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After a tiring day at work, or simply when one gets too overwhelmed with all the mischievousness that the children throw their way, who in the right mind wouldn’t want to get pampered at a day spa ? So, how does one search for a day spa in his/her vicinity? Well, in the earlier days, asking a friend or neighbour would have been the way out, but as of today, most people simply turn to Google for finding a spa situated near them. So, how do you, as the owner of a day spamake sure that such people find you? Simply by earning a high rank on Google search, something which can be easily taken care of by investing some time and efforts towards Local Search engine optimization for Day spas.

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Talk About Business

When asked about a mobile phone company, which is the name that pops up in your head almost instantaneously. The obvious answer is Apple. No matter you use the iPhone or not, the brand has ensured that you see, hear and read about it so much that it gets embedded in your conscious mind. This is exactly what you must aim at in order to increase the popularity of your day spa. Whether in the form of text, audio or video, we at TribeLocal will make sure your prospective clients keep seeing you, and eventually they will start turning up to your doorstep.

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Fix Your Citations

To ensure a constant influx of clients at your day spa, you need to ensure that anyone and everyone looking for beauty and hair care services in your area knows about your salon, and can easily reach you. This can be done by listing your business and ensuring NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) consistency. More often than not, this is a daunting task, and is best left on the responsible shoulders of someone with expertise, just like your very own TribeLocal!

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Why Local SEO for Spas?

Wondering, why exactly are we defining a day spa for you? Well, the reason is simple. We want to convey the fact that no matter the scale of your spa’s operations, the clients it caters to or the services it offers, it is a booming business. After all, relaxation, rejuvenation and a flawless appearance are a few things that almost everyone desires. Considering this fact, the chances for your business to strive and thrive are more than just impressive.

Considering that you’re offering the best of services and aim to service your clients at a reasonable price, your spa must be crowded with clients. We know, it’s probably not. After all, word of mouth marketing can only take it so far. For your business to really make a mark, you ought to rely on Local SEO for Spas strategy and see the magic of digitization unfold before your very eyes.


How to Implement Local SEO for spas?

For all we know, the rules of the game are literally the same for every business, including spas. Local SEO invariably involves having a solid on-page SEO and off-page SEO campaign. So, let us look at how a spa can formulate an effective SEO strategy.

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Keyword are Must

This is essentially the key to a good SEO strategy. Once you have narrowed down on a list of keywords (preferably using Google Keyword Planner), you must take every possible effort to integrate these keywords with your web content. Of course, stuffing them left, right, and center is not going to help you and can even have a detrimental effect on your websites SEO. However, if you use them intelligently with about 1-2% density, you will surely witness a rise in your website traffic in the days and months that follow.


Ensure and Optimal Keyword Strategy

Note that these keywords ought to be a part of your website content for the search engines to understand what you offer, and for your website to show up as a result of search queries. Here, keywords like Hair Spa, Manhattan Spas, and Spa Salons are essentially short-tail search phrases, which will help you climb up the search ranking. However, since these search words are common, chances are you will face fierce competition. On the other hand, long tail search words such as Spas offering Hair Service or Best Spas in my Area will help you gain visibility without being put down by the competitors. In fact, since the search terms are highly specific, they will also ensure better click-through rates and increased conversions. Of course, the target audience for these words will be comparatively smaller than that for short-tail keywords.


Pay Heed to Content Marketing

The phrase “Content is King” cannot be apter. After all, for an SEO strategy to work at its capacity, high-quality content happens to be one of the most imperative aspects. Not only do search engine crawlers index such content in a manner that is favourable to your SEO efforts, but quality content also ensures the regular flow of customers seeking relevant information to your website.


Make the Most of Meta Titles and Descriptions

For all you know, Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions are the most effective on-page SEO tactics. Both of these must preferably be drafted by a professional content writer so that they are both, crisp and effective. While the Meta Title must be around 55-60 characters in length, the Meta Description can be stretched up to 200 characters. For both of these HTML elements, it is advisable to use at least 1-2 keywords.


