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Lay the Foundation Stone for a Fruitful Career

No one can undermine the importance of University education in the life of any student. In this age of competition, it is imperative for students to have better educational qualifications. A high-quality University education can help you in this process. Considering the important role played by education in the development of careers as well as character, it becomes essential for universities to let the students know the various benefits available to them. A quality SEO campaign can help attract a higher number of quality students thereby improving the overall reputation of the university.

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Update your Citations

Accuracy of information is essential for any website citation. Secondly, consistency is equally important. If it means using the full form of the University at all times, one has to adhere to it. Short forms might not make much difference to the University as such, but it can confuse the Google bots into thinking that the information pertains to a different University. This act can benefit a third person unnecessarily. Maintain accuracy of information and see the University rankings soar in your local search SEO. TribeLocal’s citations can help you a great deal because of the economic and popularity factors.

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Ask Your Customers

Remember you deal with students. This community is by far the most literate as well as active community as far as usage of internet is concerned. Hence, testimonials and reviews play a great role in your success. Seek testimonials from your ex-students. The prospective student would always like to know how the university is going to benefit him in the future, especially in areas like jobs/careers. Testimonials and reviews from highly successful ex-students of the University can influence their decision to enroll. This is the best way to make prospective students aware of the reputation you enjoy in the market.

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Importance of Local SEO for Universities

Education is big-time business today. There are innumerable universities that offer higher educational facilities to prospective students. This generation has a tremendous choice today as compared to the earlier generations. The flip side of the argument is that it makes it difficult for the student to make the right choice.

This is where local SEO search comes into the picture. Understanding and fulfilling the needs of the students has become vital. An effective SEO campaign can be of great mutual help.

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Ranking for Universities – An Irony?

In the not too recent past, a University rank was all that mattered to students. A high rank in the University was seen as an additional educational qualification. One must admit that the competition was stiffer and hence the quality was better as well. There were limited numbers of universities at that time.

Today, with the number of universities going up almost on a daily basis, the situation has undergone a change. The ranking of the University has become a more important factor than the University rank. It is definitely an irony.

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Have a mobile Friendly Website

The younger generation use laptops for education and recreation while preferring to use their mobiles for accessing the internet. The principal target group of Universities is the younger generation.

Therefore, it is better for them to move with the times and become mobile friendly. Google respects this tendency and has a soft corner for websites that offer mobile friendly content. Therefore, having a responsive website design that can fit various screen sizes can help the Universities rank higher.

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Google My Business Listing

Where do you think students search when they look for universities? They need not farther than the mobiles in their hands. There are innumerable search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc that help them locate the best universities that suit their profile. Hence, it becomes important for universities to rank high on the SERPs.

The process of securing a listing is not difficult as well. The principal qualifying factor is the accuracy of information provided to ‘Google My Business’.Avoid duplicate listing that can rob your website of quality leads. Managing GMB listing should not be a tough task at all.

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Update your Citations

One should ensure to submit accurate and consistent information on the internet. The search engine bots are a unique species. They search for a particular keyword over a variety of website parameters. Maintaining consistence of your information can help the bots to locate your website easily thereby improving their ranking.

It improves your visibility over a number of industry websites thereby helping you achieve an overall improvement in your local SEO rank.  Use TribeLocal’s industry wise citations for managing your listing. They are not only inexpensive, but also effective.

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Have an Attractive Website

In this world of competition, the first impression usually lingers for a longer while. Hence, it has the greater chance of making a forceful impact. Universities should have a well-developed website that provides all kinds of information. The courses can also be different. The fee structures are naturally varied as well.

Hence, it becomes imperative for the students to have access to a website that allows for easy navigation.  The greater the ease of navigation, the more popular is the website. It plays a great role in pushing up your local SEO rankings.


Student Reviews Matter a Lot

The present lot of students is a smart one. They do not accept things at face value. They would like to do their research before choosing the university that suits them. Student reviews do matter a lot.

Seek reviews from your ex-students. They will be more than happy to help out their alma-mater. Google places a lot of emphasis on such reviews. This is evident from any GMB page listing. You can see the Google reviews and rankings in these pages easily.


Enhance Your Business Ranking

  • Have an effective off-page SEO campaign to be successful in your endeavor to achieve a higher rank on the search engine results.
  • Claim your GMB listing without fail
  • Have a presence in all local and neighboring locality directories
  • Industry wise citations can be very helpful
  • Invest in high-quality content
  • Have an effective SEO backlinking strategy
  • Manage your internal and external links well
  • Social media is the key
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