It comes as no surprise when the majority of homeowners who are looking to build a new home use the Internet to find an architect to work with. To make those homeowners hire you, you have to be visible to them.

SEO for architects is meant to make any architecture website visible to those who are searching for architectural services on the Internet. How good are your architectural services, after all, if people are not able to find you?

Being ‘invisible’ to your customers and clients means that you’ve got a problem that only SEO for architects can solve.
Classically, SEO for architects is all about getting your portfolio across that couple who wants to move to a custom designed home.


10 SEO tips for Architects


1. Set Up Your Google My Business Page

Setting up a business page on Google is an efficient way to feed Google your accurate address, business name and phone number too. Google knows, and thus individuals who are searching for you locally will come to know about you too. For example: 


2. Make Your Clients Review Your Services on Google

Make it easy for your clients to review your services on Google. Give them the link. Tell all your recent clients they have an option.

3. Strive on Giving the Website Visitors a Great Experience

You have to make sure that your website works perfectly with no bugs on mobile, tablet, and desktop. In a world where people are spending more time on their mobile devices, you might be pushing leads away if your site is not optimized for mobile.

4. Do not Procrastinate to Do Some Serious Keyword Research

Figure out what people are searching on the Internet when they look for the services you offer. Focus on the local market. There are professional tools that will help you find the needed.

5. Use the Keyword Phrases You’ve Researched in the Content

Apply an innovative content strategy. Use the keyword phrases you’ve researched in the content of your website strategically. You can add the keywords in the following:
• The title of the page

• The Body Copy

• The URL

• The title of the blogs

• The Alt text

• The title tags

• The Meta Descriptions

While this was all about on-page SEO, you can use the content in off-page SEO strategies too. For instance, you can add them in your guest blogs. There are a plethora of off-page strategies that will help you rank better.

6. Never forget that Search Engines Care About Your Pages Loading Fast or Slow

It’s important to move your website to a host that loads pages faster. SEO for architects plays a major role in the process of bringing business to your website. Page speed, however, is another major factor that cannot be ignored.

7. A Home Page with Enough Content is Highly Recommended

It comes as no surprise that search engines do not value the web pages that have no content. Why not add a well-designed portfolio to the home page of your business website?

8. Nothing Beats a Blog Section that Speaks Specifically About Architectural Tips, Tricks, Facts

Remember that people may visit your website and choose to stay a bit longer than normal. Nothing can beat a well-managed blog section that is architecture and everything around it. Focus on targeting local clients and answer their frequently asked questions through your blogs.

9. Make it Easy For People to Share Your Blog Posts

The maximum shares your blogs get, the greater are the visits to your website. Make sure you add the much needed ‘share’ buttons to your blog. While we cannot force people to do so, we can make it easy for them, no?

10. Focus on Quality Blog Posts

Do not rush on writing too many blogs with too little information. Write an informative post and take your time promoting it to various media. For instance, before anyone else shares it, share it to your Facebook page, Twitter and other social media platforms.

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