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A great online shopping experience

The world has changed completely, especially in the way people approach shopping. The days of the brick and mortar shops are slowly dying out. People are making the shift to online shopping. This makes it essential for every shop to have an online presence. At the same time there are customers that prefer to check online but buy from the shops by visiting them personally. This makes it all the more important for every shop to have a distinct online presence. We will see the various aspects that go into the creation of a compelling local SEO strategy for shops.

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Presence in all directories

This is a customer’s market. The best way to succeed in such a market is to be available for your customers at all times. An ideal way of ensuring it is to have a presence in all local directories. Your strategy depends on the category of your shop. Ensure that you mention your name in the right category. You will always find some allied categories that can be useful to your sector. It pays to have a listing in such directories as well. The greater your exposure, the better it is for your business.

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Customer reviews and testimonials help you ace the rankings

A customer-centric industry like yours would do well to have positive reviews from customers. Seeking such reviews should not be difficult when you provide quality services. In case you are in receipt of a certification or a testimonial from a reputed source such as Trade organizations, etc, you can make a mention of the same on your website. That will work in your favor in the same way positive reviews do. They play a great role in improving the trust factor. This makes it easy to have a high rank on the SERPs.

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The smartphone has become an indispensable accessory today. Practically every second person you meet on the street has a smartphone in his hands. Consider these statistics. They will drive home the point that local SEO for shops is essential for survival.

  • More than 75% of people in the US prefer to search for information online rather than refer to the Yellow Pages directories.
  • More than 95% of the internet searches pertain to local searches.
  • Almost 50% of the time, you find online searches ending in either the customer making the visit to the shop or at least making a call.

These statistics should compel you to infer that an online local presence is essential for any shop or business establishment.

You need not have to go far to verify this information. You can do so in the confines of your home. Ask your teenaged son or daughter to procure information about the best locally available ice creams. The chances are that, they will immediately flip open their smartphones and start typing the words, ‘best ice creams near me’ or something to that effect. This is the mentality of teenagers and other youngsters as well. What does this signify? You should be having an online presence, the sooner the better.

Have a presence in all directories

The competition is such that you have to announce your presence to the world. There is no better way to do it than having a presence in all directories. You have to be available for your customers at all times. When it comes to general shops, they can classify into a number of categories. Try to have a listing in as many major categories as possible. A cross-listing in some allied industry categories can also help to announce your presence. The primary objective of the exercise is to make yourself available to your customers.

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Improve your local presence

Public memory can be very short and cruel as well. It does not take much time for people to forget you. Therefore, it is important that you improve your local presence by constantly being in the limelight. This could be by way of advertising in local magazines, local cable channels, and sponsoring local events. Be an active member of the local merchants associations and participate in their meetings and gatherings regularly. Interact with people frequently. This goes a long way in improving your presence in the market.

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Stand out from your competitors

Effective marketing is the key to success for any shop. The level of competition is very high, especially if you deal in general items. You will find shops dime a dozen all over the place. The only way to make an impression is to be different from the others. As everyone would be trying out the same tricks, it makes it more difficult for you to dos o. However, the tested tricks like offering discount coupons, conducting promotional sales campaigns, and similar activities that benefit the customer do work. You can try to include a CTA option in each of your web pages to enable the customer to have a better user experience. Live chats with the customer can also help in providing a different experience.


Link well to the social media

Social media is the King today as far as marketing is concerned. Having a presence in social media has become compulsory for all businesses. Have a social media link on all your web pages. This enables your customers to access their social media easily from your website. Posting updates on social media becomes easier in the process. They have a wider reach thereby making your website a popular one. When you are active on social media, you are aware of the latest trends in your industry. This can help you improve the performance of your website. An improved website will definitely rank higher on the SERPs.

As far as possible, try to be active on all social media forums. You never know which ones your customers favor. Sharing images, video content, as well as other vital information is not only easier but also faster on social media.


Final Words

This is an online age. The sooner you graduate from a brick and mortar shop to the online market, the better it will be for you. This article not only helps you build an online presence but also helps you to get greater visibility. You need both these qualities in abundance to be successful and achieve a high ranking on the local search SEO.

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