Moz Local Vs Yext Vs TribeLocal – 2018

A comprehensive analysis of Moz Local Vs Yext Vs TribeLocal in terms of features and pricing

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yext vs tribelocal price

Pricing based on your pocket size

All the three tools are competitively featured. Being at par with respect to the solutions they offer to enterprise, the Yext, TribeLocal and Moz Local differ in the pricing models they have to offer. Yext offers 4 pricing models with the optimization rates ranging from 28 % to 100%. The price of least optimized solution is $199 annually. Moz Local brings around a better featured package at just $ 99 annually. TribeLocal out beats all its competitors by offering cutting edge features at just $ 39 per month. The services fix citation issues and offer 1000 backlinks.

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Local Business SEO changes with time

Yext and Moz Local are the leaders of enterprise services, serving multiple business verticals both of the tools offer deep SEO Analytics and Local SEO ranking analysis. Moz Local Reputation management tool monitors and manages the reviews of your competitive websites with needing to visit them. On the other side Tribe Local offers review alerts, Google My Business Listing and lead generation, all from a single tool. The TribeLocal customer is very supportive.

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Yext Vs TribeLocal Local SEO Expert
Yext Vs TribeLocal Customer Experience

Superior Client Experience is a must

Yext and Moz Local tool comes with a full-featured package. Only thing that the customers think Yext and Moz Local both are missing is the customization potential of reports. TribeLocal white labelling offers email alerts to clients and auto-generation of PDFs. Offering best client experience with customized reporting and tool integration TribeLocal also offers Local SEO Audits.

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Online Reputation Management

Online reputation is very vital for any website to maintain a rank and propagate an acceptable brand. Customer reviews affect the further audience engagement with a website and finally the Local SEO ranking. Yext, Moz Local and TribeLocal all have integrated review management tool. With Moz Local managing and monitoring reviews is easy while TribeLocal goes a step ahead and offers negative review alerts and in-depth rating analysis.

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Yext vs tribelocal reviews
Features MozLocal Yext TribeLocal
Industry Average Citation Score
Local SEO Audit
Review Management
Whitelabel Reports
Insights on GMB
Client Portal
Custom Directory Integrations
Ranking Across locations
Advanced Website Popups
Lead Capturing
Reply To Reviews
Dedicated Account Manager
Local Marketing Consultation
Area Mail
24×7 Support


Case Study

Popular SEO Agency based out of Oklahoma, moved to TribeLocal from Yext. What was the outcome of this? They Saved annually $26,000 in Local SEO efforts!

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Bird’s Eye View Comparison of TribeLocal and Yext and Moz Local

yext vs tribelocal 2018 comparison

What is TribeLocal?

TribeLocal is a high-end online local SEO solution that offers customization as per the client needs. The tool facilitates the Local SEO listings on more than 100 directories. With promises of most precise business listing, TribeLocal Listing services cost just $2.

yext vs tribelocal 2018 comparison

What is Yext?

Yext and TribeLocal are quite close in the services and solutions. While Yext is an established tool, TribeLocal is very progressive and offers customized solutions. With a single and intuitive dashboard clients are able to manage all the metrics behind Local SEO success.

What is Moz Local?

With online listing becoming competitive and complex, Moz Local is a tool to create a great brand image online. With accurate and precise online verification and business listings, Moz Local is helping small businesses become a brand locally.

Business Listings

  • Yext, Moz Local and TribeLocal offer 100+ directories for listings online. Serving right from small businesses to large enterprise all three are very competitive. TribeLocal is comparatively a newer and elaborate tool that offers customization of detailed reports.
  • Yext and Moz Local offer a limited number of users while TribeLocal lets the enterprises add unlimited users.
  • TribeLocal does not necessarily ask for signing up to make the claims.
  • Import and Export bulk data of all business information with CSV files
yext vs tribelocal business listings


  • TribeLocal proves out to be very competitively priced as each precise citation listing costs only $2. The packages are flexible and pocket friendly at just $39.
  • TribeLocal offers 3 packages all features are same except than the metrics associated with them. Yext and Moz Local are a basic tool that do not have many features at basic packages.
  • TribeLocal offers customized solutions for small businesses as enterprises as per requirements.
yext vs tribelocal cost

Review Monitoring

  • Review monitoring and management is simplified by these online tools. Yext and Moz Local offer integration services of robust review management tools. TribeLocal goes to a next level where review alerts are received by clients.
yext vs tribelocal reviews

Local SEO Monitoring & Reports

  • TribleLocal offers deep data reports. It integrates the GA account and analyses Local Search results to find out the path of action. Local SEO monitoring, ranking and keyword management from a single tool
  • Yext and Moz Local are incapable of offering white label reports and ranking.
  • With TribeLocal clients can identify and manage the duplicates.
Yext Vs TribeLocal Local SEO report

Customer Support & Lead Generation

  • TribeLocal tool offers customization with widgets that helps in lead generation, ranking and review management. The Widgets available are Exit Intent, Sticky header and Large Form.
  • With Tribe Local each account gets a dedicated manager.
yext vs tribelocal customer support

Why Choose TribeLocal?

TribeLocal is a robust and full-featured platform available at pocket friendly packages to offer ease of management of local SEO metrics. While Local businesses work on devising strategies and working on them TribeLocal makes them feel secure as it takes the complete responsibility of the entire uphill task.

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The Bottom Line

TribeLocal comes across as a value package. No wonder Yext and Moz Local are equally competitive and have a good share of market users, but TribeLocal is serving each vertical with equal brilliance, that too, with extremely precise solutions.

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