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Web development and design businesses are going to witness some amazing and dynamics trends every year. The year 2016 introduced the concept of mobile browsing over desktop browsing, 2017 helped in making apps more familiar with the users and now 2018 is all ready to utilize the mobile functionalities to its maximum level. According to experts, 2018 will be the year where if you are not following the right trends, you are nowhere in the competition. The one key factor that will rule in the web design and development industry is performance.

It is not that difficult to be the top-rated industries amidst the neck to neck competitive business environment if you know are well aware of web development and design agency trends 2018. Care to know?

Here are the top 10 trends for web development and design agency for the year 2018 for staying ahead of their competition.

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1. Flat design:

2017 created a need of having a clean yet appealing website that can attract the users. Since image loaded websites are less responsive and therefore became intolerable to the users. Thus, the web developers focused more on developing simple and clean websites with quickly loading designs. This made the concept of flat design popular. The year 2018 is all expected to take the trend of flat design to another level for delivering flexible performance and improving the SEO value.

When your designer will pick up this trend, the design and UI elements will appear, in the way, shown here:

Web Development and Design Agency Trends 2018 Image 1

Flat designs are not anything dull or boring designing but it is actually a much-needed refreshing change in the designing of the website which seems to focus on the worthy and better utilization of the website’s essentialities. These designs make the website eye-catchy with the perfect and focused use of bright attractive colors, crisp and sharp edges and open space.

However, many Web Development and Design Agency experts were predicting the fact that reducing the website designing with the minimalist designing scenario will make the website look boring and reduce the number of visitors. But as a surprise to most of the predictions, flat designs were accepted hand in hand, both by the mobile users and desktop users. Such designs also helped the designers to play with their creativity and add just the right flavors with the minimal use of everything.

2. Meaningful animations will Help to ‘Rule’:

Not yet using animated videos to describe your services?
Let us warn you then.
Your audience literally loves them. And hence, you’ll have to use them, if you are willing to make progress in 2018.

Web Development and Design Agency Trends 2018 Image 2

Gone are the days when animations are just used for fascinating the websites. Now with the changing trends, the web developers seem to be more interested in using the animations with a meaningful purpose. The designing and implementation of these animations are being done with respect to bringing a well-defined meaning to the website along with emphasizing the focus on increasing the engagement and conversion rates.

The animations are used in such a way that the user’s interest is being hooked up with the following animations after the present one. These animations also contribute to making the websites cleaner as they eliminate the need of having the unnecessary decorative here and there and just focus on implementing minimal meaningful ideas.

3. Progressive web apps:

Do you like spending time and data in installing every of the app, just to see how it works (especially when it turn out to be useless)? Nobody does and that’s where progressive browser-based web apps strikes in.

The popularity of apps is not a hidden secret for anyone. Mobile apps have taken over 89% of the market and they are still growing. Considering the immense popularity of mobile apps, the app developers are now focusing to bring the combined magic of traditional apps and behaviors of web pages as the upcoming trend of 2018. This combination will result in apps called progressive web apps.

Web Development and Design Agency Trends 2018 Image 3

Twitter, Medium, etc. are some of the websites which have already drifted their focus on having a progressive web app which is an easy one-touch accessible app. Apart from this, these websites are also focusing on improving their website’s functionalities by introducing offline mode, animated pages, push notifications, etc. This trend which began recently will surely see more implementations in the coming year of 2018 with better ideas of innovations and creativity.

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4. Scalable vector graphics:

With the popularity of the animations and dynamics graphics in the designing of the websites, 2018 is looking to be the year of scalable vector graphics or SVG. SVG focuses on making the interface more interactive along with managing the functionalities of the web pages. SVG gained popularity over the last few months when the web development switched its focus on using more of the animated factors. Most of the well-known websites including WhatsApp, Dropbox, Espn, etc. have already started using SVG which has raised the overall percentage of SVG usage to 4.9%.

SVG is viewed as the technique for making the website headers, navigation menus and items dynamic in nature without causing any loss to the functioning abilities of these factors. Thus, SVG is going to play an important role in website designing for developing a better looking and engaging website.

5. Cinemagraphs:

Using either a steady static image or a movement oriented video on the website is so the talks of the old times. The latest trend is to use an intermediate in between these two. Cinemagraphs are the thing that will be the talk of the web development and design agency’s industry in the year 2018. These Cinemagraphs are not as heavy as the full flashed videos and are neither static like the still image. They are contributing to bringing the concept of moving photography in the web designing industry.

Web Development and Design Agency Trends 2018 Image 4

The main aim of the web developers in using the moving photography is to catch the attention of the users and thereby increasing the engagement rate of the customers. The very common and trending example of Cinemagraphs is the presentation of the product in the 360-degree alignment.

