What is Mapquest?

Know more about the second biggest Online Map service


What Mapquest Does

MapQuest provides users street-level details and driving directions for multiple countries for both Android and iOS platforms as App as well as a responsive website. The features of MapQuest go beyond to:

  • POI search – Users can find the points of interest with a simple zoom into the map to find the exact business location
  • Voice-guided navigation – It uses voice-to-text synthesis for easy and quick navigation.
  • Real-time traffic – Get an insight into real-time traffic.

MapQuest offers many other products that make travel and daily tasks easy. MapQuest Discover assists users in finding travel destinations with the built-in search functionality. Via Travel Blogs user can develop blogs and publish images to offer a deep insight about a travel destination.

Have you ever wished to find out the Gas Prices at all the nearby Gas Stations? Use GasPrices feature of MapQuest, and find the lowest gas price in the vicinity.

How to use Mapquest driving directions?

MapQuest is an extensive tool that offers driving directions both on the App as well as a responsive website.
For visiting the website, use the link: https://www.mapquest.com/directions

An extremely intuitive interface of the responsive website helps you in easy navigation from start to end of your journey. You can find directions to the destination within seconds even if you are not familiar with the interface.

2) Enter your starting point and destination point. Click Get directions.

3) With a single click, you can find the details of multiple routes, the vicinity via which you will be travelling, estimated time on the basis of real-time traffic, estimated fuel cost and current traffic status. You can make a choice between the Route #1 and Route #2 by comparing the estimated details it offers.

MapQuest 2

4) While setting the route you can Add stops, you may intend to go on the way. Remember the route may be modified if you add spots

MapQuest 3

5) The Route Setting feature allows you to avoid tolls, highways, ferries, country borders and also use IRS reimbursement for fuel. All one needs to do is swap the slider right till it turns green. Apply the settings now. These setting remain unaltered unless you make any changes to them.

MapQuest 4

6) Click on View Route directions to get street and direction details to your destination.

MapQuest 5

7) Unlimited features of MapQuest also include tools like saving the Maps to your favorite list or search along route features.

MapQuest 6

The website allows you to share or print the Maps in case you may enter some area with weak internet. You can find multiple places of interest like hotels, restaurants, gas, grocery, Parking and more with a single click.

If you are not used to the street view choose the satellite view of the maps from the right most set of icons. The Traffic Icon lets you select highlights on the Map in case there is Traffic Slow down, Traffic incident or Traffic Webcam.

The MapQuest App for both Android and iOS follows the footsteps of the website and offers and easy to use platform for finding driving directions quickly and intuitively.

What is Mapquest route planner?

Adding multiple stops in between the starting and destination points may make your route complicated and time-consuming. MapQuest offers a quick optimization of your route if you have multiple stops. Popularly known as MapQuest Route Planner, lets you add 26 locations and optimize the route to help you save both time and money. Feature packed tool allows you to define how you wish to travel and just acts as an optimization assistant.

The Route Planner offers you three options to choose from:

What is Mapquest mileage?

Along with telling the route and driving direction to help you out with the travel, MapQuest Mileage is another great feature to utilize. You will be able to see the Mileage details along with the voice instructions or route planner functionality while using this directory.

This Mileage function allows the users compare the prices of fuel on nearby gas stations, with which you can save money easily. If you will optimize the route as per MapQuest Mileage, you will be able to see real-time updates about traffic snarls and closed roads. With this information, you can save a lot of time too.

What is Mapquest classic?

MapQuest is a big name in online mapping and therefore, needs regular upgrades and feature additions. It is considered a great rival to Google Maps. In 2008, it launched a new and upgraded version of MapQuest website which was referred to as MapQuest Beta. With this Upgrade, there were two versions of MapQuest available. One was MapQuest Classic, which is the old version of the tech giant while another is the latest MapQuest Beta.

