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Yoga is a way of life. More and more people are gravitating towards Yoga today with surveys showing that 34% of Americans likely to practice Yoga in the next 12 months. This entails that there is going to be an upward surge in the demand for setting up of Yoga studios. This also brings to light the importance of Yoga studios becoming accessible online. Hence, there is a necessity for local SEO for Yoga Studios.

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Have a presence in all directories

With the increase in awareness among people in matters regarding physical fitness, it has become necessary for Yoga Studios to announce their presence in the industry. There was a time when such studios flourished by following simple advertising methods such as word-of-mouth advertising. Today, the outlook of the people has changed. They prefer to search for their information on the internet. Hence, it becomes necessary to have a presence in all directories. This enables the customers to find them online.

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Accuracy and Consistency is the key

How do you expect your customers to find you? Provide the right kind of contact information. Maintain consistency of data. Update the data whenever there is a change. Avoid silly spelling mistakes. Incorporate the right zip code as an incorrect one can cause confusion among the search engine bots. Use TribeLocal’s industry wise citations to ensure proper listing. They are economical as well as help you ace the SEO ratings.

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Why is Local SEO for Yoga Studios important?

What has Yoga got to do with SEO? This is a valid question. We look into these aspects now. Let us look at some vital statistics. The days are changing with more and more people resorting to the internet for searching information. Studies show a whopping 97% of people search for local businesses online. Under such circumstances, it becomes necessary for Yoga Studios to have an online presence. Let us look how we proceed in this matter.

Local SEO for Yoga Studios – How?

You can segregate your efforts into two broad categories, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. You require a combination of both these efforts for a successful SEO campaign. You can also call it the user experience factor and the promotional factor respectively.

Have an optimized website

You run a Yoga studio. Hence, the requirements of your website are different from that of other businesses such as an online eCommerce store or an automobile store. Your audience is of a different kind. Hence, it becomes important to give them a special user experience that they do not usually encounter in a normal website.

A Yoga Studio website needs a lot of attractive photographs. Yoga is a comprehensive entity. Many people consider Yoga as an alternative form of therapy. Some consider it as exercising website whereas you have people treating Yoga as a spiritual exercise. Remember, there is nothing religious about Yoga. It is a spiritual form of exercise, but it has nothing to do with any religion. One more important point is that you need a qualified Yoga teacher to teach you the various ‘asanas’ of Yoga. This requires detailed graphical representations.

There are certain common characteristics you have in all websites. These are the ‘About us, Contact us, FAQ, and Services’ pages. There are different types of Yoga services. It is better to have individual service pages for each service you offer. Before we go into this aspect, let us look at the aspect of Keyword research.


Keywords – Importance

When you search for information online, what do you do? You type out certain words in the search bar of the search engine. These words are the keywords. You should do research before optimizing your website for keywords. You should have an idea about what the customer likes to seek. This needs you to imagine yourself in the shoes of the customer and think for a moment like he does. This will help you arrive at a set of keywords.

There are tools like Keyword Planner that can help you in this regard. These tools help you to identify keywords based on customer intent. There are customers that type keywords with business intent. There are people who love to search Yoga Studio websites with research intent. The keywords they use will be different.

There are two types of keywords, primary keywords and secondary keywords. The primary keywords should describe your category whereas your secondary keywords describe the services you provide. These keywords have an import role to play in your content as well as the title and Meta descriptions.

Inserting the right keywords is important. This makes it imperative for websites to include the primary and secondary keywords in the title and Meta descriptions. A compelling title can help the customer to evince interest in your website.

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Quality content is the key

You need quality content to engage the attention of your customer. The content should not be informative but also be fresh. Plagiarized content is a strict disqualification. The search engine bots are smart. They have the ability to search the entire internet for plagiarized content.

As stated earlier, have separate pages for each of the services you offer. This is because Google and many other search engines have a habit of ranking individual pages as well. A high rank for an individual page can be beneficial for the entire website. If the service you offer is a unique one, the chances of securing a higher rank are higher.

Your keywords are also very important here. Choosing keywords properly is vital. Try to include a couple of long-tailed keywords. They have their importance. There are customers who love to do detailed research. Such people use long-tailed keywords.


Do your linking correctly


The success of any website depends on the quality of internal and external links. Having quality internal links can provide the customer with a beautiful experience. They will find it easier to navigate from one page to another easily. The internal links are great for the customer to move from the FAQ pages to the services pages. He gets information at a click of a mouse. Similarly, external links are also very important. They help the customer to verify the genuineness of the information you provide. Your internal as well as external links play a great role in increasing your popularity. This helps you to rank high on the SERPs.  

Internal Linking

Interactive blogs have a role to play

The Yoga Studios websites have different types of visitors. One of the important categories of visitors to these websites is the researching visitor. They would love to share their views through blogs. Hence, it is better to have interactive blogs. They allow you to share comments and opinions with similar visitors. This allows the websites to exchange information with their customers. The higher the numbers of blogs the better are the chances of ranking higher on the SERPs.

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Final Words

You need a perfect combination of both the on-page and off-page SEO tactics to score high on the SERPs. The trick to ranking high is to monitor your websites regularly because it does not take time for someone to overtake you. It is easy to reach the top, but tough to maintain the position. You need constant monitoring. Nevertheless, the local SEO for Yoga Studios is necessary in today’s times.

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