Moz Local Vs BrightLocal Vs TribeLocal – 2018

A comprehensive analysis of Moz Local Vs BrightLocal Vs TribeLocal in terms of features and pricing

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yext vs tribelocal price

Pricing based on your pocket size

It is a competitive market out there, and that is why Moz Local, BrightLocal, and TribeLocal are too close in pricing. TribeLocal takes the lead by offering a more flexible model that is free for initial 7 days and then at just $35 monthly you get the top-features of Local SEO management. The TribeLocal offers citations and issues fixation along with 1000 backlinks even with a basic package. Moz Local is priced at $99 annually for fundamental monitoring and verification while the more professional models cost $179 and more. BrightLocal Local citation building is priced at $3 per citation. BrightLocal basic packages start at $55 with 100+ Local Search directories listing.

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Local Business SEO changes with time

Leading the niche of Local SEO management and online reputation management, Moz Local, BrightLocal and TribeLocal come across as a handy solution. Capable of offering in-depth analytics market leaders trust all three tools. Local businesses listings contribute more than 25% to the Local search engine rankings and that is why the need for these optimized solutions. TribeLocal is a proficient tool for auditing and competitive analysis. A simple dashboard of TribeLocal manages localization and Mobile search tracking. Moz Local review methodology encourages visitors to engage in positive reviews but lacks citation burst. TribeLocal’s citation burst is pocket-friendly as compared to BrightLocal that charges $400 for Local citation building every time.

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Yext Vs TribeLocal Local SEO Expert
Yext Vs TribeLocal Customer Experience

Superior Client Experience is a must

TribeLocal, BrightLocal, and Moz Local tools are intuitively designed to make the Local SEO management easy and quick for clients. TribeLocal offers customization, and hence the solutions are quite close to client needs. TribeLocal is an excellent tool for submitting to 100+ Local search directories quickly with Google Analytics and Google My Business account. Nothing is daunting as TribeLocal comes with a 24 * 7 customer care online support. While for some Locations BrightLocal and Moz Local have proved not to be very helpful, TribeLocal is a perfect solution for ranking higher on SERPs.

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Online Reputation Management

A client can run review tracking tool now and then to get insight into the online reputation. TribeLocal and BrightLocal are the focus on submitting and maintaining the quality of listings over time. With BrightLocal you can filter the reviews and choose to answer them accordingly while TribeLocal sets up the review alert so that no bad review impacts the online reputation. As the solutions are intuitive and straightforward, they offer quick monitoring and management of ranking and reviews. With Moz Local also you do not need to visit each site individually to check out reviews, you can do it from the Moz Local dashboard.

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Yext vs tribelocal reviews
Features MozLocal BrightLocal TribeLocal
Industry Average Citation Score
Local SEO Audit
Review Management
Whitelabel Reports
Insights on GMB
Client Portal
Custom Directory Integrations
Ranking Across locations
Advanced Website Popups
Lead Capturing
Reply To Reviews
Dedicated Account Manager
Local Marketing Consultation
Area Mail
24×7 Support


Case Study

Popular SEO Agency based out of Oklahoma, moved to TribeLocal from Yext. What was the outcome of this? They Saved annually $26,000 in Local SEO efforts!

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Bird’s Eye View Comparison of TribeLocal and Yext and Moz Local

yext vs tribelocal 2018 comparison

What is TribeLocal?

TribeLocal goes beyond just being a local citation builder. It comes across as a comprehensive solution for all SEO management. TribeLocal tool submits your business listings to top directories and drives more engagement by monitoring reviews and rankings.

BrightLocal logo for comparissionBrightLocal logo for comparission

What is BrightLocal?

BrightLocal is mainly popular as a local citation builder. Being competitively featured and priced, BrightLocal offers citation burst with quality and accurate information. BrightLocal is an excellent tool for cleaning up irrelevant or incorrect data and helps merge the duplicate listings.

What is Moz Local?

Moz Local is an automated solution that serves US, Canada, and UK. The tools let you create and update listings, but you cannot claim the listings. Moz Local is robust but submits only across 10 LSD, and that may be because it is just used aggregator posting solution.

Business Listings

  • BrightLocal offers 1600+ LSD listing and TribeLocal offer 100+ Local Search Directories. With BrightLocal only 70% business listings may go live.
  •  BrightLocal and TribeLocal are capable of handling citation burst, but with BrightLocal the price can go as high as $400 every time.
  • With BrightLocal and TribeLocal clients can claim listings but with Moz Local if you unsubscribe, you cannot claim the listings.
  • Easy to view, update and edit an online listing. The update feature is not available with Moz Local.
yext vs tribelocal business listings


  • TribeLocal Local citation building is priced at $2 while BrightLocal offers same at $3 per citation. Both are capable of citation burst but BrighLocal is not pocket-friendly with the price going as high as $400.
  • TribeLocal is a freemium web and Saas-based model for creating business listings. For free trial, you do not even need to offer your credit card details. All of the three offer subscriptions with monthly payments or annual subscription.
  • MozLocal and BrightLocal listing handling are available at $99 per location and $55 annually. TribeLocal plays the card well by offering the services at $35 monthly.
yext vs tribelocal cost

Review Monitoring

When you have an online presence, it is essential to monitor how people are responding to your services. TribeLocal, Moz Local and BrightLocal easily handle ORM. With listings posted to 1600 plus LSD, we are not pretty sure how it will handle all reviews, but TribeLocal proves out to be very efficient with handling review alerts and helping businesses respond to them quickly.
yext vs tribelocal reviews

Local SEO Monitoring & Reports

  •  TribleLocal helps businesses with WhiteLable reports on search engine analytics with integration to GA and GMB. The reports come in for mobile devices and included details of organic searches too.
  •  BrightLocal and Moz Local offer extensive reports on ranking and reviews.
  • Customer Support & Lead Generation
  •  TribeLocal attaches a dedicated account manager to every client for ease of management.
  • With excellent rank and review monitoring, TribeLocal and BrightLocal increase the customer engagement and hence lead generation.
Yext Vs TribeLocal Local SEO report

Why Choose TribeLocal?

TribeLocal is a perfect localization tool at a pocket-friendly price tag. With the potential of Benchmarking, countless reviews, bulk mailing and offline management the tool goes beyond the call of duty of a Local SEO management tool. API and KPI dashboard the tool is robust and offers sentiment analysis by giving an insight into social media conversations.

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The Bottom Line

TribeLocal out beats the competition with low price comprehensive solutions that help business Locally with tracking and benchmarking the search engine ranking along with competitive analysis.

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