NAP stands for ‘Name, Address, Phone Number’ and is one among the numerous widely used SEO tools. For any business to grow, they need to have a good rank in their respective SEO or local organic search results or local search SEO (local SEO for small business). Most of the times, Google SEOaccumulates those data to produce relevant geo-tagged (Google local SEO)search results and for local SEO.


For starters, to understand what NAP does, the business website should have their NAP set up correctly which applies both on the business website as well on other sites that are there on the web for a better rank in SEO or forSEO marketing.

Some SEO marketing experts have come to the realization where they have stated that Google SEO with other search engines cross-refers to the particular NAP information to check out their legitimacy for SEO marketing. So the consistency ratio is dependable on the number of citations present on internal links SEO or in local search SEO. With more local citations of the NAP information, the consistency rate goes up.

Where and How to enter NAP?

Concerning the local citation, it is advisable that the business owner must register their NAP on any one of the local directories. If they want more consistency, they can always look for industry-specific directories or in the SEO title of their website.

The best possible way to format NAP and other Search Engine Optimization Tips

With the amount of time spent on SEOoptimizingfor the local online presence by any business organization, they must be aware of the consistency of the NAP all across the directories or on any other website. The flexibility and the presence of an optimized business site are the pivotal points of NAP which helps a business rank in local searches and in maintaining Google local SEO. It often happens that these organizations are not aware of the format for NAT. Honestly, there isn’t one ideal format available that applies to every business or SEO content businesses, but conveniently enough, a basic format is there, which can be followed to maintain the consistency level of the NAP.


This is probably one of the most basic things to do while making a NAP since they have the entire control in their hand which means further optimization of internal links SEO. For example, if one chooses to tag themselves as a law firm in every one of their website and website information section or SEO title, then they should not interpolate that tag in different directories because that would definitely disrupt the consistency ratio.


Google can get a bit particular with small inconsistencies in the address name where St or street can be tagged as an inconsistency or with the change business address. To avoid that, it is best to follow the format that is there on the google map. You must also make sure that the address gets updated in every website of the business and all the pages, present on the web.

Phone Number

There can be multiple phone numbers for any business organization but it is necessary for them to assign a simple number in every directory listing for local SEO. The number can be anything, but that should tally up with all the prevalent numbers given in every directory for local SEO.

Inclusion of the NAP on website footer

The NAP should be in text and must be there on every site page that they own. The data must be crawlable, otherwise, it won’t work. So instead of uploading an image for enhanced website design, make sure that they have it as under HTML format for the NAP to get crawled.

Repeat It

Fortunately enough, this should work without any fail, but in cases where business organizations change address, they would have to repeat the whole process from square one. Otherwise, there will be a noticeable fall in the local search results. So maintaining the consistency can get tedious, but it is worth the effort that is being applied.

Other guidelines for maintaining the NAP and other SEO strategy/SEO optimization

The consistency ration must be maintained while updating the NAP and keeping a reliable SEO strategy. Whereas the NAP can be pretty much everywhere ranging from the ‘footer.php’ to even on the SEO backlinks of the web page. But it is more useful if it gets added to the title or within SEO backlinks.

For the businesses with multiple business address the ones that want to change business address, it is advisable that they update their NAPs(for all business address) on every one of their pages or they can have the NAP of location X on the page of location X (It goes on like this for varied locations of local SEO for small business).

The NAP blob can appear on repeat, but it is advisable to limit the loop to only two or three times because it might perturb the consistency ratio. For the ones who have a home-based business, if privacy issue concerns them, then they can easily leave out the street name. But they can choose to include the business name along with the ZIP and phone number of course.

As far as any visitor is concerned, they can get curious about the business address of that establishment that one owns. So to poke around or find more they must know the address as well. On the other hand, NAP would increase the local search results that would help them find the physical address of the concerned business. This is why you as a business owner should make sure that you don’t dilute the consistency and that makes the nap SEO or SEO muscle falter which means that the business rank might lower down.