The modern practice of taking businesses global using online marketing is quite familiar to everyone. To make sure that your business gets featured on the very first page, you need to know about the right SEO practices.

In this respect, it is important to mention that local SEO is a lot more complicated than other kinds. The main reason behind this is – the search results for local businesses keep changing more quickly than others. The SEO marketing for local businesses needs to be carried out with more caution as the competitions are more widespread in the local space than anywhere else. Knowledge about certain search engine optimization tips will help you improve your standing in the search engines like Google.


Things to know about the On-Page signals

Google has recently introduced an update called the Pigeon update. Certain factors have become really important for on-page search optimization after the introduction of the update. To improve your local SEO conditions, you must consider the following steps.

The word count factor: There are several on-page SEO factors, but none holds more importance than the word count factor and its effect on the ranking. The simple relation is known to most people that longer SEO content has a better ranking on the search engines. It is important to mention in this regard that the ideal length of content differs from one niche to another. Simply piling up of words to improve the ranking will not be of help.


There is, however, a very easy way to understand the right content length for your Google local SEO. Look for the other top-ranking articles with the keywords that you are about to put to use. One good thing is that you no longer need to do this manually. There is advanced software available that do the job for you. The new apps in the market will analyze the word count of your page and simultaneously compare the other top ranking pages that use the same keywords that you are using.

It will give you the right word count for improved SEO ranking of your website. Make sure that your word count falls within the optimal range of word limit.

The keyword factor:

Google is constantly changing its ranking algorithms related to SEO and simply relying on SEO backlinks is no solution. It is trying to concentrate more on what is the content of the pages rather than look at its keywords. There is, however, no reason to think that the right usage of keywords has lost its significance in local SEO for small business. The fact of the matter is that putting in the right keywords in your content and also in the HTML tags will improve the rank of your business among the other local businesses. However, one word of caution must be mentioned in this regard. Things like the quality of your content and comprehensiveness is a part of SEO strategy.

An important tip that deserves mention in this regard is that there is a misconception among people that using the names of cities and states will improve the ranking of your local business as people of the city will search for the services. The studies show a different fact as the there is no correlation between the ranks of Google and this technique.

Google My Business Pages and its bearing on SEO optimization

The right use of Google My Business Pages goes a long way in SEO marketing. The setting up of the page is free, but the optimum use of the page for your business needs some tactics. Begin with writing a detailed description of your business using a good SEO title. The next step is selecting the right categories. This is the most important step in your SEO strategy as this will determine how high your ranking will be on Google.

For instance, a general term like ‘photography’ will not garner as high a rank as ‘wedding photography.’ There are apps present that can help you choose the right specific categories from the list offered by Google. Make sure give all the correct details, and there are at least five photos attached to your page.