The MapQuest Classic differs from the new version in terms of the appearance and features, both. Significant differences of Beta version from the classic version are enlisted here:

  1. Home page design is different.
  2. Classic version had different fields for address, city, pin code etc. while the beta version allows the users to fill every detail in one box.
  3. Gas prices and traffic details weren’t directly accessible in the classic version. These are now on the home page in beta version.

In 2010, MapQuest got a completely new look and logo.

What are the major locations where Mapquest works?

MapQuest is an indispensable online mapping tool once you start using it. MapQuest.com used is extensively by travelers while on daily routes or for long vacation travels. A study revealed that MapQuest receives Find and driving direction request to generate 5 million maps in a day that leads to the generation of 7 million driving directions. MapQuest functions seamlessly with the satellite inputs to offer real-time traffic and road conditions. It majorly covers the geographical area of

  1. United States – Satellite View + Street View
  2. India – Satellite View + Street View
  3. Canada – Satellite View + Street View
  4. Spain – Street View
  5. France – Satellite View + Street View
  6. The United Kingdom – Satellite View + Street View
  7. Germany – Satellite View + Street View
  8. Italy – Satellite View + Street View
  9. Austria – Satellite View + Street View
  10. Belgium – Street View
  11. Denmark- Satellite View + Street View
  12. Luxembourg- Satellite View + Street View
  13. Netherlands – Satellite View + Street View
  14. Sweden – Satellite View + Street View
  15. Switzerland – Satellite View + Street View

MapQuest gets all the current and live data by linking with mapping companies across the globe. Every three months the map database is updated to ensure that any infrastructure changes are incorporated in the Maps.

MapQuest is powered by its 34 servers that work as a Data center in Virginia. Servers with high computational power and speed handle all the mathematics that leads to map development and driving direction generation. These servers connect well over satellites with the above mentioned major location to cover the services.

What is Mapquest street view and how to use it?

MapQuest offers two views:

  • Satellite view – Whenever you launch MapQuest you will get a satellite view of the map
  • Street view- A street view is the actual 3-D model of your location.

MapQuest has led the online mapping niche as a very strong contender to Bing and Google Maps. Owned by AOL, MapQuest launched its 360 view of streets in 30 cities and 15 suburbs and the count is growing day by day.

Mapquest offers its 360 degree street views. These views are created by developing a 3-D model of the location from multiple images taken on streets. MapQuest database is full of such images and offers a very easy way to find out the view of the street you wish.

  • Launch any of the Internet browsers you have can your system. MapQuest street view is compatible with multiple browsers. All you need to do is open the official link to Mapquest responsive website at www.mapquest.com click enter
  • Let the site load fully to see all the features it has to offer. MapQuest will try to determine your location using the IP address and give you a view of the area you are located in.
  • Locate the “Find Places” option on the top-left corner just above Get directions on the Mapquest homepage.
  • Enter the complete address of the place or building you wish to have a sneak peak of the street view.
  • Most of the addresses are pre-loaded in the database and you may just need to select the address out of the list it shows.
  • At the top-right corner, you need to click on “360 View”. Let the website load the street view on the left side of the screen
  • You can use the directional arrows on the top-left corner of the street view to zoom in or zoom out and chose the direction of street view. These are all real-time images put together to generate a complete 360 degree view of the street.

How to get a Mapquest business listing, and how can it help your business?

MapQuest 8

How to Get Listed on MapQuest?

As MapQuest is still preferred by millions of users for driving and direction help, it could be considered a major place for getting your business listed online. To get yourself listed in the MapQuest business listing directory, visit our website first. Sign up and talk to our experts using the online chat feature to get further help.

Why Get Listed on MapQuest?

Whatever is your business and no matter how famous it is, if a new visitor is in the city – you will not be noticed at all until not online. As maps are mostly used by everyone to find directions and places of interest, MapQuest is probably the best place for your business. If listed there, you will get more recognition, visitors, and buyers for sure.