6. Typography designs:

It was not long back when the web developers had no options but to use images for making their web pages dynamic. Then the wave of change came along and introduced the concept of using bold, expressive and creative typographic designs. These designs came into existence with the introduction of minimally used flat designs, progressive web pages and other dynamic changes in the designing of the web pages. The main idea of using these typographic designs was to match the minimal expressive style of 2018.

These typographic designs have taken over to the use of images, in order to be more expressive with minimal efforts and usage. Switching over to the use of typographic designs does not affect the performance of the website, rather delivers some great benefits to the websites. Some of the significant benefits are as:
• Cleaner website
• Light-weight websites
• More use of negative space
• Attractive web pages

7. Micro-interactive web designs:

Earlier interacting with the web pages was one of the most difficult tasks for the users. The users have to deal with lots of work like refreshing the pages, etc. before putting any review or expressing themselves. This used to frustrate the users a lot because of the extra efforts they have to put in. It appeared minor in the beginning but then with the rapidly changing world, this started to become a problem for every Web Development and Design Agency who wanted to help their clients. This is where the need of having minor interactions was first felt.

Although, the need of reducing the interaction efforts was felt way too early, it was with the introduction of Facebook that made this concept really trending. Facebook came with the idea to be more interactive on the posts by introducing more options to react on the posts other than liking or commenting on it. Now, the users can express themselves better with the more reacting options provided.

Micro-interactions will help the users to set their feedback, put their reviews and express them without doing anything extra. They just have to hit a button for expressing how they feel. We will surely see more use of this technique in the web development and design agency in the year 2018.

8. Natural language processing:

Voice search is a common thing nowadays. Most of the people are relying on these searches for doing their daily searches for saving their time. However, the most common problem that we all have encountered with the voice searches is not finding the desired result. The inaccuracy in the result is because of the fact that sometimes the machine is not able to understand what we humans are actually asking for. Natural language processing is one emerging solution to this problem. To let users search with ease through voice, we need good UX (for voice) too.

Web Development and Design Agency Trends 2018 Image 5

Rather than focusing and completely relying on the use of keywords, the idea of natural language processing will help the machine to understand the exact needs of the humans by making the use of natural language. The use of natural language processing is surely one of the biggest web development and design agency trends 2018 which can use for many purposes like navigating information, etc.

9. Virtual reality videos:

2017 was the year which witnessed more use of videos in the website designing. And now, 2018 is the year which will see more of the virtual reality videos. The idea became popular when the web developers realized the need to have something that can explain the more complex things on the website in more simpler and easier way. Virtual reality videos are that one thing that most of the websites have started using virtual videos on their websites to ease the learning process for their users. And if you suspect the potential of virtual reality, check these eye-opening stats:

Web Development and Design Agency Trends 2018 Image 6

10. Broken grid layout:

All the users are happily using the grid layout but to satisfy the need of being creative and dynamic in presenting their skills, the static grid layout is becoming a barrier for the web development and design agencies. Thus, they are focusing more on implementing the broken grid layout in the coming year of 2018.

Web Development and Design Agency Trends 2018 Image 7

Such concept of using broken grid layout is expected to help the web developers present the best combination of the images along with the needed desired texts for creating a beautiful masterpiece of their creativity and innovative efforts.

Some Other web Development and Design Agency trends to gaze at:

2018 is expected to be an important year in modifying the implementing strategies of the web development and design agency. Though one cannot be sure about the possible trends that actually hit with the right results, the above mentioned web development and design agency trends 2018 is a step ahead in the direction for making this year one of the most successful years in the web development and design industry.

  • Emphasizing more use of the negative space for increasing the conversion rate. Negative space holds the user’s attention directly to the engaging point of conversion without any distractions and thus helps in enhancing the conversion levels.
  • Implementing more secure apps for eliminating the growing influence of hacking. 2017 witnessed a number of hacking issues on many well-known websites and therefore, 2018 will be the year that will be focusing on coming with many such apps that can overcome the problem of hacking and its following side effects.
  • More use of vibrant colors. According to the recent survey, nearly 90% customers have agreed that their buying decisions depend on the visual attraction of the website. The web developers have taken the matter into consideration and this has resulted in the comeback of vibrant colors as the web designing trends in 2018.
  • Improving the mobile design is one of the growing needs of the year 2018. As more number of people is becoming mobile-centric, creating engaging and more dynamic mobile designs will be one of the growing concerns of the web developers for the year 2018.

Besides the above-mentioned top 10 trends, here are some possible areas that can turn to be a successful trend for web development and design in 2018. Have a look:

For making their presence felt, the web development and design agencies are leaving no bars in adding quality rich elements on the websites. The focus has now shifted to being more realistic rather than being putting anything or everything on the web. Moreover, the web development and designing industry is all welcoming for any of the possible trends for enhancing and improving the success rates.

If you still have any concerning thoughts regarding the prevailing trends of the web development and design agency businesses for the year 2018, feel free to talk to our experts.

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