Yelp SEO : Amazing ways to generate leads from Yelp.

Leads generation is one way of getting your business known to your potential customers as well as making sales from them too. There are so many ways of generating leads for your business, email marketing, social media marketing, off line advertisement and the rest. All are effective ways and works just fine when you have the right strategy.

Today’s blog post will be focused on lead generation using yelp and the benefits of using the Yelp platform to gain recognition as well as making sales. Before we proceed, you have to know exactly what Yelp is all about.

What is Yelp?

Yelp was founded in 2004 to help people locate businesses in any location such as hair stylists, locksmith, welders, mechanics, etc. yelp since launch has been recording 28 million unique visitors every month from the mobile app and 74 million unique users/visitors from the web. The listing site boasts of 135 million reviews as of writing this article. Also, business owners can get their business listed on the site without paying a dime.


What use is yelp to my business?

The brief information about Yelp states without mincing words that it has the potential of giving your business a facelift. Points to note here how useful are the Yelp platform to your business is these:

Huge unique visitors:

Yelp is having that large number of visitors make it a goldmine for your business. It presents you the perfect spot to advertise and tell people about your business without stress. Imagine a platform filled with over 3 million individuals looking for locksmith services; it is way easier to market and sell your services to them here.

Better ranking on search engines:

Any business that is well optimized on Yelp has a better chance of ranking better on search engines. Once similar keywords are searched on search engines like Google, even without having a business website, your business will appear on the first page.

Registration is free of charge:

Yelp just solved the problem smallest business face, which is the cost of opening a business account. Any business owner can quickly set up the account of his/her business on Yelp without paying any money to anyone.
Having read these three solid pointers on how Yelp proves useful to your business, I guess you are itching to sign up already;
well you can do that here .

4 simple steps to add a business to Yelp for Free.

How to generate leads for your business using Yelp

Yelp is just like any other listing websites like craigslist, Google business, Yahoo and the rest but with a difference. The uniqueness in Yelp listing is that it is strictly business and a platform known to have only business owners and people looking for their services.
The below tips will help you generate more leads on Yelp

  • Do keyword research
  • Build your Yelp listing
  • Optimize your Yelp listing
  • Make announcement of upcoming offers
  • Engage your customers:
  • Offline promotion
  • Build good customer relationship
  • Appreciation

#1 Do keyword research:

The idea behind keyword research is to help you rank more on search engines both on yelp and others (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). You have to find the keywords that people looking for your services are using on search engines. Head to straight to search engines and type certain keywords related to your business niche and see companies listed, study the keywords and apply to yours. I recommend this tool semrush for easy keyword research.
Another way to do keyword research is going to yelp search bar and type a related business keyword and see a list of other keywords frequently sought.

#2 Build your Yelp listing:

Never skip this step if you truly need to get new customers from yelp. Here what we are doing to get leads is to get listed correctly, in the right category on Yelp. First of all, search for your business on the yelp search tag and scroll down the list, if you can’t find it on the list then click add your business link.

“Quick tip: Take all the time in the world to set up your business page on Yelp. Make sure to add your company’s description, hours of operation, address and photos. Most especially pictures of your business and what you help build trust and relationship with your buyers.”


#3 Optimize your Yelp listing:

Your business listing on yelp is just like your website, therefore treat it as such. Take time to read every word and sentence to make sure things are very okay. Keep the descriptions as simple as possible and don’t let anything affect the readability. One more thing doesn’t over use keywords when optimizing just to make it rank; you might get penalized for this. Having done this, your lead is on the way with Yelp.

#4 Get reviews from customers:

One thing that helps you get leads on anywhere is reviews. Yelp is no exception to this rule of lead generation. People are most likely to buy from you when they read what other people are saying about you. As a business owner, I recommend you speak with your previous customers who are satisfied with your service to leave a 5-star review on your Yelp page. Many positive reviews on your page mean more credibility and this way more leads will come your way. Furthermore, Yelp algorithm tends to rank business listing with positive reviews better. So take it this way, the more positive (5star) review you get on your business listing, the more leads you will be able to generate.

#5 Make an announcement of your upcoming offers:

People often fall in love with companies or businesses that offer discounts and offers at a certain point in time. This is a strategic way of generating more lead for your business using yelp. All you need to do is make an announcement on Yelp of a particular discount on your service or product, the day the offer starts and the day it ends. This works for most e-commerce websites, as they record three times number of sales when an offer is on than before. You can start announcing the offer to your current customers at that time, surely the word will spread.

#6 Offline promotion:

Having a good looking and well optimized Yelp business page is good, but where the problem lies is do people know you? Do people know you are on Yelp? If the answer is no, then you need to start some serious promotion for yourself. How about starting with every customer that comes to your office. Including your Yelp page like in your menu, a business card should go a long way to promote your business page on Yelp.

#7 Engage your customers:

Yelp is more like a business/customer social media. Business owners should make use of this opportunity after setting up their pages to engage with their customers. Chat with them and talk about what they need. You can respond to them either publicly or in private, the choice is yours.

#8 Build good customer relationship:

Any relationship that lacks communication will inevitably die off. On the Yelp platform, you can communicate with your clients, unlike some listing sites. Take this golden opportunity to answer any question on time or complaints by customers. Fast communication will earn you trust and build a great bond between customers.
In turn, these customers you are in a good relationship will go out and spread good words about your business to friends, colleagues, and family. The rest will be history as your customer will end up advertising for your business and generating more lead too.

#9 Appreciation:

When a customer leaves a good review on your Yelp business page, courtesy demands you thank the person. Thank such individual will not only portray that you mean business it will also strengthen the customer to say more good about your business. Chat with the customer privately to show appreciation.

Final words
Lead generation is much easier, better and less expensive with yelp all you need is to follow meticulously the above tips mentioned. More customers will come your way, the moment you get to work.





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