Create an Attractive Homepage

Your homepage is essentially the first touch-point between your business and a potential customer. The page must be designed such that it can induce the customer to move on to the inner pages. This can be taken care of by inserting appealing images of your salon and its various amenities.

The key here is to capture the attention of the visitor in the shortest span possible, and then hold it, until he’s compelled to take the desired action, which in your case is making an appointment.


Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

This cannot be stressed enough. Today, whether you wish to target reckless teenagers or responsible adults, you should be able to give them all an impeccable user experience on their smartphones and other handheld devices. After all, the spa is a service that most people would like to look for while on the go. Under such circumstances, having a mobile-friendly website is in your best interest. You must take all possible efforts towards optimizing your web pages for smaller screens.

Now, this will not only help your customers enjoy a better experience on your site but will also boost your SERP rankings, since the present-day Google indexes websites on the basis of a site’s functionality from the perspective of a mobile user.


Build a Google My Business Page

Today, the first thing that shows up in the Google search results is the Google My Business listing. If you do not have one, the chances of people finding you go down drastically. Therefore, you must go ahead and build a listing for your business at the earliest possible.

However, simply having a listing on the GMB pages is not enough. You should ensure to update the listing at regular intervals. Also, make sure that your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) is accurate since providing erroneous information can dent your ranking on the SERPs.

GMB Listing

Have a Good Linking Strategy

For all you know, you must concentrate on building up an effective linking strategy. This is one of the easiest and most promising Search engine Optimisation strategies that you can put to use. Whenever you update your site with fresh content, simply go ahead and offer links to your existing content. Not only will this help Google in finding the existing pages with greater ease, but will also ensure that even the deeper pages on your site enjoy higher ranks and in turn, greater visibility. You can also do so, by offering links to your web content through the blogs, articles or videos created online by your day spa. You can regularly check the growth in your links using a backlink checker tool.


Garner Positive Customer Reviews

The positive impact that a good review can have for your business is indisputable. And the more such reviews, the better it is for you. So, every time you believe that a client is exceptionally happy or even satisfied with your services, make sure to ask them for a feedback. If possible, also ask them if they’d like to rate you. These positive feedbacks and good ratings will lead the path for you when it comes to enjoying higher ranks on SERPs. Normally, when you provide good services, customers do not hesitate in submitting positive reviews.

Customer Reviews

Have a Compelling Social Media Presence

No matter the age or demographic of a person. In today’s times, almost all of your potential customers are present on one or more of the leading social media networks. Moreover, every person is used to accessing his/her Facebook and Twitter account innumerable times during the day and night. It, therefore, makes complete sense to have an effective social media marketing strategy in place

To this end, you must ensure that your website contains links to your social media accounts, especially Instagram and Pinterest. This is because these two are major photo and video sharing apps, and can help your content spread like wildfire in a matter of few days!

Be active on social media

Maintain an Active Blog

The beauty industry has always been fairly dependent on tips, DIYs, and past experiences. And what better a way to share all of these than maintain an active blog on your website, wherein your potential customers can feel free to share their views and comments. This healthy exchange of information increases the popularity of your website a great deal since it will assure the search engines that not only is your site constantly updated with fresh content but also offers a lot of useful information. Moreover, with each new article, you will enjoy better opportunities to integrate important keywords with your content, which will further help your website rank better.


How to Boost your Ranking ?

  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly.

  • Leverage the power of Google My Business listing

  • Invest in quality keywords in your SEO content to attract strong SEO backlinks

  • Create a great first impression with an attractive home page

  • Make the most of Titles and Meta descriptions

  • Request customers to drop in positive opinions

  • Have an effective social media campaign in place


List of Directories

Just like every other business, SEO for Spas is equally important. For you to increase your online presence, TribeLocal has listed out some directories where you can add your Spa and get more and more loyal customers at your door step.

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