descriptions
  • Have a responsive website design
  • Seek positive reviews from your customers
  • Connect to customers through social media
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