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Manage your real estate assets well

Managing property is a tough task. Renting it out to the right people and more importantly, collecting the rents in time is a tough job for an individual. In addition, you have to contend with managing the property. Usually, you would experience the property needing maintenance. Searching for the right person to do the job can be taxing. This is where the property managers make their presence felt. In this online age, there is a need for advertising their services on the internet. You need a strong local SEO campaign for property managers in place. This article is a sure step in this regard.

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Presence in all directories

Local property managers do have a tough time soliciting customers. With the advent of the big players like Zillow, Apartments.com, and others, people are finding it comfortable dealing with them. However, you have an advantage in the sense that you know your local neighborhood better than these giants. Hence, scoring better on the local SEO from should not be a problem for your website. However, have a mention in all local directories. You can also try for a cross-mention in niches like real estate services, and so on.

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Customer reviews can tell your story better

Satisfying your customers is the best thing you should do. Automatically, you get good reviews. Try to seek as many 5-star reviews as possible. The youngster of today believes in these customer reviews more than anything else for judging your capability. In case you have testimonials from the respective authorities like ‘Best Property Manager of the Year’ and so on, you should be mentioning them on your website. These certifications add to your credibility thereby improving tour rank on the SERPs.

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How to Implement Local SEO for Property Managers?

Imagine a young family planning for renting a house in your locality. Where do you think they will search? Do you think they will sift through the hundreds of pages of the Yellow Pages directories? They have their smartphone in their hands. Typing out a few words on the search bar of the local search engines can help them seal the deal quickly.

Typing out words like “Studio apartments for rent in Philadelphia” should get them a list of options to choose from. This can happen in just a few seconds. The entire younger generation is comfortable searching for local business in this manner. This explains why property managers should have a strong website presence.

There are two aspects of a successful website. One is the promotional aspect that we also refer to as the off-page SEO concept. The other one is the user experience factor that is also known as the on-page SEO. You need both of these concepts to work in tandem. Either of them in isolation will not suffice to guarantee a high rank on the SERPs.

Let us look at the procedure you have to follow.

We shall look at the on-page SEO aspects first before moving on to the promotional aspects.

An attractive looking website is the first step

A good design should have all the pages one expects any web design to have. Starting with the home page, your website needs to have a ‘Contact us’ page along with separate Services page for each of the services you provide. A ‘pricing’ page is also an important one in this niche because each deal can involve a lot of money. The customer should have an idea about the cost of rental apartments in the area. There can be locations in the same are having lesser rental value in comparison. The pricing page can help you in this regard.

Google and the other search engines have started providing more importance to the service pages of any website. They have provisions of ranking individual pages. Hence, you should take care to include the right kind of keywords in your service pages. Having a separate page for each of the services you provide should be the order of the day.

Rental services are the most important services performed by these property managers. There are other services as well like maintenance of the houses, conducting repairs, collecting rents, and so on.

The speed of loading of the web pages is very important. Invest in a website design that allows for quick loading of web pages. People normally do not have much patience in this aspect. Similarly, the customer should find it easy to navigate through the website. The easier it is for him, the more popular is your website.


The title and Meta description tags are important

This is the first thing you notice on perusing the search engine results. This title tag should encourage you to browse further into the website. It should serve as the perfect bait. Your Meta description should complement the title tags into enticing you to enter the website. Invest in a good title and Meta description that can help you generate the maximum traffic.


Good quality content is necessary

Content is always the King in SEO. There is nothing to beat quality content. Have excellent content in your services pages with some excellent selection of keywords. This is very important because you provide different kinds of services. Hence, you should have appropriate keyword for each service you provide. It would also be better if you include the name of the locality along with the keywords. It helps to rank better on the local SEO.

Your selection of keywords should be impeccable. It is also better to have a long-tailed keyword as well because certain people are specific n searching for property by incorporating as much details as possible. An example of a long-tailed keyword can be “Pet-friendly studio apartments for rent in Philadelphia.” Your website should cater to such people as well.   


Have proper linking strategy in place

Every website should have a great linking strategy. One should have a sprinkling of internal as well as external links. The internal links are perfect for describing your services. You can use them to link from your FAQ pages. This can be very informative for your customers.

Similarly, you should have some external links that allow the customers to verify the genuineness of data you provide. This can be very useful in the pricing page. You can link up to an authoritative source. This establishes your credibility. This can also attract other people who might look to use your website as a reference. This gives your website a greater degree of visibility.

Contributing to blogs of authority websites can also help you to gather important backlinks. An influencer website can also help you in this regard.


Final Words

It is a tough task to beat the big boys in the business. Hence, it is always better to concentrate on your strengths rather than focus your attention on the strategies of the major players in the field. This will help you achieve a higher rank on the SERPs. Provide good customer service and earn good reviews. They can help you tremendously.

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