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List of Best Online Reputation Management Tools
for Agencies and Local Businesses

Have you ever tried to Google your name or your company’s name? Do you like what you see? If yes, you may have actually hit the nail on the head; however, if not, then you need to work on your ‘Online Reputation’. By employing various techniques and tools there is always a way to manage reputation online.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is the way others see you when they look for you online. Your social media reputation and everything online is directed towards online reputation management. These online communities include news sites, online forums, social media websites, search engines such as Google, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo, etc., publications, comments, mentions on other websites, etc. However, the impact that it can have on your sales and business is unfathomable.Companies of every size can actually gauge their presence by monitoring online reputation through various tools available in the market. It is imperative to build a brand which, talks about your company’s vision, projecting your company’s outlook in the best way possible. Being mindful about the way your organization is seen in the eyes of the general public, shareholders, investors, etc. is the first step towards managing your reputation online.There are different online reputation management tools available that can protect your business and reputation more effectively every day. Monitor your reputation online today!

Why should one have an online reputation management tool?

Reviews are one way of gathering information about your company and business. Consumers are found to be driven by reviews to decide whether they want to buy a particular product or no. It is said that 86% of customers will not buy from a website with bad or negative Google reviews.Whereas, you will notice that a whopping 72% of the public trusts a brand or company, if they see positive online reviews. Reputation tracking plays an important part in analysing the way your company is projected in front the audience. From setting up cautions and barriers, to monitor online reputation, your online reputation management software can do this and much more.If we talk about reviews specifically, there is more than 90% chance of your customer coming back if they establish that you have great products owning to great reviews. With online brand reputation management, track your reviews and online image on any of the social networking platforms easily.

16 Online Monitoring Tools to make your brand stand out

1. TribeLocal

  1. Considered as one of the best ORM tools available today. TribeLocal helps to amplify the business and brand performance and presence online.
  2. They make use of local citations, reviews, ranking, SEO tools, Google business insights, social media mining, etc. to manage and monitor online reputation of your brand and company.
  3. They help to better your standing online as a brand and company, which results in better lead generation.

Online Reputation Management Guide  : A comprehensive checklist and guide for Agencies and Local Businesses to manage their internet Reputation

Online review Management tool : Manage Reviews from 100+ Local Business directories using TribeLocal advanced review management and monitoring platform

Review Generation Tool : Start Generating tons of reviews for your Business online on Google, FB and other channels where customers look out for you.

2. BrandsEye

• Data driven and accurate in monitoring every task conducted online, BrandsEye is the brain child of computer and data scientists conceived in 2007. It combines the prowess of artificial intelligence and crowd-sourcing i.e. human intelligence, to mine data online.
• Strategically filter information available online to give you a thorough analysis of your standing and areas of improvement.
• From analysing sentiments, to physical transactions, trending topics, reviews, using AI and crowd-sourcing techniques, BrandsEye brings visible intelligence to inform and improve business.
• They are there to provide you with accurate description of your online activity and present workable solutions to manage reputation online seamlessly

3. Talkwalker Free Social Search and Alerts


• Talkwalker free social search and alerts lets you dive deeper into your online reputation management.
• They are known to have a quick turn-around-time to check the engagement of the audience with your brand with a time frame as less as one week.
• Allows you to monitor online reputation real-time.
• Complete analysis of all your social media reputation spanning Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
• Data analysis of more than a 100 million websites to break down your brand reputation on news sites, online forums, blogs, etc.


• IFTTT or If This Then That is a free platform to connect all your social media networking and merge it on one common platform.
• It merges and triggers information from one social media platform linking it with another. This increases your brand value and also helps you in online reputation management without any hassles.
• They use simple technology to create a chain of conditional statements called applets to identify the drivers of your business and what is a deterrent.
• It helps to filter data from over 600 apps to engage in reputation tracking of your digital footprint.

5. ReviewTrackers

• It helps to keep track of all customer engagements in over 80 websites and web resources.
• It is a paid tool that helps in online reputation management to increase your company’s online presence.
• Links all your social media accounts and activity to one platform and sends you periodic report to monitor your reputation online.
• Assists you in filtering the data that is available online, by flagging alerts as well as tracking customer feedback.
• Mine data online to reduce the chances of damage to your brand.

6. ReputationDefender

• One of the oldest online brand reputation management tools and companies, ReputationDefender is a pioneer in the ORM and privacy products space.
• Helps in mining data using all social media platforms and tools, business insights, online forums, and everywhere a business is visible online to chalk out a pattern to help in ORM.
• They help small and big sized businesses as well as individuals to work and manage online reputation through effective analysis.

