There was a time when the yellow pages were nothing more than a trusted phone directory. The times have changed from that scenario, and presently everyone turns to the internet to look for the list of businesses.

Yellow pages have also gone online keeping up with the times. Now, the businesses need to pay up if they want to showcase themselves in the Internet yellow pages or IYP, as we call them. The businesses are, therefore, quite naturally considering the listing on the pages as an important part of SEO strategy.


The importance of yellow pages search

The thing, that one needs to keep in mind that: people do not go directly to the yellow pages business. But they turn towards Google, especially, if there is the use of keywords of that nature. When a viewer is trying to compare between two businesses, he will want to gather as much information as he can find. This is how businesses get noticed, and this is how the importance of yellow pages in small business search engine optimization is considered. It is of immense help in performing SEO to a local business by the methods of sending backlinks to your website. In such a scenario, any inaccurate business listing can be harmful to the business.


The things to know about free business listing

The listing consists of things like that of the name of your business, the exact location, the contact details, logos, reviews and more. The most common issue that we hear about is that a certain business has got negative reviews and immediate damage control is needed for SEO optimization. But the online existence and local SEO are much more than just reviews. The business listing must contain accurate and detailed information about your services so that the consumer faces no trouble in reaching out to you. There are many ways to go about when it comes to correcting the listings on yellow pages. These are all part of SEO tools that the companies apply for Google local SEO.

Going for automatic systems:

Several automated systems can make the job a lot easier than before. There, however, a huge glitch in the automated systems which is the fact that they correct all the inaccuracy automatically. The errors are skipped or overlooked. This has negative effects on SEO marketing. An example can be given as suppose, you have more than one website or phone number, these automated systems will create separate listings or flag them as being incorrect. These duplicated listings remain unclaimed by the owners, and there is no point in having an online SEO listing if you cannot claim it or respond to the reviews. The fees that you need to offer to the automated tools sites are an ongoing process, and you lose all the work on the listings if you stop the payment. This is like going back to the beginnings when it comes to SEO.

Going for in-house manual systems to achieve SEO optimization:

This works the best if you have a business that has already gained a suitable reputation in the market and you only want to correct ten accuracies on the site. This is a simple as it gets and you just need to go through the listings and correct it all manually. If you are someone who is good with computers or have an employee who is good with computers, you will complete this task in a bit of time. Do not forget to check on the link that asks if you are the owner of this yellow pages business. This is time-consuming, but this method works much better than the automated systems that do not take into consideration any of the search engine optimization tips.

Going for the manual checking by experts as SEO tools:

The biggest problem with doing it on your own is the time constraint that comes with it. If you are a small business with very few employees, then this becomes even more difficult to manage SEO alongside your daily business. In this case, the best thing to do is give the responsibility of your work to the experts who are adept at giving services like that. They will fully optimize the system and update according to your SEO content. You can log in at any time if you need to respond to the reviews or add a new address and the likes. The professional companies do these works as part of their SEO services.


The inaccuracy of the listings is not uncommon and can be detrimental to local SEO. The local search SEO till today depends on a lot on yellow pages search. So the companies involved in SEO marketing understand the need to properly use this opportunity for Google search engine optimization.