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Real estate business has a role to play in everyone’s life. Everyone would have come in contact with a real estate professional at some point in their lives. It could be while searching for a new house to build/buy. Some people might have encountered this professional while selling their house/land. People avail their services when they wish to let out or take houses/commercial places on rent. It is in the fitness of things that this professional has a local SEO campaign to improve his reach.

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Presence in all directories

The key to every business is to be present for the customer at all times. How do you ensure this? One way to do so is to have a presence in all local directories. Real estate business can be of various types like builders, estate agents, brokers, and so on. Each category will have a local directory. Having a presence in the respective niches is a good way to make your presence felt on the local SEO. You can try out some cross-niches as well.

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Fix your citations

Consistency of data is important in any field. Real estate agents have to maintain accuracy of information. As your business grows, you need to have a presence in various directories. Ensure to be consistent in your data sharing. In case there is a change in the address or phone number, you should ensure to change it in all directories. Otherwise, you end up confusing the search engine bots. They might direct your traffic to the wrong person.

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A person residing in Charlotte, NC wants to go house hunting. How do you think he will approach the problem? Do you expect him to take out his car and go from street to street looking for a house? There is no need to do this when you have the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo doing the hard work for you.

Would it not be a better option to just take out the mobile and type in the keywords, ‘real estate agencies in Charlotte NC’? You have nearly 3.5 million search results ready for you in under less than a second. Narrowing down this list should not be a problem.

If this is how the common individual in Charlotte searches for a house, a real estate business service provider could well strive to find a place among the top searches on the local SERPs. This could be the only place where the customer would find him.

Invest in a mobile website


You have just seen that the customer uses his mobile to search for a house. Hence, it should be a great idea for you to have a mobile website. Statistics say that 91% of customers rely on their mobile phones to help them make such decisions. This figure is too overwhelming to ignore.

Google has also become accommodative as they prefer websites that have a mobile presence while finalizing the ranking on the SERP. This makes it all the more important for the real estate professional to have a mobile presence.

Evaluating whether your website is optimized for mobiles or not is easy when you have tools like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and Webmaster Tools.

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Would a Mobile App work?

Mobile apps are the trend today. It might not be possible for a mobile app to work for an individual real estate agency. Nevertheless, the agencies can come together and form an association. Usually, there are such associations available everywhere. These associations can have a dedicated mobile app with the individual real estate agencies offering their services through such as app.

A dedicated app can also work in case it is a large construction project. The advantages of having a dedicated app is that one can ascertain the progress of the construction on the app. This app is also useful for the real estate agencies to procure customer responses and seek reviews. Therefore, we can say that the idea might just work out. Anyway, it does not harm anyone to be a just different from the others.

How about Google My Business

It is imperative that your customers find you easily among the hundreds of your competitors. This entails that you provide accurate and consistent information across all your listings. The search engine bots crawl all over the internet and match information before listing out the results. Incorrect or inconsistent information can confuse these spiders. They might end up showing the wrong website. Maintaining consistency with the category information is important. A listing in the wrong category can cost you vital business.

This is the online age. It would be a sacrilege if one’s business is not available online. There should not be a better way to promote your website/business than a Google My Business listing.

The above image says it all. See the wealth of information it provides. If you feel that you have to shell out a bomb for these services, you are way off the mark. Google My Business does it for free. Claiming this listing is not a tough task at all. Access the official website of Google My Business and complete the details asked for. You get your listing after Google completes the verification process. Let us look at the features available to you in this listing.

  • You incorporate the complete address of your business that allows your customer to drive up to your business easily. The map placeholders, landmark information, and images help him in the process.
  • Note that Google accepts landline phone numbers alone. You should refrain from providing the 800 series toll-free numbers.
  • You have the facility to include the contact timings and weekly holidays. This helps you have your moments of privacy as well.
  • The category plays a very important role in the listing. Listing in a wrong category will not serve any purpose at all.
  • There is an option for including customer reviews. They play a great role in improving your local SEO rankings.

This is as comprehensive as it can get.

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Social media marketing

There was a recent statistic that stated that the number of social media accounts was greater than the total population in the world. People thought that there must have been a mistake somewhere only to realize that one person can have more than one social media account. Under such circumstances, it should be a great idea to have a solid social media marketing campaign working for you.

Social media believes in creating good rapport with people. Real estate business believes in the same as well. Hence, they should form a great combination. Having a special social media account can help you link with innumerable customers and prospective ones.

It is easy to share information in any form, text, audio, or video with a large clientele within no time. This is the fastest mode of communication. You can do your research and check out what your clients are up to. Target them at the right time and right location. This can help you get the leads that can go on to fructify.


Announce your presence with style

Real estate business is a highly localized business. Hence, it makes sense to have a presence in all local directories. Any person engaged any type of real estate business can list out his name in these directories. You could do well to include your name in certain other allied directories like construction equipment providers, online real estate service providers (not actually engaged in real estate business like construction and brokerage), services connected with real estate and so on.

Take part in local promotional events like open houses and real estate fairs. Sponsor a sports or a cultural event in the locality. This can increase your popularity. You have to provide something extra to your customer. You can offer discounts in your brokerages if you are a broker or estate agent. You can also arrange to get the CMA report done if you are a qualified evaluator of properties. You can also arrange for carrying out of legal search reports in case you have contacts with legal attorneys. Anything that is beneficial to the customer is welcome.

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Final Words

This is the age of the internet, smartphones, and online marketing. It is imperative that one works smart instead of working hard. When you have the benefits of the internet to help you, it pays to have a strong local SEO strategy. Considering the localized nature of the real estate business, it is essential for you to have a strong local SEO for real estate agencies.

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Real estate citation sites. Please note, that this was one particular category where we have taken great care to ensure that the site allows the listing of a real estate business – not simply a listing of an individual property. This obviously disregards a number of high-level property sites.

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