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Plumbing is a vital occupation

There are certain jobs in the world that demand the intervention of experts alone. A software engineer cannot double up as a plumber and vice versa. Each one has his individual responsibilities. However, both of them have their moments of importance. The nature of the plumbing job is such that the plumber becomes an indispensable entity. It is high time he considered improving his SEO efforts thereby increasing his popularity.

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Presence in all directories

When do feel the absence of the plumber the most? Usually, it happens when you are in a hurry to go somewhere that you find a leaking tap in the bathroom. How do you contact a plumber in such an emergency? Will you be searching through the voluminous Yellow Pages? Of course, not as you have the small wonder known as the mobile in your hands. Searching for plumbers locally is not at all tough with local SEO search. This makes it imperative for plumbers to have a presence in all directories.

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Fix your citations

Being a localized service provider, the plumbers have a responsibility of being accessible to their customers at all times, especially in an emergency. Hence it becomes important for them to be consistent with their NAP information on all directories. A small mistake here and there can send customers barking up the wrong tree. Trust TribeLocal’s industry wise citations for acquiring a high rank on the SERP with the lowest investment.

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There are many industries in the world that requires local SEO. Plumbing is definitely one of them. Living in Atlanta, you do not look for a plumber from Washington DC, do you? The nature of the plumbing job demands a local presence. We shall see how to create a local SEO strategy for this community.

A dedicated mobile website is the need of the hour

In the example that we had a couple of paragraphs before this one, you had seen how the gentleman was able to contact his plumber using the mobile phone. The irony was that he did not know that the person he used to see every day on the streets was a plumber. This is the magic of local SEO. It would not have been possible if the plumbers did not have a strong mobile presence. This proves that a mobile website is of great importance for every business including the plumbing industry.

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A mobile app is an equally good option

A decade ago, people would never have thought that the mobile phones would have swamped the entire industry. Today, you have people selling houses and cars over the mobile. The greatest aspect is that the mobile phone is the first point of contact between such buyers and sellers. Under such circumstances, contacting plumbers through the mobile phones should not be a big deal at all. This underscores the fact that there is a great demand for the use of such techniques today making it imperative for plumbers to invest in a special mobile application. You cannot expect an individual plumber to have an app. A group of plumbers can definitely come together and have an app designed especially for their industry.

Claim the Google My Business listing

Can you guess what the above image signifies? It should not be difficult because it is a Google My Business listing page. You encounter this list on the first page of the Google search engine when you search for plumbers in Atlanta.

Acquiring this listing should not be an issue at all. Access the official website of Google My Business and complete the details. Google does a quick verification of the same and confirms the listing. You have the facility to add more details about your company like working hours, images, landmarks, phone numbers, and directions to visit, and so on. This is a comprehensive advertising package you get for free. This makes it all the more attractive. There are such business listings in other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.


Maintain consistency and accuracy of NAP

Plumbing activity requires geographical intent. Having your GMB listing is a great achievement. You should also understand that maintaining of consistency of information is a bigger requirement. Local SEO demands that you submit accurate information on all directories. This can help the search engine bots to concentrate the results easily. You can take the simple example of furnishing incorrect information. You have a business in Atlanta, GA. However, in one of your citations, you erroneously mention Atlanta, TX. Imagine the confusion you cause among the search engine bots. It definitely affects your local SEO search results.


Final Words

An effective combination of your on-page SEO and off-page SEO can help you secure a high rank on the local SEO search. Plumbing activity is locality-centric activity. Hence local SEO for plumbers is an absolute necessity. This article would be helpful to such business to build up a strong website and develop effective strategies to rank high on the SERPs.

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List of Directories

In local search, citations for businesses in the building & construction industry are well sought after, and plumbing is no different. Here we’ve included a good number of quality directories where plumbers can list their business services.

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