Are you a restaurant owner ? Then this article will guide you through the importance of SEO for Restaurants .

Every restaurant desires to entice new customers and stay top of mind with existing customers.  Most restaurants in all likelihood already have the most powerful gear to accomplish restaurant websites.  But are potential clients locating yours?

Hungry customers will look online (on their phone, on their pc, on their tablet) for restaurants, and they may find your eating place inside the search effects.  But is your website optimized for search?  This means:  will potential customers discover your restaurant online if they’re not searching to find your specifically specifically? Will it even rank among hundreds of other restaurant web sites in search results?

Why is Local SEO important for Restaurants?


Without SEO, your Restaurant Website is like a billboard in the desert. No one will see it.

A restaurant’s popularity is primarily based on its food, but an excellent advertising approach comes as close as possible to recreating the entire dining experience. Since Internet advertising and marketing has turn out to be a necessity for restaurants, your online marketing method desires to do similar to your offline one.

When people want to try a brand new area for dinner, they’ll go browsing to look for recommendations or read reviews of local spots. Your restaurant has to use the Internet to promise a splendid meal and a nice environment. If you don’t have an internet presence, you will be missing out on many opportunities to attain new customers. SEO for Restaurants is equally important

How can Restaurants be benefited from SEO and Local SEO ?


Importance-of-seo-for-RestaurantsMore Cost-Effective Marketing

While it can happen that your restaurant don’t require marketing, a simple and free of cost facebook page can leverage your restaurant’s reputation in your neighbourhood as well as the surrounding areas. But what if no one is aware of your restaurant and its facebook page. There comes SEO, takes your restaurant to the potential customers out there with the investment of zero dollars.


Importance-of-seo-for-RestaurantsCustomer Engagement

Loyal and potential customers prefer to communicate across digital platform. If they visit your restaurant, they will not have any time to communicate with you and same goes for you as you’ll be busy working and managing things around. Engaging them in conversation on a digital platform will raise a factor of trust for you and also it will increase the probability that they might come to your place again.


Brand Reputation

And when customers are happy with your restaurant, both online and offline, it will increase your brand reputation and brand image. Now imagine that you have 5 loyal customers who will get 5 different friend circles to your restaurant to try your menu out.


Importance-of-seo-for-RestaurantsIncreased Bottom Line

A fully localized and optimized restaurant website will do well in driving customers right to your restaurant doorsteps. Engaging both loyal and potential customers in a friendly chat or feedback session over the digital environment further enhances the appeal of your restaurant. Putting all of these together will only lead to the generation of increased income. All businesses strive to attain the bottom line.


Useful Local SEO tips for Restaurants


  • Publish Your Menu on Your Site

If you don’t have your menu posted on your internet site, you’re potentially missing out on lots of new customers. People typically use search engines like google and yahoo to locate menus for a selected eating place, so you need to make certain yours is for your web site and has been crawled through Google.

Include a “Menu” page on your web site so it’s short and smooth to find. Don’t use an picture for your menu even though. Use HTML alternatively, that’s how SERPs will crawl the page.

  • Do Keyword Research

Do a keyword research on restaurant and find for what keywords do people mostly search for and do keyword stuffing in content. Try searching string of keywords relevant to your business. For example search in the name of your city or locality along with restaurant name.

  • Optimize Your Homepage for a Specific Keyword

When search engines crawl for your page, they don’t look for fancy images, what they crawl for is HTML of your website. Search engines will use that information to determine what your web page is about and will decide which keywords you should rank for in search results.

  • Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Considering so many people rely on mobile devices these days, it’s no surprise that your site should look great and function properly on mobile. Plus, Google actually ranks mobile-friendly websites higher in their search results.

If you want to get a boost in search rankings, make sure you have a mobile-friendly site ASAP! You can actually check your site with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool.

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