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Eliminate the pests from your premises

The world is becoming a smaller place to live. The average size of the houses is decreasing with the increase in the population. When you do not have enough space for yourself and your family, why should you be inviting the pests to stay with you? Eliminate them by contacting the right pest control services. A good and strong local SEO campaign for pest control is useful.

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Local SEO for Pest Control citations

Fix the information of your Citations

Imagine yourself in the position of the customer. Would you like to ring the wrong bell? Naturally, you should expect your customers to have similar intentions. Be accurate with your information. Maintain consistency of your NAP across all directories and forums. Avoid simple spelling mistakes. They might be simple for you, but could end up confusing the search engine bots. This could show in the results. For you “Pest Control” and “Pets Control” can be a simple interchanging of alphabets. However, note the change in the category and niche.

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Understand the mindset of your customers

Today, everyone has access to the internet. Statistics show an overwhelming number of people searching for information on the internet. 97% of all internet searches pertain to local search. This makes it all the more important to be available locally for your customers. More than 50% of the local searches end up with either the customer calling you or reaching out to you in person. A dedicated mobile app would help him reach you faster. The trick to doing business is to understand the mindset of the customers and act accordingly. It is better to ‘Work Smart’ rather than ‘Work Hard’ today.

Target the smartphones

How do you think people search for information on the internet? Do you think they switch on their desktop and laptops for browsing the websites to locate a pest control service? When they have a simpler device on the hands, why should they waste time? The smartphones can do the same job in a far more effective manner. Hence, it makes sense to have an exclusive local SEO for pest control compatible with the smartphone technology. One way of doing it is to have an exclusive mobile phone app. As it is people have hundreds of apps on their phones. One more app is not going to make any difference. In addition, these mobile apps do not occupy much space. It allows you the facility of gauging customer preferences as well.

Announce your presence in all local directories

You are capable of providing great pest control services. You have the right kind of equipment and chemicals to do the job. How do you expect others to know these facts? Advertise in local directories. This is the age of marketing. You have to be ready to offer your services. You should also try out some allied niches as well. Have a listing in the directory for hardware stores. This is where you source your equipment. You can also try out the real estate directories. People would love to have a pest control system right from the time they acquire a new house.

Create Citation directories

Claim your Google My Business Listing

Take some time to look at the image. 

What does this image signify? It is a Google My Business listing page. This is what you get on the first page of the Google search when you type out the keywords, ‘pest control in Dallas TX’. See the amount of information it provides.

  • It provides you with a map placeholder. This enables you to drive straight up to the location without any further assistance.
  •  You have the phone numbers listed in as well enabling you to make a call straight away.
  • You have the images that can help in locating the right shop.
  • This listing provides information about the status of the operation. It shows the business hours of the particular pest control services.
  • You have access to the customer ratings and reviews.

This is a mine load of information. Any pest control service would welcome such a facility. Need we say more? Have a Google My Business (GMB) listing by accessing the official website of Google My Business. Submit the information asked for and claim your listing. It is very important to monitor the listing because there have been instances of rivals putting up duplicate listing to divert traffic towards their websites.

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Maintain consistency

It is natural for your business to have a presence in various search engines and directories. The point to note here is that you should maintain consistency of information. Providing inconsistent information not only ends up confusing the search engine bots but also affects your credibility.

Trust TribeLocal’s industry wise citations to secure a higher rank on the SERPs at a comparatively lower investment cost. Provide the right information in a consistent manner to maximize your output.

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Social media connection

Social media has taken the world by storm. Today, you have more social media accounts than the number of people in the world. This signifies that a majority of people have multiple accounts on social media. When you have this tremendous reach, does it not make sense to use it to your advantage?

Have an effective social media campaign working for you. This media is the best for you to share vital information with your customers. Social media is one of the first locations people search for solutions. Having a dedicated social media channel for your pest control services is a boon for your industry.

You have taken care of the promotional aspects of your business. Will this be enough to secure a high rank on the SERPs? Unfortunately, the answer is NO. You need to provide a fascinating user experience for securing a higher rank. Both these tactics in combination will produce the requisite results.

We will now look into the on-page SEO factors that guarantee a great user experience.



Having a great looking website for your pest control services improves your user experience. An excellent off-page SEO campaign helps in the promotion of your services. A heady combination of both these processes ensures that you obtain a first-page ranking on the SERPs. This is the essence of the local SEO for pest control services.

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