7. ReviewPush

• It is a paid online monitoring website that helps to track and manage your online reputation.
• Carries out extensive search on all online platforms including social media platforms, news forums, online engagement platforms, Google, search engines, etc. to analyse data affecting your brand.
• It is one of the best online reputation tracking tools in the market.
• It also gives you a comprehensive break-up of reviews on various websites mentioning your company name.

8. Rankur

• It is one of the most popular online reputation monitoring tools in the market.
• It engages various aspects of your company’s presence online right from social media reputation, web monitoring, analytics and reporting, rebranding, application and technology monitoring as well.
• The tool is customised as per your company’s requirement and can be used to mine data online to track everything that is being said or written about your company.
• Helps to increase the brands value by filtering data and pointing out areas of improvement.
• Trusted by more than 400 brands and business, small and large, globally.

9. Trackur

• A leading social media reputation and monitoring software used by multiple companies and brands worldwide.
• Full online media monitoring, including mainstream social engagement platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
• Detailed analytics of which channels are performing better and how is your company engaging with the audience along with detailed sentiment analysis.
• Helps to improve brand positioning and accelerate online reputation management with effective software’s.

10. SocialMention

• It is a real time search platform that is absolutely free of cost.
• Allows you to track your business performance online by measuring what people have to say or respond to your brand.
• It can range from a particular topic to a company name, product launch, or any trending topic across social media landscape such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc. all in real-time.
• It monitors over 100 social media properties directly in real-time.
• They showcase the way the mentions online affect your brand and standing and the audiences’ reaction to the name. Online reputation management made easy!

11. UberVU ORM

• It is one of the top-rated ORM tools available today. UberVU presents all necessary information that a brand needs to know.
• It analyses and breaks down every aspect of a company’s social networking presence by presenting current trends, business insights, ranking, standing, patterns, social media influencers, etc.
• All information is gathered and delivered in real-time, making it a must have tool for all brands and companies.
• The biggest advantage of UberVU is real-time data mining and reputation tracking, administration of Facebook and Twitter directly, client and customer engagement, etc.

12. Radian6

• An excellent tool for businesses with a substantial turnover. It has now become a part of Salesforce after merger.
• It is a real-time tool that helps to keep a complete track of your business insights, social networking and online reputation tracking, influencers’ insights, news forums, and perhaps everywhere that you have a digital footprint.
• It covers an entire gamut of social media platforms that range from comments on Facebook and other social media platforms to tweets, web discussions, etc.
• It actively tracks your brand mentions across the online landscape.

13. Google Alerts

• Comprehensive reputation monitoring tool that tells about everything about your brand online.
• Monitors the web for all content related to current trends, reviews, customer engagements, news insights, blogs, articles, etc.
• Set up alerts using Google alerts to send emails to your account about activity that is carried out personally or for a business to understand your standing in the online community.
• It helps you to access data that has any mention about your brand or company as well as competitor reviews and analysis on current basis.
• Helps in online reputation monitoring.

14. Mention

• One of the best online reputation management tools in the market. Like the word Mentions, you will be instantly notified regarding any activity involving your brand name, company name, competitor reviews and analysis, insights, etc. with a simple algorithm that can detect online activity seamlessly.
• You can get access to a complete summarized report about your brands presence online and where you are lacking in positive promotion.
• You can set real-time alarms to be updated about everything related to your brand and company.
• This brand management tool is available on iOS, desktop, Android and web. You can utilize the free version for basic insights or the premium / paid version for detailed analysis of your online reputation.

15. BirdEye

• Excellent online brand reputation management tool that helps to filter online activity related to your brand name or company name.
• Monitors social media reputation, reviews, business insights, blogs, articles, news forums, online communities, etc. to understand what are the factors affecting your brand.
• With the use of Natural Language Processing, it helps to carry out a deep dive in understanding comments and feedback as well as sentiment analysis to build a stronger company online.
• BirdEye helps to promote genuine reviews online to get better customer engagement and promote traffic to your website.

16. BrandYourself

• Manage your search engine ranking, reputation tracking, social media mentions, reviews, blogs and articles, etc. with the help of BrandYourself online reputation management tool.
• BrandYourself monitors all online activity minutely, real-time and mines data available from all sources actively.
• They understand the damage a negative review can do to your brand name and personal image. To help salvage matters before they become out of hand, BrandYourself presents you with a number of online reputation management solutions.

Manage reputation online with the help of the best ORM tools available in the market. There is nothing worse than a bad comment or review. With the latest technological advancements in studying online patterns, get your brand reputation in line today!

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