Top 10 Moz Local Alternatives

If Moz Local is not catering to your needs, choose any of the below alternatives

Moz Local Alternatives


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A Better Alternative to Moz Local

All-In-One Local SEO software for Single/Multi-Location Businesses, and Agencies

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Alternative 1: TribeLocal

Perhaps one of the best Moz Local alternatives is TribeLocal. It is designed for local businesses in mind. It not only boost local search engine rankings, but it also allows local businesses to claim their GMB listing, build and track listings across 100+ local, national and industry-specific directories. It allows businesses and agencies to generate leads via their online properties.

  • Affordably prices, with each citation cost $3 and monthly subscriptions starting from $39
  • Access to 100+ local, national and niche directories
  • Users can request for addition of more directories
  • Can claim listing and retain ownership even after discontinuing TribeLocal services.
  • Seamless integration with Google My Business listing
  • Allows users to respond to reviews on any publisher
  • Facilitates auto-generation of whitelabel reports
  • Has in-built SEO analytics for thorough SEO audits and analysis
  • Free trial available for superior result
  • Web-based platform and hence, cannot be used through handheld devices
  • Does not allow pay-per-click ad generation, though TribeLocal has integrated with Facebook
  • Data integration storage not possible, though export of data is possible

Alternative 2: SEMrush

SEMrush is competitor analysis and BI platform. Users get a range of metrics to understand the industry, market and competition. It allows smart advertising and monitoring. It is perfect for Adwords campaigns and researching keywords.

  • Offers business intelligence and organic reports for superior SERPs
  • Provides keyword tools and reports for PPC
  • Allows auditing of backlinks
  • Not ideal for business owners
  • Extensive keyword list can be overwhelming
  • Does not generate whitelabel reports

Alternative 3: Serpstat

If you are looking for Moz local alternatives, you can try Serpstat. It is an SEO and competitor analysis tool that helps businesses rank high in SERPs. It is ideal for those operating in a competitive niche, and allows seamless auditing of the site. It best feature is finding hidden keywords.

  • Enhances online presence through hidden keyword search
  • Allows businesses to perform comprehensive PPC research
  • Helps improve keyword usage through thorough site audit
  • Has big databases for keywords and backlinks, but not as big as other SEO tools, like TribeLocal
  • Does not allow evaluation of keyword lists
  • Is not integrated with Google Analytics

Alternative 4: Agency Analytics

This SEO tool is designed for agencies. It allows agencies to track PPC keywords, monitor backlinks, perform SEO audit, generate reports, and use third-party analytics. It allows users to drag and drop widgets that offer statistics from Adwords, Search Console, Google Analytics, and Bing.

  • Allows customization of dashboards for different campaigns
  • Integrated with Google Analytics and AdWords for comprehensive report generation
  • Comes with SEO audit tool to analyze competition’s websites
  • Does not offer access to all regional keywords
  • Does not allow addition of insights into live reports
  • Reporting feature is a little complicated and difficult to understand

Alternative 5: Ahrefs

This is another popular Moz Local alternative. It is a web-based SEO and competitor research tool. It has a huge backlink index that is the biggest you will find. It lets users monitor competitor’s backlinks, keywords and SEO strategies.

  • Integrated with major social media platforms
  • Has the largest database for backlinks
  • Boasts extensive web crawler
  • Subscription is quite expensive
  • It does not have an outreach tool
  • It is not integrated with Google Analytics

A Better Alternative to Moz Local

All-In-One Local SEO software for Single/Multi-Location Businesses, and Agencies

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Alternative 6: Raven Tools

If you are looking for Moz Local alternatives, give Raven Tools a try. It offers a wide array of SEO tools to build links, perform on-page analysis, and monitor social media presence. It is integrated with external services like Basecamp and TextBroker.

  • Extensive suite of SEO tools
  • Integrated with external services to generate quality content
  • Offers tools to prospect, acquire and monitor backlinks
  • New users can get confused with the navigation which requires mastering
  • Quite expensive to use on an annual or monthly basis
  • Does not have internal outreach feature

Alternative 7: UpCity

UpCity is one of the many Moz Local alternatives. It offers full service marketing and SEO services and web-based SEO tools for small businesses. It comes with a free trial period to test the SEO tool and can help local businesses get high search engine rankings.

  • SEO platform comes in five stages to increase efficiency and streamline workflow
  • Instructions are easy to follow and user-friendly
  • Allows businesses to monitor their SEO progress
  • Cost is a major drawback as it is expensive to use
  • Has too many tasks to complete during the training stage
  • Not meant for agencies and large businesses

Alternative 8: BrightEdge

BrightEdge is primarily a keyword research tool that also lets you audit your website. One of the features is assigning tasks based on function and this can save time and effort. Its best feature is offering insights into keywords.

  • One of the best keyword research and analysis tool
  • Integrated with Google Analytics for SEO insights
  • Can use for multiple domains using a single account
  • System is difficult to navigate
  • On-page recommendations may not always be accurate and consistent
  • Too many features that users may not use

Alternative 9: SearchMetrics

If you are looking for a comprehensive SEO tool, take a look at SearchMetrics. It offers country-wise insights, making it great for businesses that cater to customers around the world. It also offers all features required for thorough and complete SEO analysis and actions.

  • Offers separate insights of numerous countries
  • Outstanding support
  • Offers all features required for SEO, including keyword research, link building and content generation
  • Has a steep learning curve
  • Quite expensive for small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Too many SEO features to master

Alternative 10: Conductor Searchlight

You can use Conductor Searchlight to track keywords and even your competition. It is a great source for insights and also offers recommendation for content based on your preferred keywords.

  • Comes with keyword analytics
  • Access to in-depth competitor insights
  • Offers graphs and visual insights to improve SEO
  • Updates can be a little slow
  • Does not offer too many integrations with third-party tools
  • On-page recommendations may not be too detailed


There are many Moz Local alternatives. However, out of all the alternatives TribeLocal offers the best features for local businesses, entrepreneurs and agencies. It offers tangible results that make it a worthwhile investment.

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