A landing page is an important aspect of inbound marketing strategy. Hence, you want high converting landing pages. If your pages are not giving you the desired results, you may decide to change a few words here and there, replace the images or rewrite the headline to make it more appealing. However, do you think this will help your conversion rate?

A typical landing page enjoys a conversion rate of 1-3 %. However, there are businesses that are using SEO to increase the rate significantly. You too can be one of them provided you know what steps you should take improve conversions. Before you start making changes to your landing page, it is important you analyze it carefully. You need to figure out why your landing page conversion rate is poor. It is only after that you can make changes to increase conversions.


Determine the Source of Traffic

There are many different ways visitors can land on your webpage. It could be due to SEO optimization that you have been focusing on, or it may be online ad campaign that brought your visitors to your webpage.

It is important that the page they are landing on offers them the message that they have read on the search engine results or online ad. For example, if you are running a campaign on a specific product, it will be disastrous if your visitors are directed to the homepage. This will affect the results, as visitors will not want to sift through your homepage to find the link to the product offer. This basically means that you may have to create several landing pages for different promotional and marketing campaigns. Always make sure that each page takes visitors to the correct message. This is crucial to any SEO marketing endeavors you undertake.

Analyze the Visual Elements

If you are looking for landing pages that convert, take a closer look at your images, graphics and videos. It is necessary to have visual elements that grab visitors’ attention. Make sure your videos and images are pertinent to the content and are the focal points of the page.

You should consider the color of the fonts, font type and even font size. Sometimes a rudimentary change to the page can make your message stand out. The key is to make the important message on the page stand out and grab the attention of the visitor.


UX is Important

UX, or user experience, is important part of SEO marketing, and its importance should not be undermined when creating landing page templates. Make sure that the formatting and navigation is user-friendly. This basically means that bullets are preferable to long-winded sentences, headers should be optimized for local SEO, and navigation should not too complicated.

Many times conversion suffers as landing pages do not provide optimal user experience. If it is not clearly stipulated what the visitor should do next, your SEO strategy and advertising efforts will be in vain. Instead of over designing the page, make things simple. Think from the perspective of the visitor and avoid confusing them. This way, you will not lose out to your competitors.

Is Your Offer Worthwhile?

Many online marketers focus on landing page optimization. However, they forget to give the same amount of importance to the offer. After all, your offer will decide whether visitors take the action you want them to or not. So, evaluate it carefully. Does it explain the benefits? Don’t focus on the features; benefits to visitors are more important.

Just getting people to sign up is not going to get the results you anticipate. Instead, tell them why they should sign up and what they will get in lieu. Make sure that the offer is worth their time and provides genuine value.

Even the words that you select should be considered carefully. Buy Now, for instance, means parting with money. Anyone landing on the page will not want to do that without having faith or trust in you. Hence, get rid of that term and put in Trial Offer instead. Create pop-ups to encourage your webpage visitors try out another offer if they are not interested in the main one. However, don’t go overboard with pop-ups as they can be irritating and frustrating.

Make Use of Re-targeting Ads

Online marketing experts state that prospective customers need to see an offer minimum seven times before they will act on it. Hence, as part of your SEO and online marketing strategy, make use of retargeting ads.

The technique is frequently used in online marketing wherein a browser cookie is place on the visitor’s browser and this allows you to reach out to that visitor at a later date through PPC campaigns and other forms of paid ads. This ensures you can reconnect with the visitor and provide offers that you perceive are relevant to them.

Finally, the call to action (CTA) on your landing page can affect conversions. Make sure it is simple yet clear. Do not ask visitors to fill out too many fields as they will just leave the page. Ask just for relevant information, like name and email address, to get them to sign up. Later on, you can get in touch with them for more information, if necessary.